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Sea Bags of Portland, Maine
Sea Bags is a company located in the heart of Portland, Maine’s working waterfront. This fantastic company designs handcrafted tote bags and accessories out of recycled sails from boats. This unique company produces quality handmade products whose sails are 100% recycled, and the craftsmanship is like no other sail product. Their stores are in Portland and Freeport, Maine. You can of course order any of their wonderful products online. They have wine bags, tote bags, and even products for the home! The quality of their products is absolutely amazing! I was lucky enough to visit their store in Freeport, Maine during our vacation, so I got see all the products first hand.
The tote I own is the large Retro and Chic Anchor Bag. I can fit everything I need for the pool and/or beach in it! It’s also great for the gym, traveling, or toting around my many books! The bag is so durable and classy looking. I get compliments on it everywhere I go! I especially love the handle which is made from hand spliced rope. 
Sea Bags of Portland, Maine

Sea Bags of Portland, Maine

Sea Bags of Portland, Maine

Sea Bags of Portland, Maine
Description Online of my Anchor Tote:
The Sea Bag anchor is a bold statement of fun and adventure. The anchor is both retro and chic. In either red or navy it is the quintessential symbol of stability and of a strong foundation The metallics are as expressive at poolside as they are in the boardroom. Recycled sail with silver or gold recycled leather anchor. Recycled sail with white hand spliced rope handles.

Pictures from my visit to the Freeport, ME store!
Sea Bags of Portland, Maine
Sea Bags of Portland, Maine

Sea Bags of Portland, Maine

Sea Bags of Portland, Maine

Sea Bags of Portland, Maine

If you’re ever in Portland or Freeport, Maine, be sure to check out these one-of-a-kind stores. Each product is made with care and no two are alike. You will own something truly unique! You can even customize your own bag here! How cool is that?

Please make sure to visit Sea Bags on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Finally, you can try to WIN a Sea Bag from Mama Luvs Books & Friends by simply entering HERE. We gathered together as a group to bring you this great bloggers’ giveaway!

* I received a product for review purposes; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. 



  1. That tote is really cute and big, definitely need to get one that size.
    I love all the different designs they have already up in their shop – I think my fave is the one with the sail boats on it.

  2. Very cute stuff! I love how the store displays the bags as well! xo

  3. I love this company! Freeport, ME is one of my favorite places. What is it about these bags that are so fresh and simple yet stylish? I want one!!!

  4. Love your tote! I think these would make great gifts for the holidays!

  5. What a beautiful big bag! It would be great for the beach.

  6. I love this bag, I’m planning a wedding and these would be perfect bridesmaid bags!

  7. Very cute and roomy!!!

  8. I love that bag, it’s so cute! They also have a great selection of designs I see. That bag is also huge I wasn’t expecting it to be that big but it looks perfect for the beach or pool :)

  9. Now that is a great way to recycle old sails AND give out a really cool product! Love them!

  10. WAIT!!!! Did you say wine bags??? I’m sold!
    But for real, that’s kinda cool they make them from actual sails!
    My husband LOVES sailing… I bet I could even talk him into handing
    over the $$ for these based on that with very little effort!! They are
    SO cute!

  11. Very cool! I didn’t think the bag looked that big until I saw it thrown over your shoulder. It’s huge, just like I like them! :)

  12. Love the concept and ABSOLUTELY LOVE those bags. I need one now!

  13. I know I need one of these too, so darn cute! Please enter me, and thank you for this giveaway!

  14. that’s really cute! i love it!

  15. Love these bags! So great for summer when very bag I own ends up wet and sandy at some point!

  16. those are adorable! I love recycled stuff and like them even more when they are cute.

  17. Okay, I think I’m in love. I just love love love anything nautical themed! My brother is getting married soon and they are having a nautical themed wedding. I might just have recommend these bags as bridesmaid gifts (mostly b/c I’m a bridesmaid and want one)!! Thanks for sharing :) Bookmarking this link!

  18. So unique yet functional – love!

  19. These bags are so cute!!!!!

  20. Any bag made out of something that had another life is for me. I love these.

  21. You know I love my Sea Bags!

  22. Very cute bags. I have never heard of them before!

  23. Cute Bags! I love the hand stitched look and designs!

  24. I would totally use this as a purse.. lol.
    My fiance is always making fun of me because I carry so much stuff around that my purse ends up being almost as heavy as I am =)

  25. These bags look amazing. The one with the anchor on it reminds me of my time in the Navy. I need spacious bags since I have a child in diapers.

  26. this bag is awesome!! I must make a trip there when I visit my family up in Maine!

  27. Angie Kissel Weightman says:

    I love bags. I have lots of them in different sizes and shapes for different uses but nothing like this one. I would go crazy in that store. Plus, I am big on taking my bags to the grocery instead of using the stores plastic bags.

  28. Its super cute and I love how its so roomy that you can fit a lot into it. You gotta carry big bags when you have kids and my four love to take everything with them.

  29. Such a great bag, I love concept and I was surprised to see all of the designs. It sounds like a very fun and sturdy/useful bag to have. Excellent review-thank you!

  30. how cool! I love the beauty of the bag and the way they recycle as well!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I love that bag..its so cute would be great to have.

    Shelia Garrett

  32. very very nice tote. would love to have one of those. i love the design.

  33. I love that these bags are made from recycled sails

  34. The store looks cool.

  35. that’s a great bag!!and it’s really great for the beach!

  36. I love your bag! It is cute, roomy, and looks sturdy too! I have always wanted to visit that part of the country, but haven’t yet. Thanks for the info!

  37. How cute–I love the one with the giant star!

  38. i entere to win one tf t hema nd would love them i carry to much junk with me all the time

  39. Too Cute!

  40. so cool to find recycled stuff. i love purses and so want one of these.

  41. Wow! this bag is really cute! its perfect for summer! :)

  42. I love Sea Bags! I can’t blame you for loving yours. It looks so roomy! I think it’s great that they are made from recycled sails. Recycling is always the way to go and Sea Bags does it in style!

  43. OMG! How can I NOT leave a comment? Took one look at your salty totes and knew where they were from! Wonderful totes :) I am a misplaced Yank at heart and miss it terribly. Thanks for the small reminder of “home!”

  44. Andrea Anderson says:

    Wow these are really nice and it was cool to learn they’re made out of recycled sails! These bags are the absolute perfect beach tote. I would love to own one.

  45. I love the Sea Bag! Very nice knowing it was made from recycled sails. Plus no 2 are alike makes it a plus and they are beautiful.

  46. I need this bag in my life!!!! So cute & roomy! Love it!!!

  47. Oh my gosh, those are so freaking cute ! Love the Recycled aspect, too. Thanks for letting us know about these !

  48. Cute Sea Bag makes me want to sing Anchors Way! Love that it keeping us #green and recycled so I hope I sail away with one.

  49. I love the designs available, and it looks so sturdy!

  50. These are really cute tote bags. I can never get enough tote bags, lol. I love that they are made from recycled materials

  51. I love these baqs and the fact that they are made in Maine from recycled material. Everyone should have a bag like this with history behind it, durable and fashionable! I also love the bright colors!

  52. I love a big bag for carrying things and being made out of recycled sailcloth is a nifty idea.

  53. This is such a cool bag! What a great idea! Fin fun fun! Thanks for the chance and I entered from the empty nest $40 giveaway! Woo hoo!

  54. What a beautiful bag! I lived in Portland, Maine for 3 years and just adored the region. Thanks for the review!

  55. Very cool and roomy bag

  56. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty cool and would be nice to have

  57. Love this! Would make a great gift for my stepmom because she and my dad used to sail and I know she misses it. Thanks for the heads-up!

  58. Those are so cute!

  59. Those are really cute and BIG!

  60. These are awesome!!! I live in San Diego and am always in search of the perfect beach bag and I think I may just have found it! Thanks so much for the info!!!

  61. i love the review, very nice bags i want on for when i go to the beach

  62. Love the patterns on these Sea Bags. The sail cloth is hardy and will be useable season after season. And after retirement from use as your beach tote, they will make the most reliable of grocery totes.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Very nice bags, and big, especially for holding beach towels!!

  64. Oh Love these bags!! Got to go enter

  65. I like the fact that no two are alike!

  66. Wow, I love how big these are! My mother-in-law loves the sea…she grew up in Maine and she goes to spend time on the coast every year. She would love these bags!!

  67. This is a great idea. I love the Sails.

  68. Love the idea of these bags and all the fresh, simple designs. This is going on my wish list, for sure.

  69. These bags are so cute.

  70. This bag is so pretty! The design is really great! I entered this giveaway, and would love to win this tote! I like the big blue anchor design!

  71. The bags that they have are so cute! I love the idea of recycling the sails to make them, too!

  72. This would be a great bag for me to use for my crochet projects.

  73. I love that bag! I always need a big bag that is also sturdy to carry all our stuff when we go to the lake for swimming and a picnic. And I love the nautical design.

  74. I love your bags! My hometown is South Portland. I loved growing up near the ocean, and your bags remind me of home! I Love that your recycling.

  75. I think that the Blue Anchor Sea Bag is something I would carry around and use ALL the time! I love how they are made from actual Sails!! This is on my Wish List for sure and thank you for letting us know about these adorable bags! :)

  76. Nice bag

  77. Rosemary Dawson says:

    Oh wow I just love the totes, they are huge enough to carry everything you need to the beach!

  78. Anonymous says:

    very nice and cute Tote sea bag and i like it much

  79. Anmol agarwal says:

    very cute tote bag

  80. Love the design on the tote! Super cute for the beach

    blumblebees at yahoo dot com

  81. Whoa, it’s really big. It looks perfect for fruit/veggie shopping!

  82. wow….very cool bag <3 <3

  83. I love the bags. They look strong and colorful. Im going to Main in September. Maybe I’ll stop by!

  84. Jayde Ann Shrew says:

    This is a great tote! perfect for bringing everything you need along with you for a fun day out. looks like it would hold alot of stuff! J Wresh

  85. This looks like a very cute and sturdy tote bag!

  86. Love these totes! Great for packing up for the beach on vacations!

  87. Oh, love all of those designs! And it’s just the perfect size to go to the beach, enough space to fit everything in, yet not too bulcky!

  88. These bags look so heavy duty, very nice.

  89. i LOVE THESE BAGS! The sail material is strong and you can get a ton of stuff in there..

  90. Great bags! I just love the dark blue, red and white color combo.

  91. This bag would be great to take to the beach or pool!

  92. Cute bag perfect for the beach.

  93. I love the fact that they are made of recycled sails.

  94. love love love this!!!! I adore that they are made of recycled sails!!!! Just an awesome product! thanks SO much for introducing me to this brand!!!

  95. That is too cute!

  96. Huh, I like that. Looks cute and durable.

  97. this is sooo cute!!!

  98. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! That is so cool that they are made by recycling sails and individually made. They are so darn cute!!! Love the anchor one you have, but they are all adorable.

    Michelle J

  99. These are so pretty!! I would love to have one

  100. I love that this tote is made from recycled sails that may even show signs of hard sailing! :) It’s also very pretty!
    Thank You!

  101. oh my gosh i think these bags are so neat! i would love one!

  102. Nice! I would definitely like to have one :)

  103. i think those are the coolest bags and i love how no one is the same! also u can create ur own bag! soo cooL!

  104. I would love to have one of these bags. I really like the one with the anchor. I like that it can hold so much and that it is made from recycle sails. Thank you for the great review!

    Jennifer Hedden

  105. Thanks so much for the great review. I really liked seeing the photo of you with the bag, as that gives a good perspective of the generous size of these bags. I love the anchor bag, as that’s the symbol of my Alma Mater.

  106. I love that these awesome bags are made from recycled sails!! Great size, great design. I just love them!!

  107. What a cute and versatile bag!

  108. Adorable and very summery tote. Would love to win one.

  109. Kimberly R. says:

    I love their cute bags, and the fact that the make their products by recycling makes me even more interested.

  110. LOVE these bags! They would be perfect for our upcoming cruise :)

  111. These are so neat!

  112. I love this bag, it’s so cute and roomy. Made with recycled materials Awesome!

  113. That is an awesome looking bag!

  114. Anonymous says:

    I had never heard of these! What a great way to recycle the sails!! I love, love, love the bag! Perfect……I’m a Navy wife!

  115. I love the bags! I can carry many stuff for traveling :)

  116. Great sturdy bag to use for the beach! Lot’s of room!

  117. Its a great bag to take along when you go to the beach.

  118. Talk about repurposing! This is a great recycle idea and should be super durable. Thanks for the review!

  119. This is adorable! I think I may have to get the nautical with the stripes! Great Review!

  120. I love the fact that re-cycled sails are used for these. Also, if you look at the photo closely, you can see the handle does not end at the bag, but continues on down the bag. Both of these things mean these bags can take the kind of daily use & abuse people like me put them thru…Enjoyed seeing the shop too; I’ll not get to maine any time soon!

  121. OMG! these are adorable AND functional! my family is from Boston so i cant wait to visit this store on my next vaca!

  122. Emily Jaqua says:

    Cute bag!

  123. Oh wow, this bag is waaaay bigger than I thought! I’d love to have one like this, it’s really beautiful, and I always liked marine themes.

  124. Those are cute bags. I love the nautical theme.

  125. Nice bag. I’d use it for the pool/beach, too. My favorite is the bag with the whale tail. Thanks for sharing.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Hope Holland I LOVE this bag its adorable and I really like that its made from recycled sails I love nautical themes :)

  127. I love this sea bag! I grew up near the Jersey shore, but now I live in Texas. I miss the ocean so this would bring it back into my home! Thanks for the contest! :)

  128. wow.. they are spacious and cute at the same time. Thanks for the giveaway

  129. Those are so cute! I love that they are made from recycled materials! Too bad I live so far away!

  130. excellent quick gift idea, stocking stuff

  131. I love the bag! Love that it is recycled! I’m really into nautical stuff and the anchor is wonderful!

  132. love this bag its adorable

  133. This would be good for the California vacations

  134. Tami Stapleton says:

    WOW, I love that tote bag! I could carry books and my crocheting in it when traveling!

  135. I love these totes they are so nice and the perfect size for me ;)

  136. Cute tote- I really miss living near the ocean.

  137. I like these bags they are unique and roomy and recycled too.


  138. sheila musselman askins says:

    i totally love your bag! to cute! and i love they are made from recycled sails…never heard of this company so thank you for your review!

  139. I love tote bags like most love shoes lol. This is really great and i love the big tote bag. Only issue i have is the price of it but other then that it is a good bag. Wonderful that it is made of something recycled

  140. gorgeous bag and it’s huge.. i can fit my purse and all of our beach attire in therw

  141. Very nice! One of a kind, cute, recycled, and handy!

  142. Brittany Andrews says:

    How cute is that! I would love one!

  143. Vicki Chrzanowski says:

    What a cute bag. I am amazed at the size, I didn’t realize how large it is until you were shown carry it. The one on the ground by itself doesn’t look that big.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Great sturdy bag for the beach or swimming. I would love to get one them. I carry alot of stuff.

    Calshondra Williams

  145. Nicole Carter says:

    That is a cute bag, great for the beach, and made with quality products.

  146. Cute bag and the story that goes along with it is great- and it’s a 100% recycled from sail’s – I’ve learned a lot in the last 10 years that a lot of daily things we use are recycled and what have been recycled into. very cool.

  147. Anonymous says:

    would be awesome to carry to the beach or soccer game thansk

  148. love the idea they are made from recycled sails..great idea!!

  149. Ooh, I love the bags! And I also love the fact that they are made from recycled sails! This would make for a great conversation piece!

    :) Rhea Stogsdill Chladek

  150. Cute bag!! I need one!!

  151. absolutely adorable! Recycling the sails is the PERFECT way to go!

  152. I love the size of these bags…the bigger the better!!! Love the fact that they are made from recycled sails.

  153. Anonymous says:

    very cute for beach

  154. The bags are super cute! I like that you could use them for the beach, or just out around town.

  155. Melissa S says:

    What a great idea…love the fact that they are made from recycled sails! They’re big, which is great for carrying around lots of stuff (a GREAT beach bag!), and I’ve lived by the water all my life so it suits well!

  156. i so love it perfect size .. gorgeous

  157. i love your reviews i think i stalk your page too often lol

  158. It’s cut. Would make a great beach bag!

  159. Kian Smith says:

    One of these bags would be perfect for weekend trips to the beach with my yorkie. he and all our supplies would fit in there! Plus, I love the way it looks so that’s always a plus!!!

  160. i live in sunny florida and that tote would be my beach buddy for life

  161. Thats a beautiful bag!! So roomy, I could use that at school!!

  162. That’s so pretty!!

  163. hi..i’m out of my starbucks coffee now, so time to enter another one of your wonderful giveaways…thank this bag

  164. These are super cute totes, perfect for day trips to the beach.

  165. beth weston says:

    Love bags like these, would love to win one

  166. Love the anchor and star design! And they are huuuge!!! I can probably fit everything we would need for an outing to the lake!

  167. Anonymous says:

    These bags are soooo cute!

  168. can never have a nuff good bags around and that one looks very strong.

  169. What a great idea! Nice sized tote too.

  170. I love that they are made from old sails. What a super idea. They are very cute.

  171. Rena hyde says:

    I need this! It would be perfect for bringing all mine and my kids stuff places in!

  172. Great these are 100% recycled sails & handles from hand spliced rope.

  173. That bag is super cute and looks roomy too.

  174. Oh Wow, I love love love their designs and you look so cute sporting it

  175. Anonymous says:

    I have seen these bags on a TV show and loved them since. I would love to win one.

  176. tiffany oakley says:

    I really love the bags!!!!…. they are really cute!!!!

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