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Most of you know I am an educator and have my Master’s in Education, so finding technology products and apps that are educational are very important to me and my family. I have raved about the LeapFrog products we have used in the past, like the LeapPad2, the LeapsterGS, the Tag reading system, and many apps as well. All products and apps that I’ve come across from LeapFrog have been highly educational in value and fun for my kids. I was even lucky enough to interview Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, the math and science development expert of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. Speaking with her just reinforced for me the beliefs I had about LeapFrog creating quality educational products.

MyRobotFriend LeapFrog

The latest app my kids and I have come across from LeapFrog is the MyRobot Friend iOS App! This is app is AWESOME! It is so fun in fact, that my kids don’t even realize they are learning something new. It helps kids with math and programing skills. Kids have to think logically about which way the robot will go to get to the end of the maze. They need to sequence the moves correctly (or else the robot will crash), and positive and negative moves are both used, which teaches the kids about positive and negative numbers. I had to guide them a little at first, but once they understood what I was doing with using the positive and negative moves and changing the robot’s position (front and back), they picked up very quickly how to use the game on their own. They learn logic and reasoning skills to expand their knowledge base by playing this game. These skills will come in handy in the future, as many tests involve logic problems. 

My Robot Friend App

There are also a few other fun things that this app can do. My kids like programing their robot friend to dance with sequencing the moves and set it to music. This app has many levels and keeps the kids very interested for long periods of time. Most technology should only be used by kids about two hours per day. That’s for kids in the age range I have, ages 5 and 8. Some children at even younger ages should use it even less. It is nice for me to know that their “technology time” is being used more productively and educationally, and the kids just think they are playing for fun and earning coins as they outsmart Fat Cat! You have to love that, right? I highly recommend getting this app for your kids!

My Robot Friend App

Information About the App (from the iTunes Page):


Test your problem-solving skills to defeat your arch nemesis, Fat Cat!

Personalize Alpha-1 with over 180 costumes and voices! Have fun with millions of costume variations!

Take control of your robot friend, Alpha-1, using logic, puzzle solving and math skills. Use you arsenal of shrink rays, invisibility cloaks, shields, propeller packs and a whole lot more as you program your way through 80 mind-teasing levels. Program a sequence of instructions for your robot to follow, and earn all 3 ribbons per level by creating efficient programs and collecting all the coins.

There’s just one catch: Your arch nemesis Fat Cat will try to thwart your every move! (Oh no!)

My Robot Friend has power-ups to boost Alpha-1’s abilities and 80 exciting levels to unlock secret content. With every accomplishment, you’ll earn coins to redeem for crazy clothes, wacky wigs and out-of-this world accessories to customize your robot.

In addition to the main story, you can play 3 mini games. Dance Party lets you choose from 8 tracks and 24 moves to get Alpha-1 into the groove. Spelling Bee challenges you to spell words at 3 different difficulty levels. And Save the Monkey puts your programming skills to the test as you race against the clock to collect monkeys.

• 80 levels of story-driven gameplay
• 3 mini games including: Dance Party, Spelling Bee and Save the Monkey
• Unlock secret content
• Earn coins, ribbons and rewards
• Customize your robot with OVER 180 PIECES OF CONTENT like crazy clothes, wacky wigs and more!
• Earn over 30 game achievements

1) Problem-solving
2) Logic and reasoning
3) Programming skills
4) Sequencing
5) Mathematics
6) Spelling

My Robot Friend YouTube Trailer:

Discover how LeapFrog ignites learning through the power of play. Visit leapfrog.com!


I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective but content and opinions expressed here are all my own. To learn more about the app, visit here #CleverRobotFriend #spon



  1. I wish way back then they had these kinds of apps! But–they didn’t even have computers until I was way out of high school!! Logic is one of the hardest lessons to learn and they sure do test on it!!

  2. what a fun app! i think i need to get this for my daughter :)

  3. Hayls will love this! She is a huge fan of anything Leapfrog!

  4. OMGoodness! I dont even know where to start !! This app has SO MUCH involved in it to truly benefit children’s thinking – and 80 levels + mini games! This is really cool and has all the components of a traditional video game but with more story elements. I love Leap Frog as well. Thanks for sharing this app!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. This seems great! I love who they’re learning while they play! Great review!

  7. Thanks for the app suggestion. Always looking for fun and educational learning tools.

  8. I want one of these for myself! That is cool that you can program it to dance. The toys are way cooler now than when I was a kid, lol.


  9. I’m going to get this for Averi! She’ll love it. Thanks!

  10. I really like the number of levels so that the game lasts a long time. It’s frustrating when there’s not enough to it!

  11. Kelley Johnsen says:

    This sounds like a great fun app. I love apps and especially ones that education and help the kids pass the time. We will be on a plane in just a week and this sounds like a great one to have, Thanks!

  12. As a former math teacher, I think this is awesome! Any way to get kids excited about math early on is great in my book!

  13. I think this would be fun for the whole family. What a great concept!

  14. This looks awesome ! Thanks for sharing. We are big leapfrog fans so I’m not surprise to see that they have such an awesome app :)

  15. What fun! My kids love playing on the ipad. This looks like a great educational app.

  16. I can’t wait til Addie is old enough for these apps! I have downloaded a few animal ones for her, and she loves them already!

  17. Wow! This seems like so much fun! I love games that are also educational! Great pics of your kiddos as well! Such little cuties!

  18. We love Leap Frog. I will definitely check this out my little one will love it.

  19. I love Leap Frog. They have so many great games, apps, and programs for kids!

  20. I didn’t know that Leap Frog had apps! Now it just needs to be released for Android too :)

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