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Dinos to Vehicles ~ These Toys Rock!
My kids love the new VTech Switch & Go Dinos! They first saw them on Nick Jr. commercials on TV, and all my five year old son could talk about was getting the one that looked like a plane! Well, he was in luck! I was able to get my hands on the plane toy (Span Dino), as well as the large car carrier (Brok Dino)! He was beside himself to say the least when the package showed up on our doorstep! He could not believe he got these two awesome and durable toys to play with. My daughter who is eight years old even loves playing with these! It’s nice when there are toys they will both play with together! 
VTech Switch & Go Dinos Review
What We Love About These Toys:
These are the BEST transforming toys we have ever owned! My son loves the idea of transforming toys, but we’ve been disappointed in the past with a few that have been too hard to transform, break easily, and really just seem junky. These toys are completely opposite! I was so excited to see how well-made and durable these toys are! Also, when we were ready to transform them I started searching for the directions (as we’ve needed in the past), but before I could even find them my kids figured out how to transform them on their own just from looking at the picture on the box. It was great! And they could transform them back and forth easily (unlike others we’ve had). These are wonderful and well worth the money!
VTech Switch & Go Dinos ReviewVTech Switch & Go Dinos Review
Some Favorite Features the Kids Love:
They love that these also make sounds and talk. When you transform the toys the digital eyes on the LCD screen changes from people in the vehicles to dino eyes. The sounds and what it says changes for each as well. It’s very cool! My kids also love that the plane shoots out little disks while in plane mode, and that the car carrier includes a race car and launcher as well as a motorized neck that moves when in dino mode.  My son also liked the baby dino with crane, cage and rescue lift that goes with the plane dino (Span). He gets so creative while playing with these! Oh, and when you fly the plane around in different directions the plane sounds like it’s flying faster/slower/higher/lower. It’s awesome!

VTech Switch & Go Dinos Review

VTech Switch & Go Dinos Review

I personally love that both these toys are educational as well. The dinos state many facts (70-80) about dinosaurs when talking (origin of dino names, their size, what they do and eat, etc). Toys that show educational value are so much more worth the money in my opinion! Kids don’t even realize they’re learning when having fun with these toys!
I highly recommend these toys and personally think they are going to be the HOT TOY this holiday season! If I were you, I would purchase them now while you can still get them (and then just hide them from your kids)! Who wants to pay double during the holidays on eBay when you can get them now? 

Check Out the Video Below with the Kids in Action:

Also, VTech is running a Show & Tell with Switch & Go Video Contest on their Facebook page! Make sure you check it out! Here’s some info about the contest from their page:
  • How Simply upload a :30 video of your child’s home-made Dino creation
  • What
    In the video, your child can show us their new Dino–what does it look like? Let your child choose 1 of 3 ways to show off their art project:
    • Draw: They can use markers, crayons, pencils and pens to sketch their creation on paper
    • Build: They can use foil, paper, cardboard, or any non-branded household items to build their Dino
    • Customize: They can update their own VTech Switch & Go Dino with accessories and fun props to give them a new image!

    We want to hear about the cool things your child’s dino does. What makes it large and in charge? Encourage your child to name it and share its roaring sound effects.

  • When Upload: August 22nd through October 1st
    Voting: Check back October 8 to see the top 10 videos. Vote, like and share your favorite!
One grand prize winner will get (see site for all rules and info):

A kid’s lifetime supply of educational toys from VTech!
Your winning video will air on a VTech commercial on Nickelodeon, which you can watch at your very own viewing party with your friends and family, and VTech will transform your living room into the ultimate Dino den!

Such A Fabulous Prize ~ Enter Today!!!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received VTech Switch & Go Dinos product samples to facilitate my review.




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