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I was in the shop for some new shoes for the gym or for walking around outside, when I came across the Ahnu brand shoes. As most of you know by now, I need good quality shoes with the problems I’ve had with my Achilles tendon. I need shoes that are sturdy, supportive, reduce impact on my heels, and look nice too! I found just what I was looking for with Ahnu! 

Ahnu shoes

I decided on the Sequoia II Hiking/Walking shoes. These shoes are light, but sturdy. They are so well-made and stylish! I just LOVE them!!  I need support in my heels and the arch of my feet and these give that and feel so comfortable.

Ahnu shoes

Ahnu shoes

Ahnu shoes

From the Ahnu Site:

Product Details

  • Gusseted tongue to keep out debris and moisture
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Rubberized rand to keep out unwanted debris
  • Dual density EVA sock liner features ETC lining for reduced friction and heat build-up


The women’s Sequoia II features Numentum™ Hike. A lightweight hiker with a breathable mesh upper to keep you cool and comfortable on the trail. Support and stability from Ahnu’s neutral positioning technology, Numentum™, ensures proper foot biomechanics with each step. A forefoot protection plate helps prevent bruising on rocky surfaces. The Vibram® outsole provides great traction on a variety of surfaces for under-foot security.

  • Designed for:
  • Traditional Hiking
  • Fast Hiking
  • Traditional Walking

I highly recommend these shoes if you need good quality walking shoes for outside or for the gym. I’ve had problems with my feet over the past three years from wearing poor quality shoes, and I just won’t do that any longer.  These shoes retail for $110 which is a great price for quality and comfort. I’ve worn these to the gym, on walks with the family around the neighborhood, on hikes near the beach, and just about anywhere we go! They are AWESOME! Go get yours today!

Ahnu shoesAhnu shoes

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* I was provided items for review purposes; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.



  1. I love these, exactly the style sneaker I look for, but are usually hard to find. They look great on! will be checking this brand, thnks

  2. I have to buy shoes with good support as well. I have horrible foot issues and I need the support. I’ll have to look into these.

  3. Great to know about a new option for quality tennis shoes. (I have to admit that I’ve never heard of the brand, but this is def worth checking out!)

  4. Wow! These look great!

  5. Those are really nice looking, would be good for going offroad

  6. You can tell just by looking at those shoes that they are super comfortable!

  7. Those look awesome for hiking!!! I’ve never heard of this company before, so thanks for sharing :)

  8. I have never heard of this brand.. I’m a runner, but will look for these when I need walking shoes!

  9. Actually I’m really picky when it comes to my shoes, and I love those!

  10. Nice shoes, too bad I can’t exercise!

  11. Those look nice. And I am not a fan of athletic foot ware, but those are really nice.

  12. These look so comfy. Never heard of the brand so good to hear a positive review for them. Will keepnthem in mind for exercising.

  13. First of all, you look fantastic!! Secondly, these shoes look amazing. I need a pair of everyday walking shoes so that I don’t use my running shoes for anything but working out and these look perfect!! Definitely going to check them out.

  14. COOL!! My husband just told me that I had to get new shoes with more support and I like the style of these! I love trying new things and had never heard of this brand so thanks!

  15. how cute and durable!!!! You are looking great to!!!

  16. This sneaker sounds really comfortable and I like that it has the mesh so your feet stay cool.I had done a 2 mile walk in a cheap pair of sneakers with no support in them, what a mistake that was.My feet hurt so bad by the time I was done.Never again!!!!!!

  17. I only wear sneakers every day, when I go out or go to weddings I wear dressy shoes.

  18. I only wear sneakers during the wintertime, lol. These look so comfortable and I like how the bottom of the Sneakers are made. Thanks! Imma look more into them and try them out!

  19. Interesting. Never heard of the brand but they do look like decent shoes. I’ll have to keep them in mind.

  20. I haven’t heard of this brand but I would love to try a pair on myself and go to the gym!

  21. I wear sneakers pretty much every day, so I need to check these out!

  22. I have not heard of these before, but they look great and I like the idea of being sturdy while being light weight.

  23. Valerie Triana Nordin says:

    I like the hiking boot look of these shoes. I love the look of boots in general but hate the weight so will have to check these out.

  24. I’ve been meaning to try this brand, heard great things about them from friends. Thanks for writing this review.

  25. Love love them. I have plantar fascitis and need some good walking shoes!

  26. Those look super comfy. I wish I had read some reviews before I bought my hiking shoes!! They weigh like 10 lbs each and are sooo uncomfortable. Since I rarely wear them (because it’s painful!) my husband whines that I never wear the nice hiking shoes I have so why do I need new ones? *sigh*….

  27. I would love to try a pair of these, they look so comfortable! My comfy shoes are getting old and I just hate to give them up.

  28. Love those sneakers! I also have trouble finding good quality and comfortable shoes. I’ll give these a try when i’m shopping for shoes/sneakers next! thanks for the great review and I agree the prize might not be cheap, but we don’t want cheap shoes right? you get what you pay for, and comfortable shoes are priceless! :)

  29. I love the look and they look so sturdy and comfy!

  30. They look sharp!

  31. These sound great and they are cute too. I love walking and am always on the lookout for quality shoes.

  32. They look like really good combo shoes – both for athletics and still attractive enough for everyday use. I’ll look into them!

  33. Wow, those are nice and I love the color. I think I need to get an all around sturdy shoe. I have running shoes but we also like to hike or just go walking

  34. They look super comfy….who knows maybe a pair in my future purchases!!!!

  35. Awesome!!! I hadnt seen this brand before… WILL definitly be looking out for them!!

  36. I love these! I have always worn sketchers but I may check into these next time im in need.

  37. Awesome

  38. what colors do they come in?

  39. Not really my everyday style, but they look comfortable and durable for hikes. Would love a pair for when I hike in Sedona.

  40. Always good to find a good quality pair of supportive, yet stylish shoes! Thanks!

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