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Most of you know that I was a teacher for eight years, but what you might not know is that I was privileged enough to be able to travel to Japan twice for teaching experiences. The first trip I took was a three week stay with the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher’s Program. It was an amazing experience. I traveled with 200 teachers from the United States to Japan for an educational journey to learn about their culture and academic system. I stayed in Toyko and Tendo City. The second trip I took to Japan was a few years later with Hitachi. It was a trip for five educators, and it was such an individualized and wonderful opportunity. I learned so many things about Japan from these two trips. One of my favorite experiences from both trips was participating in the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. I always felt a sense of peace and serenity from participating in these rituals. The tea ceremony was influenced by people who practiced Zen Buddhism. The atmosphere of the tea ceremony has a quiet, organized, and introspective feel. You really focus on the tea, the motions during the ceremony, and find a mental peace.

In Japan wearing my Kimono

In Japan wearing my Kimono

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony

When I got back to the States, I wanted to find an authentic tasting green tea to remind me of these wonderful ceremonies that made me feel more centered and inspired. After trying many different brands, I really fell in love with the authentic Bigelow Green Tea. It tasted most like the teas I had in Japan than any other. The smell and flavor of the tea is amazing, and it really brings me back mentally to my time at the ceremonies. I also influenced my husband with drinking green tea as well after returning from my trips. He loved it and has been drinking green tea two to three times daily ever since. He drinks the green tea for the power of the antioxidants and other health benefits. He swears it keeps him healthy and will increase his life expectancy. Doctors have made links to show the benefits of green tea in your diet; some of these include:

  • Fighting Cancer
  • Preventing Heart Disease
  • Lowering Cholestrol
  • Burning Fat
  • Preventing Diabetes
  • Preventing Stroke
  • Staving Off Dementia

green tea regimen

During the winter my husband settles for any kind of honey to go with his green tea, but in the summer when our farmer’s markets are open he gets local honey. He believes buying local honey can help with allergy problems, although not all doctors agree. Even though the tea itself has so many benefits, he kicks it up a notch with this addition of local honey in his tea. Honey is probably healthier than sugar in any case, whether it helps with anything or not allergy-wise.

We are also big fans in our house of family-owned and local companies. Did you know Bigelow Tea is still a family-owned business? It’s third generation owned and happens to be located less than two hours from where we live. We love this! In fact, I just recently found out that the first Bigelow tea was created by Ruth Bigelow after the Great Depression left her family in bad shape. She decided to try and recreate a colonial flavored tea with spices and orange rinds. The tea, called Constant Comment, was created in 1945 and the recipe has never changed. After learning about this tea, I decided I needed to try it and buy something other than the Bigelow green tea which I am accustomed to drinking. I headed to Walmart with my two kids to find this tea (and I found a couple more to try as well)! To see my entire shopping trip at Walmart, make sure to check out my Google+ Story.

Shopping for Bigelow Tea at Walmart

Shopping for Bigelow Tea at Walmart

I decided on the Decaffeinated Constant Comment tea since I usually drink my tea at night. A few things I love about Bigelow tea (all flavors) are the individual packets that keep the tea fresh, and the care and love put into each delicately flavored tea bag. When I opened the Constant Comment tea box, all the teas were lined up and I chose a packet. Once I opened it, you could smell the sweet aroma of the tea. The spices and orange flavors were apparent, even before putting the tea bag in the hot water. My overall impression of this tea is very favorable. I love the blended taste of the spices and orange. The smell is amazing too! I didn’t even need any kind of sweetener. The spices added enough sweetness to the tea. You could literally see, smell, and taste the flavors. I could see the orange rinds in the tea bags. I think I’m going to need to add this to my list of favorite teas now. Sometimes it’s good to mix things up a bit and try a new flavor, although I am definitely not giving up on my green tea that has so many health benefits and transports me when needed back to a place of peace and serenity. After a stressful day, all I need is my cup of Bigelow Green Tea to feel centered and calm again.

Bigelow Constant Comment Tea ~ See, Smell, and Taste the Flavors!

Bigelow Constant Comment Tea ~ See, Smell, and Taste the Flavors!

We let our kids drink small amounts of the green tea with honey. They love it, and it’s healthier for them to drink than juice or soda. I hope they continue to love it as they grow up and drink it on a daily basis once they are older. What do you drink for added health benefits? What things help you in your life to feel centered and calm? Bigelow is our family’s choice for many reasons; flavor, packaging, quality, family-owned, affordable, and because it just feels “right” for us!



Make sure to check out Bigelow Tea on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more about their family-owned Bigelow teas on their blog.

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Bigelow Tea ~ Constant Comment




  1. What an incredible experience! I have not been able to get into green tea but I am in love with Bigelow’s vanilla chai. One of my faves ;)

  2. We go through a lot of tea here and much of it is Bigelow, and it seems everyone here likes a different flavor so I love their variety.

  3. I used to drink tea with my grandmother and my husband had been drinking tea while he was sick a few weeks ago. I think I may pick some up next time I go to the store for the middle of the day instead if coffee or soda.

  4. As a tea lover myself, I LOVED this post!:) You look so lovely in your kimono!

  5. Terri Moore says:

    constant comment is my all time favorite tea. I like it hot or cold

  6. What a fun experience to have been able to travel to Japan. We love tea too!

  7. Learning the traditional tea ceremony must have been such an amazing experience!!!

  8. I have to agree with you that this tea is amazing. I always have a cup after yoga, kind of that final touch for complete relaxation. Of course I might drink a few more than one cup a day, but it is that one cup after a relaxing workout that just seems perfect.

  9. Wow, your trips to Japan look amazing, I loved reading about them! I spent three weeks in Japan for travel with a friend who was a teacher there, and I loved everything about it. I love Green Tea too, and it is so good for you! Thanks for a great post!

  10. I am a huge huge fan of tea. I am a big Chai fan, so right now I am enjoying three different brands of chai to determine my favorite. However, Bigelow is a staple in my home for everything from regular teas to flavored!

  11. Your little Japanese escape looked super fun! I am jealous. The only place out of the country that I have ever been is Canada, lol. I love tea, too. Yum!


  12. LOVE tea…anytime of the day! Great pictures of the tea ceremony, how special! I drink a ton of green tea and chai too….as a matter of fact I think I’m going to make some now!

  13. I am trying to drink more tea and less coffee and love benefits of tea.

  14. I have that green tea in my cupboard right now! I have always wanted to go to Japan. Maybe someday when the kids are grown. Lol

  15. Wow, traveling to Japan must have been such an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing a little bit of that with us! I love tea too ;)

  16. So jealous that you’ve been to Japan twice! I can’t believe all of the great benefits of this tea!

  17. Wow! Your Walmart had a huge selection of the Bigelow Tea!!! I love tea too and had a blast with this campaign. :) Great job!

  18. I love trying all kinds of teas, but one you can always find in the cabinet is Bigelow green tea, I have a cup every day :)

  19. Mmm. Green tea is my favorite. I’ll have to give Bigelow a try.

  20. Katrina P says:

    I’ve been to a tea ceremony in Japan, too! They are so special.

  21. I love tea! This was a great post! I am so jealous that you got to go to Japan. When I was 3, my aunt and uncle had an exchange student from Japan and I have pictures with her. She was so sweet. Isn’t it amazing how certain experiences make such an impact on your life? Thanks for sharing :)

  22. My family loves tea too. I love that Kimono, it’s gorgeous!

  23. I have Constent Comment every night, it was a favorite of my grandmother’s. Love tea! Great post.

  24. Pamela Halligan says:

    It must have been quite an experience to travel to Japan. My husband got me into drinking hot tea years ago. Bigelow is one of my favorite brands – I live the variety. I really enjoy trying new teas. I even got my litte niece and nephew into drinking tea. Honey is my go to tea sweetener. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Brandi Brown says:

    Your time in Japan sounds amazing. I have never been out of the states. I havent tried Bigelows green tea but I love their mint tea. I drink it all the time. I add a small teaspoon of sugar in it. I drink it hot & iced both its wonderful either way.

  26. i too love BIgelow tea – thanks for sharing about your trip to Japan too!

  27. Oh wow that sounds great! I hope I’ll manage to visit Japan some time in the future. And I also absolutely love green tea too!

  28. Love tea! Bigelow is one of our family’s favs too!! My daughter granddaughter and I are trying all of the tea rooms in our area for high tea. It has been quite an adventure!

  29. What a cool trip to Japan!

  30. I have never been into tea, unless it was iced and sweet :p lol

  31. Shannon Draeger says:

    Bigelow Tea is amazing. They have a sleepytime tea that I would take during my pregnancy and also give to my son to help him sleep at night. He has restless legs syndrome and it helps soothe and relax him to fall asleep. I am jealous of your experiences in Japan, that would be amazing!

  32. Becky Atchley Worley says:

    I love the bigelow green tea, I really like a lot of their flavors as well, there is nothing like a nice hot cup of tea on a cool day

  33. Lucy Lopez says:

    Didn’t know green tea had so many benefits to it. Thanks for sharing.

  34. nice wish i could go to a different state with different cultures …you look like a baby to be a mom ..its great kids could drink this because my lil guys like tea as well as i do.

  35. Sylvia Hepner says:

    My have has Always been the green tea or the vanilla chai . Oh Wow I really would love to have tea in Japan!!!

  36. Elizabeth Indoe says:

    I love traditional southern sweet tea, but was so excited to read your Japanese tea column. I worked for 7 years at a Japanese corporation which practiced tea service. It was fun to learn and grow through a different culture. I can’t wait to go to Japan with former coworkers and enjoy the culture first hand.

  37. I love Bigelow mint flavored teas. How awesome it is that you were able to go to Japan twice. I’d love to be able to go once.

  38. What amazing experiences! I love herbal teas and actually have this brand of green tea.

  39. I love Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai tea best.

  40. I love tea! I didn’t know that eating local honey can boost immunity. I’ll have to buy some this summer. (I can’t drink tea without honey!) I need to try the vanilla chai, that looks fantastic. :)

  41. We love Bigelow tea! It is yummy! I think I will have some today with this horrid stomach flu!

  42. One thing on my life list is to be part of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. That’s so cool that you’ve done it.

  43. Looks like a lot of fun

  44. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Japan!! BTW, I’ve recently tried Bigelow tea and am a fan now!!! I love the Mint green tea variety!

  45. I lived in Japan, and I really regret never taking part in a traditional tea ceremony. I did a lot of other things while I was there though, and I did drink a lot of delicious tea! Love that Bigelow provides the same experience here in the states.

  46. Great article and what a wonderful experience.

  47. What a cool experience!
    I love mint tea

  48. claudia ellis says:

    wow, what a great experience it must have been in Japan! I am originally from germany and we drink a lot of tea there too. Growing up, we always had tea in the evenings, mostly just peppermint tea. I still love tea and do drink mostly green tea. I have not had bigelow tea, I always buy the celestial seasoning brand. I will have to buy bigelow and give it a try!

  49. When I was in 3rd grade a woman came to our school from Japan and taught us many things, one of them being how to drink tea in a ceremony. I still remember having to turn the little cup a certain way and then passing it along. Great post!

  50. This is so awesome. I would love to go to Japan. You are very blessed to have been able to go twice! I love authentic green tea, and agree that Bigelow is wonderful. Thanks.

  51. Love green tea! Will have to try the pomegranate next!!

  52. I loved your pictures from Japan. We are a big tea drinking family; however, we have never ventured into green tea. I think we just may try some. I will see if Bigelow is sold here in TN.

    Thanks for the post.


  53. I LOVE tea. My kids drink it a lot as well. IN the winter it’s hot tea, and the summer it’s iced tea or sun tea.

  54. I’m Indian and we love our chai! it helps to calm me and start the day relaxed. :)

  55. The Japanese tea ceremony is so detailed and amazing to see. You are so lucky to get to participate in one.

  56. Such a great party and I love your choice of tes

  57. I love hot tea. I’m caffeine intolerant, so tea is my go to drink.
    Sounds like a great party!

  58. I love different teas! :)

  59. How fun seeing those photos of you, Kristin! I’m also very impressed that Bigelow’s Green Tea seemed most authentic to you…I haven’t tried their green teas, but am definitely going to pick up a box now. I was also so impressed with the orange rind in the Constant Comment tea. I do wish I had picked up the decaf like you because I tend to drink tea at night too (I usually have a cup after dinner while I’m finishing up some work).

  60. What a great experience to have! I really enjoyed learning about the history of Bigelow. I am a big fan of tea-it is my calm me down go to drink-and I have heard too that local honey helps with allergies in that specific area.

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