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Lego Star Wars

It’s pretty safe to say that my almost 6-year old son is a Star Wars fanatic. My husband introduced it to him a few months ago, and ever since then it’s been Star Wars everything. Every time we go to the bookstore, he wants a new Star Wars book. He is now collecting everything Star Wars he can find! He just LOVES it! All of it! This past Christmas he got many LEGO® toys and Star Wars toys; and when you combine the two it’s like gold! You definitely have his interest. He’s enjoyed playing with LEGO® toys for a long time, and now he can get LEGO® Star Wars toys! How cool!

He’s continually talking to me about the characters and telling me how they relate to each other. I don’t usually know everything he is talking about, but I found the awesome LEGO® Channel on YouTube where we could sit together and watch some clips. I knew this would be a safe site to view videos on YouTube because it’s brought to you by LEGO®. My son knows he is not allowed on YouTube without parental supervision, so it’s always a treat for him when he can watch it with me.

We watched some very cool clips together and had a little son and mother time. He told me about some of the characters and was fully engaged in the videos. It was great! Then I noticed something super cool! I could actually make my own playlist and save it for him to watch! Wow! How great is that?

LEGO Star Wars YouTube Channel

He Loves his LEGO® Star Wars™ Playlist!

Check out the short clip below to see how clear and entertaining the video clips are to watch:

I just started working 40 hours a week from home, and some of that includes phone conversations while he is at home with me after kindergarten. I am doing my very best to balance my schedule of working and being a mom at home for my kids too. It’s tough, but I am committed to making it work. I do feel bad when I have to ask him to wait for mom to get done with a call before he can ask me for anything. What a great treat this would be for him to watch the videos he loves and I know he’ll be on YouTube safely. My training calls last about 30 minutes, so I decided to upload 10 LEGO® Star Wars video clips to total 30:44. Perfect! Now he can treat phone call time as “fun time” for him. And once he’s ready for some new clips I can always make a new playlist for him! They are super easy to make! Check out the infographic below:

LEGO YT - infographic

  • The new  LEGO® YouTube channel has over 500 videos from a name you trust with more videos being added daily! We are looking forward to seeing the new ones they upload!
  • Custom playlists are an easy way to build something special just for you and your child. We had some fun son and mother time! You can do that with your kids too!
  • Playlists are easily made from the Official LEGO Channel and can be accessed anywhere you go by parents and children (in the car, at an airport, waiting in line, around the house, etc.) ~ Just think of how handy this is for a long car ride or for a flight! Love that!

Here is the playlist we created! Feel free to check it out and use it! It’s all LEGO® Star Wars clips (of course), so remember you can see much more on the Official LEGO® Channel. 

Thank you to LEGO and Technorati for being sponsors. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.



  1. My kids love Legos and Star Wars too! Ok, they’re actually pretty obsessed! Didn’t know you could do this though… Gotta check it out!

  2. My son is going to go BANANAS when I show him this!!!! YAY~ Love it!! Thanks for letting us know about this :)

  3. This is awesome… I have so tagged this post to show my DS when he gets home from school. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing! My 7yo is going to have a fit! I love that you’re making phone time his fun time. My littlest knows that when I am working, she can play games on my tablet, so she always asks “are you working now?” :)

  5. My kids are obsessed with the legos YouTube channel! They are always wanting to get on it and watch the videos. Especially the star wars videos.

  6. I have a nephew that would love this! And I’ll admit, I’m a little bit of a Star Wars fan too. ;)

  7. Looks like fun! Great to have some happy mother son time!

  8. We are not quite at the lego age yet but can not wait. I love legos and we have tons of them from when my 16 yo was younger. I am sure my son will love the videos though so thank you, maybe that will help him get interested a little sooner.

  9. My husband loves Star Wars! I bet he would be even interested in this!


  10. My nephew will love this. They love Legos and Star Wars.

  11. I can’t wait to my little guy is old enough to play with Legos! How fun!!!

  12. Wow! I had no idea. My friend has 5 boys so I will pass this onto her. Thanks!

  13. That looks so fun!!

  14. oh my goodness my kids are diehard Lego freaks! Anything Lego related they are on it! Thank you for sharing this, I will have to check it out.

  15. OMG! That is so cool, my kids are obsessed with legos and they love the Star Wars!!! Thank you for sharing

  16. Nothing like Star Wars and Legos!! Great combo and both get alot of attention in our house.

  17. My son already watches the videos but I was not aware of the playlist feature – thanks!

  18. Oooh my son loves legos, so I’ll have to check this out! Looks like something that might interest him.

  19. Very cool!! I love how safe the YouTube channel is too.

  20. How fun! I love Legos and I’m doing my best to get my kids hooked on them too!

  21. super fun, my kids are starting to discover the fun that is “big kid” legos, and I can’t wait to share that fun with them. The videos are very cool, and a very creative way to help him be entertained while you can work too!

  22. Very cool! Thanks for sharing

  23. My oldest son would get a kick out of this website!

  24. I love that the channel is packed with mini videos. Nothing long drawn. And yes they even have Lego Duplo…yay!

  25. My son would LOVE this. he is so into Ninjago and now this new show Chimachia or something like that. lol

  26. That is pretty cool, but I fear the day my kids discover this channel

  27. My boy is in love with Star Wars lately and LEGO has always been a favorite. He likes to watch YouTube and has come across some ugly words before so this would be perfect for him!

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