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We Tried Müller Yogurt and Love It ~
My kids and I are huge yogurt fans. I love that it’s something healthy that my kids will eat and they love it too! We have tried all different kinds. Some we have liked more than others. Recently I was asked to try out Müller Yogurt and they sent me some samples in the mail. I have to say I wish I could have tried them all myself, but my kids loved them so much that they would only give me a small bite of most of them. 
Müller Yogurt Mama Luvs Books
We got to try the Müller Corner and Müller Greek Corner yogurts, which have delicious mix-ins that you can flip, stir or dip to enjoy. My kids loved just flipping the little tab over and stirring it up! We got the strawberry, blueberry, honey apricot, and choco flakes. I tried the honey apricot myself and it was SO yummy. The texture of the yogurt is perfect, not too runny or too clumpy. The mix-in honey-apricot flavor was just the right amount of sweet too! The whole thing I could enjoy for 130 calories! How great is that?
Müller Yogurt Mama Luvs Books

My daughter grabbed the choco flakes one, and my son got the blueberry. I‘m pretty sure they were consumed in less than 5 minutes. I need to go buy more now because they are asking for them. These make the perfect healthy and fun snack for kids!
Müller Yogurt Mama Luvs Books
I also tried the Müller FrütUp. The Luscious Lemon flavor and Very Cherry were great! These are smaller size yogurts and do not have the side mix-ins. You just stir it up and eat away! Other flavors include: Peach Passion Fruit, Blueberry Bliss, Splendid Strawberry, and Radiant Raspberry.
Müller Yogurt Mama Luvs Books

The Müller Yogurt is only available in the following cities for now:
·         New York
·         Boston
·         Philadelphia
·         Washington, DC
·         Hartford/New Haven
·         Providence/New Bedford
·         Buffalo
·         Albany/Schenectady/Troy
·         Rochester
·         Portland
·         Baltimore
·         Harrisburg
·         Norfolk/Portsmouth
·         Greensboro
·         Wilkes Barre/Scranton
You can check out Müller Yogurt on Facebook and Twitter.
Make sure if you have it near you to check it out! You will LOVE it! The Müller Corner and Müller Greek Corner with the mix-ins are so fun and tasty! Also, if you live in one of these areas, please fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to WIN 10 coupons for Müller Yogurt! 
* Disclaimer: I received the yogurt for review purposes and all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I LOVE Greek yogurt. Really, I eat it at least once a day. Sadly, we do not have that particular brand near me. I hope it does come our way though, it looks delicious and I would love to try it!

  2. Those look so good! I would love to try blueberry

  3. That looks so yummy! I love their yogurt!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I sooooo want to win these coupons! LOOKS SO YUMMY!!!

  5. These look really good! My kids go through stages with their love for yogurt Right now I’m on a greek yogurt with granola kick! Wish they had this in KY!

  6. I thought I saw it the other day in Durham, but maybe it was wishful thinking!

  7. Oh my yum! I tried Muller at BlogHer’12 and loved the taste but was sad to see it’s not sold locally yet. I cannot wait to try that choco flakes variety once it hits stores here.

  8. I have never heard of this brand, but i love greek yogurt! Looks yummy!

  9. I haven’t tried this brand but it looks fantastic. Greek yogurt is my favorite and the honeyed apricot looks divine!

  10. Rafflecopter is down but I will enter for sure!

  11. Seriously that stuff is the most amazing stuff ever!!! We ate it ALL the time when we lived in Germany. I’ve been in major withdrawals from it since moving back to the states. So ticked they don’t have it in our area. I am really craving the strawberry flavors! We all also loved the choko flakes!

  12. These look delicious, I wish they were in our town. I will keep an eye out for them!

  13. Would love to try Chico flakes
    Patricia Lacy

  14. Nice! I live near Greensboro! I need to see about getting some of this! I love yogurt! Thanks!


  15. I would love the chance to try any of them. I love yogurt and we go through it like crazy at our house.

  16. We have a brand here in Vegas that’s super similar in the packaging… I can’t remember the name now. Dang it

  17. Really I am drooling just looking at your photos! looks so yum yum! Yogurt is really healthy for adults as well as for kids, I hope I can teach my daughter to eat it…


  18. I would like to try the walnuts and yogurt!

  19. I actually got to try the mix ins at our Sam’s and ended up buying a box! They are so good! I would love to try the raspberry fruit on top!

  20. They look excellent, and love the variety of flavors they offer. I love blueberry your son’s looked yummy!

  21. I want to try the Splendid Strawberry. We love yogurt in our house. There would be a mutiny if we ever ran out!

  22. Chocolate flakes for yogurt?! Delicious!

  23. I have never heard of this brand before, I do not see that they sell it in Florida. My kids would love this – they love yogurt!

  24. I’d love to try the strawberry! That’s my fav.

  25. I cant wait for this brand to come to Chicago! We Love greek style yogurt…I hope I win some :)
    jenny at dapperhouse

  26. Greek yogurt is by far my favorite! But I can’t wait to try some of the flavors you shared here. Yum! Thanks, Kristin!

  27. I tried the honey apricot at Blogher and I LOVED it!!! I want more!

  28. Of course she picked the chocolate – good girl!!!!

  29. Yum, that looks great!

  30. I am a huge yogurt fan, and these look delicious! I’ll definitely be giving them a try :)

  31. Radiant Raspberry of course
    Seyma Shabbir seyma_bennett@hotmail.com

  32. Lady Moorwood says:

    I think that my daughter and I need to try the greek corner – I’m leaning toward the honeyed apricot but I know she’d be more of a blueberry fan!

  33. I’d love to try Splendid Strawberry!

  34. Donna Roucoulet says:

    I love strawberry myself, so those would be my first choices!!

  35. I’d love to try the Luscious Lemon flavor. My daughter had this and she said it was amazing!

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