Kids’ Book Review: Bob Books

Bob Books: Great for Beginner Readers


My son is 5 years old and going into kindergarten. As summer is coming to an end, we always do a BIG clean out of the bedrooms to get the kids organized for school. My 8 year old daughter found her old set of Bob Books that she used and loved when she started to read in kindergarten. Now it’s time to pass them down to little brother. He was so excited for his sister to give him these awesome first reader books! She has been sitting with him the last couple of nights helping him read the books and sound out the words.


He gets so excited when he can read an entire book to me. He brings it out and reads it, and whether he’s actually sounding out letters or just memorizing what words look like it really doesn’t matter. What matters at this point is that he is interested in learning to read, feels confident from being able to read these beginner books, and wants to learn more. This is the only set we have, and they work in a progression for kids’ learning. We now want to get the next books in the series because he wants to read them and he’s learning! I looked on Amazon and the are ON SALE! A great sale too! I am picking up the next few boxes so he can read those as school starts and get a jump start on his reading! School is great for learning, but learning also takes place in the home. The teachers can’t do it all ~ parents need to be involved in their kids’ learning too!

Click below to see the different Bob Books in the series:


What I love about the Bob Books:

1.  They are interesting for my son

2.  Easy enough for building confidence in reading

3.  There are some black-and-white illustrations throughout the books (so a good transition from picture books)

4.  The story lines in each series build on each other and connect, and progress with how kids should learn to read

5.  The books in each series are numbered

6.  They are only $16.99 each (but ON SALE NOW ~ Headed to buy mine)!

Happy Reading!!! 



  1. We bought the first set of Bob Books for my daughter this year to use in our homeschooling curriculum. We really like them and are so happy that our local library carries the whole series!

  2. Those look awesome! When my lil bro was 5 he had NO interest at all learning to read/write. It was frustrating!

  3. What great books! My son is definitely interested in reading and with the start of preschool I think I need to invest in a few early reader books.

  4. I have never heard of these before, perfect for my little girl who will be going into kindergarten next year. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven’t heard of those books before. They look interesting. My son will be needing something like that by next year so I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!

  6. It’s always nice to pass something special like this down to younger siblings. I now have books that I am saving for future grandchildren.

  7. I’ve never heard of these before, I definitely need to look into them for Jack – he is starting to really show an interest in reading and I would love to find something that will give him a good start.

  8. Just checked out the first in the series from the library and my girls loved it. Can’t wait to check out the other ones!

  9. These books look fun! I’m glad to hear that your son is so interested in reading.

  10. My son had a few from the series, he loved them as a toddler! I think they’re a good way to get kids started early.

  11. These books are so cute! Maybe I’ll get some as a gift my my twin nephews birthday next month! Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Sets 1 – 5 are also available from Costco where they are sold as three boxed collections for only $9.99 each. They also have a combined (Kindergarten & First Grade) Sight Word collection.

  13. Those look like great books! Thanks for sharing!!

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