Getting Ready for Back-to-School ~ And Making a Clean Start with Wet Ones®!

Wet Ones: Keeping Kids Healthy for the 
School Year
We just went school supply shopping since school is starting in just two weeks! It’s crazy how fast summer went by! We have a list from our school district of what we need to purchase. There are pencils, notebooks, folders, markers, crayons, and even Kleenex boxes and Wet Ones®! All the main supplies will stay in my daughter’s desk, but the Kleenex and Wet Ones® go for the classroom to use! We all know why Kleenex is needed, but are you wondering about Wet Ones®? Well, these antibacterial hand wipes are an effective alternative to clean hands and prevent the spread of germs. They kill 99.99% of germs, but they also clean better than hand sanitizer gels, wiping away dirt and messes without drying out skin like alcohol-­‐based hand sanitizers. I’ve also seen the teachers wipe down desks with them to get germs off. You can even use about one wipe with ten or so desks! 

Wet Ones Wipes
We all know kids get sick, but helping to prevent the mass spread of germs is not only responsible, but respectful to others. My daughter likes to carry Wet Ones® in her backpack to use when she needs them (the small travel packs). As for school, we like to donate the large canisters. We also use them for gymnastics (my daughter keeps them in her gym bag), as she spends hours a week in the gym and she needs to wipe down her hands after practice! 
Lastly, I am a Girl Scout Brownie leader for my daughter’s troop, and boy do these things come in handy during meetings or outdoor days. I have many of these travel packs on hand for my troop to use! Out in the woods and it’s snack time? No worries, we have Wet Ones® to clean-up before we eat! 
The first and easiest line of defense against the spread of germs is to wash hands often. When soap and water are not available, Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes are an effective alternative to prevent the spread of germs. 80% of germs are spread to the body through hands (touching your eyes, nose, mouth), so it’s most important to keep your hands clean and stay healthy!        
Good luck with Back-to-School!! Remember to pack up your kids backpacks and lunch boxes with some Wet Ones® so they can keep clean, especially before they use their hands to eat! Donate some to a teacher as well! They can always use them, even if they are not on your supply list! They will be thankful!

Here’s my daughter cleaning off her supplies for the coming school year! She is actually super excited for school to start! 3rd grade here she comes!

Wet Ones WipesWet Ones Wipes
Wet Ones Wipes

Wet Ones WipesWet Ones Wipes
Wet Ones Wipes

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Love Wet Ones! Whenever I see them on sale I always grab a bunch. They are perfect for keeping in the diaper bag or in the car. So many uses!

  2. We love Wet ones. We have them all over the house!!

  3. Sure wish my kids classes used these more. 5 days into school and my oldest has already missed because of sickness! Hate germs!!! Love wipes!

  4. I love these! These are a staple in our van. With even younger kids there is always something to clean or wipe. And heaven forbid, this way I have a back up in case I run out of my diaper bag wipes as well.

  5. I keep some on hand too! Love that it cleans while disinfecting unlike regular hand sanitizer.

  6. My sister is addicted to using Wet Ones! A lot easier to carry than a bottle that might spill out in your purse.

  7. I have never thought of using wipes instead of hand sanitizer. I imagine it would create a lot less waste and be a lot more versatile. Wipes are easier for little hands that can’t quite manage sanitizer yet.

  8. I love Wet Ones! I keep some in the car. :)

  9. Love the back-to-school pictures! Wet Ones are a staple in our household and definitely for travel. I came across bags with the individual ones on clearance a few months back and they are fantastic for keeping in my purse and diaper bags.

  10. Love the little packs of wet ones. WE keep them in the cars! Perfect for on the go!!

  11. All of those supplies are litterally exactly what I give to my kids! Back to school here we come…

  12. Anonymous says:

    I Love Wet ones. Thanks for reminding me to stock up for the school year!

  13. Any cleaning supplies are great when it comes to kids.

  14. Keep packs of them everywhere. Especially in all the vehicles!

  15. We take then with us everywhere and I bought then for my teens backpacks. My son hates his hands to get sticky or dirty so they are a life saver!

  16. Anonymous says:

    great for everywhere! Car school home etc

  17. Wet ones are great for dirty little faces.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Keep them around for my grandson who is always into everything

  19. Kids hands are so dirty all the time this would help cut down on the germs.

  20. we use these a lot too!

  21. valerie comito says:

    wet ones are awesome ones!!! my three lil ones love wet ones!!! ;)

  22. We keep Wet ones everywhere for kids and pets!

  23. I’m never without a small pack in my purse.

  24. I’m never without a small pack in my purse.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I work a lot of hours so I like to have them for cleaning my hands. They are also good for cleaning toilet seats in public restrooms.

  26. Thanks for the review! We are addicted to them at my house. I think there is at least two or three of the containers in every room, plus I keep the little packets stashed in my purse! =)

  27. LOVE wet ones for both my kids!

  28. we never go out without them!

  29. Love, love love, wet wipes. They are a constant and a neccessity in our home. Have them everywhere in the house, car, purse, etc…

  30. Last year, my son was barely sick. First two months of Grade 3 brutal. Seems I was constantly picking up antiseptic lotion. Now I have stocked up on wet wipes, clean his hands upon entering school and while leaving. Hoping Grade 4 is uneventful (*yawn*)


  31. I just attended a wet ones twitter party and i learned so much about their product. I’ve always used them of course but it’s nice that they care about their customers to host a party and give back to them! I have Wet ones at home, purse, car.. everywhere they are truly a great product. Great post!

  32. I always keep some in my tote bag while I am at school.

  33. I like them much better than the alcohol based sanitizers because they clean as well as disinfect.

  34. Agree 100% on the Wet Ones. We carry a few with us in the car for cleaning up after fast food, etc. They also do a great job of removing certain types of stains from carpet.

  35. Wet Ones are definitely a MUST HAVE at all times.. Glad to see your lil one agrees!

  36. I LOVE wet wipes! They come in so handy with a toddler! We like to keep some in the diaper bag. My little guy is always into something and these are fantastic for a quick clean up.

  37. I’m glad that wet ones come in these handy packs now. They are really handy especially for the kids to have something right at their fingertips. Wondering how that stickiness to keep them closed lasts for the long haul?

  38. I carry these in my purse to use; after putting gas in my car, going to the supermarket (handling the shopping cart), riding on public transits, and for basic clean-ups.

  39. I have never tried this particular brand, but I will say that once I got our daughter potty trained, we still had wipes left over, and I had no idea how handy they ended up being for things other than wiping off butts. We have used them to wipe food off of hands, and dried boogers. I can definitely see myself sending Wet Ones to school with our daughter once she starts!

  40. Love Wet Ones, they are an all purpose, go everywhere wipe!

  41. I have wet ones everwhere,, In the house in the car in my purse in my kids backpacks even in the sports bags. Lol And thanks for a chance to win on your 24 hour giveaway.

  42. I keep wet ones everywhere! I’ve already got some for the teachers, too

  43. I keep wet ones everywhere! I’ve already got some for the teachers, too

  44. Anonymous says:

    Tina Aguilar
    Wet Ones are my go to wipes they work great & have a pleasant smell.

  45. christina souder says:

    i love wet wipes we use them in our house for everything especially our little ones to wipe hands mouths and anything really that needs wiped down it also works great on laptops and they are so soft to the touch. great review.

  46. Wet Ones are so handy, especially on the go!

  47. I love these wipes. I use them to wipe down so many thins. They are so handy. Sometimes in the house I add some alcohol to a wipe and continue wiping

  48. Gone are the days of sending big bulky boxes of tissue to school with your kids. Wet Wipes cover the issue of keeping hands and face clean. Sturdy and sanitary, a great saver at any age, from 7 months to 70 years.

  49. I try to keep these in my car with my son, but I didn’t know they killed more germs than sanitizer!

  50. Would not know what to do with out my Wet ones. They are super

  51. Anonymous says:

    If I sent a packet of Wet Ones to school with my son, 1st they would be gone in ONE DAY cuz he would wipe down the entire classroom/school….lol
    Mia Dentice Carey

  52. Yes I keep a pack in my daughters book bag the only problem I have with them is that the opening gets rubbed open alot and the wet ones get dried out. I wish the made a small container of them. I have a old diaper wipes container that is covered with fabric and very pretty that I wanted to put them in but she tells me that she is too old for that :)

  53. So handy!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Wet ones are a must to keep hands and face clear when you are in a crowd or in a public place. -Jim F

  55. Anonymous says:

    Love these thanks!

  56. I can’t live without wet ones in the car and on the go! They are a god-send!

  57. Wet One’s are a MUST for car trips. I especially love it when I can them for free or almost free stacking coupons from the store!

  58. I love wet wipes. Everyone has a pack and takes them where they go. So convenient.

  59. I keep them in my purse, but it is a great idea to add it to my son’s school backpack!

  60. I love these. I don’t have kids but they are nice for the car and in my purse. You never know when your hands will get sticky, or you end up in a situation where you need to disinfect!

  61. i keep them in the car but will be adding them to my sons backpack!

  62. I love these. I’ve been using them for 15 + yrs. one of my favorite things about them is they don’t dry out near as fast as other ones.

  63. I love these. I’ve been using them for 15 + yrs. one of my favorite things about them is they don’t dry out near as fast as other ones.

  64. Anmol agarwal says:

    loved these

  65. We absolutely LOVE Wet Wipes! With 3 kids AND a messy husband, they sure do come in handy for messes and keeping germs away!

  66. I use them as an alternative to cleaning baby toys. We used to spray with lysol, but imagine that? LOL I can’t imagine life without my disinfecting wipes.

  67. Valerie Triana Nordin says:

    They also clean the kids’ sneakers really well!


  69. They sound great! Have not tried them before but I am definitely going to go out and get some for my kids now.

  70. Patricia Williams says:

    These go everywhere we go. Purse, diaper bag, book bags, and our park bag all have a pack. And the car also. With 3 kiss someone is always messy abduction then there is all the germy stuff they touch.

  71. I carry them with me everywhere. We take them on vacation with us (Disney) and we wipe down tables, or seats, handles…etc. I also carry Clorox wipes in the travel size. They’ve come in handy more times than I can count.

  72. These are a staple in my gym bag.. if you dont have time for a shower these are really refreshing..

  73. sarah sinkus says:

    i always have a pack in my purse i lovew them

  74. i have not tried them but i think i will

  75. Wow they’d kill more germs than the baby wipes I use to clean up everything…

  76. we use hand sanitizer on the go all of the time. I can see that the wet ones would be even better, less messy.

  77. These are essential for my purse and diaper bag!

  78. these look very easy for kids to use at school by there self

  79. these are great to keep in the car.

  80. I love Wet Ones. I have a 3 year old so I keep a pack of them in the car and all over the house!

  81. Love Wet Ones wipes. One of the best inventions ever. So many versatile uses.
    Tracy Awalt Juliano

  82. Jennifer Speed says:

    Love these wipes…actually i love any kind of wipes they are very convenient and inexpensive

  83. Shannon Draeger says:

    Wet Ones are amazing, they come in handy for everyday use including wiping my childrens’ hands, shopping cart handles, and even the steering wheel of my car. I keep some in the diaper bag, glove compartment, and in my purse!

  84. As a teacher, I know the importance of washing hands and items so ALL stay healthy! I wipe off my desks, scissors, etc. I wish the wet ones came in a BIG tub!!!

  85. Wet ones are very great to add in my kid’s lunchbag. However, I won’t lie, he likes to waste them. But better to be safe than sorry!

  86. we can’t live without wet wipes. there is always a need for them no matter where we go.

  87. I adore wet wipes. Those work so amazing when we have to fly or travel for my toddler – and us too!

  88. I love wet wipes Always comes in handy especially with the kiddos that get dirty and messy! Its perfect for back to school supplies to put in the back pack as well! :)

  89. Wet Ones are so convenient when traveling or on a trip to the park.

  90. Wet Wipes are the #1 choice for our family of 4!

  91. Crystal M says:

    SOOOO Handy!

  92. Anonymous says:

    I find them very useful (when I remember to bring them).


  93. I don’t know how I haven’t been using these (since I have 4 kids!) I always defaulted to baby wipes and clorox wipes, but now that the littlest is 3, it looks like I will definitely be buying these instead!

  94. from the glove box to my purse we have them everywhere love them

  95. Liz Fouts says:

    I use these to clean my sons toys. They are perfect!

  96. Great review! I always like to keep these in my purse for on the go. Especially to wipe the shopping cart handle at the store when I go shopping :)

  97. Anonymous says:

    these things are awesome and have so many different uses

  98. karen greenwood says:

    Love these wipes…We carry them everywhere!!

  99. I like Wet ones! I can take them everywhere I go,and when we are ordering dinner in the drive through,if there is an accident, it does not matter because Wet Ones are there to clean up the mess!

  100. Anonymous says:

    Wet ones come in handy when you have a picnic! Alysson liberatore

  101. This is a great idea. I like that they come in a travel pack. Now, if I can just get the kid to remember to use them …

  102. Wet ones are so handy and work for a number of messes!

  103. I love wet ones,they have many,many uses! thats a good idea to take to school.

  104. I love these. I buy the individually packed ones and put them in the care packages I send to the troops and I buy the travel package to carry in the car.

  105. Wet Ones is the best thing yet to include in all my kids’ backpacks! Love it!

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