A Taste of the Far East Right at Home #FrozenFavorites #CBias

Asian Inspired Meals Right from the Freezer
~ Easy, Convenient, and Tasty ~ Lean Cuisine Meals ~

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

As many of you know, I’ve been to Japan twice and absolutely love it there! I went the first time with the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teachers’ Program for three weeks, and then with the Hitachi Teachers’ Program for two weeks a couple years later. I saw different parts of Japan and had different experiences on each trip, but the one thing that remained constant was the amazing tasty and healthy food. Japan and some other Asian countries are known to constantly have the lowest in obesity rates, and that is mostly due to their lifestyle and food choices. That’s why in our family we love to eat Asian inspired meals of rice, veggies, and lean proteins a couple of times a week. Additionally, many of you know I’ve been trying to lose weight as well, so this is a meal that is great to pair with any diet of your choosing.

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals
For dinner this weekend, we decided we wanted a nice Asian inspired meal. We took a family shopping trip to our Sam’s Club, because we know a great deal can always be found there! The prices are amazing, the store is large and clean, and you can get enough to stock up for a while! The membership to Sam’s Club is $40 a year for an Advantage Membership. Totally worth it for all the savings you receive throughout the year!

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

We were in search of some nice healthy Asian food for dinner, as well as a couple of other items. We found everything we needed very easily! The store is organized well and easy to get around. We found many options for an Asian dinner in the frozen food section. Due to price and health factors, we ended up choosing the Lean Cuisine meals. We were able to get SIX meals for $11.25! Great deal! The flavors of the meals were: Ginger Garlic Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, and Sesame Chicken! YUM!

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

 We also picked up some frozen edamame, frozen corn, and olive oil for a nice healthy side dish. We checked out and headed back home to cook dinner! Once we got home I took out my dishes from Japan and set the table. My daughter gets so excited when we use these dishes at dinnertime. She even helped me to decorate the table with some stuffed Hello Kitty toys I bought in Japan as well. 

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

Hubby helped me make the side dish which was amazing! We used the frozen edamame, frozen corn, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic. It was a very sweet and tasty.  Here’s how we made it:

2 – tsp. balsamic
2 – tsp. olive oil
1 1/2 cups of edamame
1 1/2 cups of corn
Pinch of salt and pepper

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

For the main meal, we cooked the Lean Cuisine meals in the microwave for a little over 3 minutes a piece ~ very quick and easy! We decided to try the ginger garlic chicken and teriyaki chicken. We served them on our Japanese dishes and added some fresh fruit and Miso soup to our meal. It was delicious! 

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

LEAN CUISINE, DIGIORNO, Sam’s Club, Frozen Foods, Frozen Meals

If you are in the mood for a healthy Asian inspired meal, I would recommend heading to your local Sam’s Club to pick up some Lean Cuisine meals! Sam’s Club saves you money, as you can get quality food items for less. The Lean Cuisine meals are yummy and easy for moms and families on the go! You can have a tasty dinner in a little over 3 minutes! Life can get hectic, but there are still healthy food options around!

To view our entire shopping trip, just check out my Google+ Story.

You can also visit Lean Cuisine to see more from their frozen food selections. Lean Cuisine can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well.  

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  1. This is sooo fun!! I’m going to have to do it sometime. First, I’ll have to find my chopsticks… :)

  2. Love your dishes. The food looks yummy, and I like fast n easy! There are always a few lean cuisines in the freezer for busy evenings.
    marie h

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  9. We love Japanese food at our house. My husband lived in Japan for 3 years so I’ve had to learn to make it well! I’ve tried the Lean Cuisine versions and they are pretty good, too.

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    ellen beck on rafflecopter
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  12. I have always liked so many Lean Cuisine meals! My father loves the pizza and he loves the spring rolls! They have a good meal with macaroni and cheese that I think is the best!

  13. kathy foley says:

    I can’t wait to try the edamame recipe. I have also started keeping a few LCs in the freezer and sending them for my husband’s lunch. Much healthier than fast food!

  14. I love how you dressed up this simple, healthy dish. Thanks for the inspiration

  15. I love how you dressed up this simple, healthy dish. Thanks for the inspiration

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