Vacationing in DC ~ The National Museum of American History

The National Museum of American History
~ The Kids Loved The Exhibits ~
The National Museum of American History
The last time we were in Washington, DC we visited the Natural History Museum. My kids loved the insect zoo, animals, and the Hope Diamond. Now we got to see the First Ladies’ dresses, a transportation exhibit, and flag folding demonstration. The kids had a blast! There are three levels to the museum, and the exhibits are quite updated. There are many new things to see! The transportation exhibit was amazing. It showed the transformation of transportation in the United States over the years, and there is even an old subway car to sit in. Drew loved seeing all the boat replicas too.
The National Museum of American History
Kendal’s favorite was of course the First Ladies’ Dresses. This exhibit is an oldie but goodie at the museum. She was excited to see the picture of Michelle Obama wearing the dress and then seeing the dress showcased behind glass. I thought it was pretty cool too!
The National Museum of American History The National Museum of American History

Going to the museums in DC is a wonderful experience for kids. It’s definitely a trip all families should take. The museums are of course free to the public and there is so much to see! We need to check out the Air & Space Museum next. We haven’t been there in years. The kids also want to go up the Washington Monument which we will do one day as well. I believe you need to buy tickets in advance for that. I also want to check out the Spy Museum. I will need to do some research before we head down there next time.
The National Museum of American History The National Museum of American History
The National Museum of American History The National Museum of American History

And finally, the kids most favorite part of the day, taking the Metro! Be aware though, Metro fares are up and they charge more after 3pm for “rush hour!” We got caught both ways being short on money. Oh, and the “paper tickets” now cost as well. It cost us almost $30 for the three of us to ride the Metro to the museum and back. A lot more than I remember before ~ and for public transportation I thought that was high. The kids loved it though.

The National Museum of American History
 Riding to DC

The National Museum of American History
  Coming Home……With Their Souvenirs


  1. $30?! That seems insanely expensive for riding the Metro. We vacationed in DC 2 years ago. My kids LOVED the space museum out by the airport!!

  2. Wow, 30 is high! It cost 2 bucks a person (round trip!) to ride the Metro here in St. Louis. I have never been to DC though, it is definitely on my “will go there some day” list.

  3. That’s great you went, a great age to take kids! We went too in May, but it was an 7 hour drive by car with a 3.5 year old and 6 month old. Yeah… We decided to wait until we do anymore travel with them lol!

  4. Wow- I am also surprised by the cost! It looks like a great vacation though!

  5. Looks like you all had a great time!

  6. How fun! Now I really want to visit DC. I’ve never been on the East Coast before. Reading all of your posts about traveling around is making me want to take a vacation!

  7. WHat a fun trip! We really want to take the kids to DC – maybe next summer! Esp after watching the night at the musuem movies – they really want to visit the musuems!!!

  8. Sharon Cummings says:

    glad you were able to go and see it. I love to hear stories about vacations.

  9. Sounds like you had a great time

  10. This brings back memories for me. I use to live outside of DC and I loved it there. There is so much to do and see.

  11. Looks amazing! I have never been my husband is currently stationed at dalhgren navy base for 4mos which is like 2 hour from there.

  12. you children look like they had a lot of fun. I remember riding the subway in DC and I remember how easy it was for mass transit novices like my family to figure out. Well it was much easier for the children to figure out than for our parents but we were all teens and we had a blast

  13. we use to go on weekends when I lived in Va. But its a long trip from FL.

  14. I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to appreciate a trip to D.C. Of all the family vacations we took, the two to D.C. are still my favorites all these years later.

  15. Jennifer Speed says:

    I have never been to DC but I would love to go just to stand where I can see the White House…

  16. I’ve been to that museum. Of course that was back in the late 70’s when I was stationed there in the Army. I am sure things have changed. Museums are great places to take the kids and your’s looked like they really have fun.

  17. I love DC so much to do there. Hoping to return some day to vacation there w/ our kids!


  19. I grew up in that area; they were still buidling the Metro & Beltway when I moved away. I had to go to the Zoo & museums (Smithsonian, Nat’l Art Gallery, Wash Monument, etc) every time someone visited from out of town. Now those experiences are some of my best memories… Did the Wash Monument suffer any damage in the earthquake last year? Don’t forget the Lincoln Memorial—long way up to the inside, but he is HUGE, LOL!

  20. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    I’m glad you and your family had a good vacation in DC. There seems to be so many things to see. I would like to go when the cherry trees are in blossom.

  21. We’ve taken the kids to DC twice and while they are little, it was quite educational and fun!

  22. Anonymous says:

    never have been to DC, but would like to someday.

  23. Looks like a fabulous time!

  24. Kian Smith says:

    I went to that museum not too long ago! It was great! The food and souvenirs are crazy expensive there!

  25. There is so much to see & do there. I like the Air & Space museum with the planes hanging from the ceiling.

  26. We are planning the same trip. But the babies in our family are newborn and 2, so we’ll have to wait a bit. :)

  27. Looks like you had a great time. Sounds like fun.

  28. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to D.C. but I went there quite a lot when I was a youngster & teenager….my very favorite was the Smithsonian!! The Gigantic Mammal, the famous “Hope Diamond”, the Ruby Red Slippers I loved, & my brother & I would spook each other when we saw the “Ancient Mummies”, we would swear we saw it move!! Those were the days…..

  29. looks like a lot of fun! i can’t wait to go someday :]

  30. In the city right now!

  31. Kim Cowgar says:

    My son and I went to the Natl Museum of Amer. History (among others) many many moons ago and loved it. Someday I’ll make it back there again and see all the upgrades and different displays. That particular museum was my favorite although the Spy Museum sounds really interesting.

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