Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Aquabot from Hexbug

Disclosure: I was provided with the product for review purposes; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

If you have been reading my site for the past few years, you should be pretty familiar with the fact that we love toys from Hexbug! We have talked about Warriors Battle Hexbugs, Hexbug Inchworms, a Hexbug with bunny ears, and a Hexbug with reindeer antlers. We always have toys from Hexbug on our holidays lists!

Aquabot from Hexbug

Aquabot Collage from Hexbug

When I saw this newest product out from Hexbug at the BlogHer conference for bloggers this year, I knew my kids would love it and I would have to get it for them to show them how it works! It is very cool! The Aquabot Robotic Fish with Bowl looks like a fish and swims like a fish. The kids love that it turns off when you take it out of the water (unless you hold the button down on the side). They also love that it’s a fish they can play with, but they don’t have to feed, clean the tank, and it won’t die! My kids named their Aquabot, Puffles. This is definitely a toy you will want to add to your holiday shopping list this year! Get them while you still can (before the holiday rush)! Check out my daughter telling us all about Aquabot in this short video:



  1. Ok THAT is cool! We have had Hexbugs too and this looks like a blast as well!

  2. Oh that’s a total winner right there! So much fun!!! I want to get that for my niece for holiday time!!

  3. these are adorable! My daughter would love a pet “fish” and it looks so real, I am sure she would have a great time with this.

  4. what a great idea, we have the hexbugs I didn’t know they came out with this. My kids have been wanting a fish but I personally do not want them because it would be me taking care of them, this is a perfect solution! awesome!

  5. Melanie Rhodes says:

    My little girl would love this

  6. My son LOVES Hexbugs. I didn’t know this fish existed! His b-day is coming up and this is on the list!

  7. How cute, sometimes I wish my girls were young enough for toys like this again

  8. Great gift idea – so cool!

  9. I’m nervous to get my son into this…then he’s gonna want everything, lol

  10. Oh man, we needed this before we caved and bought him a betta fish. I wonder what the betta would think?

  11. This is my kind of fish! I’m going to have to check these out! My kids haven’t gotten into hexbugs yet, but I think this could be the year for the robot toys!

  12. THAT’S SO COOL! I want to get Addie a fish, but she’s too young to care for one (though she loves them so much)! What an awesome idea for her 2nd birthday! Thank you!!!!

  13. oh I love these. I wonder if these would count as the pet fish my kids are begging me for. :)

  14. My kids would have a FIT over this! They have the regular hexbugs, but one in water would be a fun surprise.

  15. Too fun! My only problem would be getting one, and just letting it swim all day long!

  16. Oh man! That aquabot is awesome! My boys would totally love that thing! Like seriously love it! They are always asking me for hexbugs!

  17. Looks like a very cool toy!!

  18. oh wow my daughter would enjoy this!

  19. This is so cool! What a fun toy for the kids!

  20. Oh my, I have never heard of these, looks so cool. We tried live fish about a year ago and they died within a week. The first one died the first day because my daughter (then 2) used the bowl to clean her paint brush.
    Love the way it swims and then stops when out of water.

    Also had to say I loved your son drying the table with his shirt.

  21. That is so fun! I guess I know what the kids will want this year now

  22. So cool!! We have hexbugs with antlers lol and some arena thing. The kids aren’t as in to them at the moment, but I know they’d love this!!

  23. We have hexbugs and they are really bugs – so adding fish to our collection would be super cool. This would also be a good gift for my nieces and nephews! Love it.


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