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Cleaning Comes Naturally
~ I’m A Natural Cleaner Who Now Uses Natural Products ~
I might be a bit strange, but I actually like cleaning. There’s just something so gratifying about using products to make things look and smell better. I’ve used all kinds of products. In the past I‘ve used harsh chemicals and also more eco-friendly products. I‘ve pretty much used it all. When I heard about using the new Heinz Cleaning Vinegar I had to give it a try. As most of you know, I’ve been working on using recyclable materials/bags and composting in my backyard. I bought a composting bin and all. It all started after I was a chaperone on my son’s field trip to “the dump” and they told us in just 25 years Rhode Island will have it’s landfill completely full and they don’t know where we will have to put things after that. I wanted to be one of the people to make that longer than 25 years by reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

Living green is better for you, your family, and the Earth. I am also trying to switch over to cleaning products that are more natural. Not only do I not like chemicals in the air around my kids, but I also don’t like thinking the chemicals I use go into the groundwater and can harm living things. It just seems better to me to use more natural products.

When I heard about the new cleaning vinegar form Heinz I was very excited. I had to head straight to Walmart and get some! My grandmother used white vinegar to clean the sink, remove coffee stains, and use it for just about anything. I think grandmothers know best! I decided this was probably a great way to get back to the cleaning of the old days (and with healthier products).  I found the new Heinz Cleaning Vinegar right in the vinegar section of the store!

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar #CBias
Heinz Cleaning Vinegar #CBias

My bathtub unfortunately is awful. We bought a house in Rhode Island that was built in the 1960’s and has never been updated. In the past month our faucet in the tub started leaking and not only is it wasting precious water but it‘s leaving mold stains in the tub. We called a handy man but he said it could not be fixed because they don’t make the parts anymore that we would need for this repair. He said we would basically need to cut new holes through the wall and make new faucets. We decided this was the first renovation we would need to be making on the house. A total bathroom redo! Until then we need to try and keep this area cleaner. We’ve had three men come in to give us quotes so hopefully this will be fixed soon!

I got the new Heinz Cleaning Vinegar out to try and see how it would work on these moldy tub stains. It said you can dilute the vinegar with water but in the case of harsh stains to use it straight. I had to use it straight. I even poured it on the sponge and let it soak a few minutes on each stain to really soak in. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more. I could still see some stain but most was removed. I decided to try and add some natural baking soda to the rough side of the vinegar soaked sponge and scrub really hard. It helped even more. All natural cleaning! 
Heinz Cleaning Vinegar #CBias
The tub definitely looks better! It removed most of the moldy water stain. The tub still has yellowish stains in it, but I think that’s just because it’s an old tub and no matter what we do we are not going to get it perfectly clean. At least I know with the moldy stain off that the tub is healthier, and I was happy that I used healthier natural products to clean it with too. I think I’m going to use the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar daily on this area where the water leak is until we are able to get a full renovation of the bathroom. I’m sure it will be easier to clean if I do it every day. I am also impressed that natural products can work so well, and you can bet I will be using it on many other things. 

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar #CBias
Heinz Cleaning Vinegar #CBias

Did you know vinegar can be used for cleaning windows? Deodorizing your garbage disposal? Cleaning the microwave? Removing grease? Getting rid of lime deposits? Discouraging ants? Vinegar can do SO MUCH! I‘ve actually used it before to get rid of fruit flies! Just put out a little dish overnight and you will see the dead fruit flies in it in the morning!

Try the new Heinz Cleaning Vinegar for yourself and see how it works for you! You will feel good using healthier and greener products!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea this product existed! I’d love to try it out!

  2. I’ve been looking for this product for weeks at my Walmart and there is still an empty shelf :(

  3. I so need to look for this!

  4. That is VERY cool and so non-toxic–thanks for sharing–I had no idea that this product was available–now if I could get someone to do the cleaning for me!! LOL

  5. wow! what a difference! I love cleanign with vinegar and baking soda – I wish they sold the cleaning vinegar at my Walmart.

  6. I love the difference. Great idea!!! I will need to look into this!

  7. That is a major difference. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  8. I always use vinegar, baking soda and salt to clean the drains. It works great and my kids think it’s the coolest thing. I just used regular vinegar, I didn’t realize they had cleaning vinegar…BONUS!!!

  9. intereesting it is packaged differently. have been using vinegaer to wash wood floors for year. great job on the tub.

  10. Now I have to try it to see how different it is from our regular vinegar. I love to use it on the hardwood floors…although then I have to wait for that smell to dissipate.

  11. We use vinegar all the time! Love it!

  12. What a difference ! I love that it is actually so much cheaper to buy and clean this way too !

  13. I use regular vinegar, have to look for the cleaning one to try. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I’d definitely check this Heinz cleaning vinegar out! It’d probably make my house magically clean too :D

  15. THis is great to know about vinegar. I too am going all natural in the cleaning area.

  16. My mom used to clean with vinegar, I never really picked up on that habit. Looks like it did a great job on the tub though.

  17. I didn’t realise this was on sale, hope I can find it in the UK will be giving it a try soon hopefully.

  18. I never knew you could use vinegar for that! I’m going to try it on our tub!!

  19. I’ve never used vinegar to clean really, but I’ve heard so many times that you can. I really need to try it out!!

  20. My sisters turned me on to using vinegar for cleaning everything….including putting a water/vinegar mix in a spray bottle for neutralizing bad odors. I use it to clean my iron and coffeepot by running it through to get all the sediment and old grime out. GREAT POST!

  21. I have never used vinegar to clean before because I was worried that it would not do a thorough job. Glad to see it can because I would so rather use this then harsh chemicals. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Amazing before and after on the tub! Really cool! I love cleaning with vinegar – just wish it didn’t smell quite so strong. I always feel like I should be seeing the finished product of pickle making when I’m finished cleaning :-)

  23. Crazy difference on the bathtub! I knew vinegar was a very powerful house product for any kind of usage you give it… I like cleaning my floors with it once in a while to give them a good scrub. Vinegar is also good for cleaning jewelry.

  24. I use vinegar for almost everything, it rocks and is SO much cheaper than harsh products. Although what’s the difference between this Cleaning Vinegar and regular, old vinegar????

  25. Thanks for the helpful tips! I wish vinegar smelled better. Your tub looks amazing.

  26. I love cleaning with natural items. I do it also since I am on a septic and all those harsh chemicals kill out the good things in the septic.

  27. Your bathtub looks a lot like mine, except mine is pink, lol. Unfortunately my walmart will no longer carry this product, but regular vinegar works just as good!

  28. We don’t have the cleaning vinegar yet, but I love using vinegar to clean. Add some baking soda for a volcanic effect to scrub the area clean!

  29. I use vinegar all the time for cleaning. It is amazing for hard water deposits. We have a lot of that in Idaho. I also love using it to clean my windows and as a rinse agent in my dishwasher. It helps prevent water spots on my glasses and reduces the drying time for the dishes. And it cleans the dishwasher at the same time! I love it.

  30. This looks great. I’ll have to look for this cleaning vinegar next time I’m in the store.

  31. Wow that looks awesome! I have an old tub like that, too! Old and needs resurfacing. But I’m going to have to go get some of this vinegar!

  32. We love using natural cleaners because of our dog. I’ve always used it on windows, but never knew it could be used in the tub too!

  33. Those are great results. I will have to try this. I know my husband uses regular vinegar as a pesticide around our house, but we have never seen or heard of cleaning vinegar. I love products that are safer for our family.

  34. Oh I had heard about this and was wondering how it worked! Our tub is super stained, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks! :)

  35. I have to say, I am really loving that bathroom tile. My tub has some spots that just don’t come as clean as others, too. I think I will try this! Thanks a bunch! For vinegar to be so cheap, it really has so many uses!


  36. what a great visual of the tub before and after. super tips.

  37. I love using vinegar to clean. I prefer it over anything else. It’s especially great for windows. Your tub looks great! For daily upkeep I just keep half and half in a spray bottle and spray the shower down. I let it air dry.

  38. I use regular vinegar all the time to clean, always have a bottle made. I would like to try the cleaning one on my shower doors!


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