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Have You Heard of The Red Cup Showdown?
~ You Can Create A Coffee Drink and Win $10,000~
Jeff Mauro Red Cup Showdown
I had the privilege of interviewing Jeff Mauro, season seven winner of the show Food Network Star, who will be hosting The Red Cup Showdown. He is a wonderful chef and hilarious person (former comedian), which makes his Food Network show, Sandwich King, such an entertaining program to watch. I was honored to be able to participate in this one-of-a-kind experience, consisting of speaking to him directly and asking him about this fabulous event. His definitely lived up to my expectations of how he would be; funny, warm, and friendly. I appreciate him taking his time to speak with me!
Mauro will be traveling from Sacramento, CA, across the country, and all the way to New York City with Seattle’s Best Coffee for their Red Cup Showdown Contest. State Fairs showcase some of the most creative and intriguing food dishes, so what better place to have people create a new coffee recipe than the State Fairs? Mauro will be traveling to each as the host and judge of this amazing contest. Below you can find the schedule of the State Fairs:
California State Fair, Sacramento
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Friday, July 13-Sunday, July 15
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Saturday, July 14
Ohio State Fair, Columbus
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Friday, July 27-Sunday, July 29
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Friday, July 27
Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Friday, Aug. 3-Sunday, Aug. 5
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Sunday, Aug. 5
Illinois State Fair, Springfield
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Thursday, Aug. 9-Saturday, Aug. 11
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Friday, Aug. 10
Iowa State Fair, Des Moines
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Exhibit and Free Iced Coffee: Monday, Aug. 13-Wed., Aug. 15
  • Red Cup Showdown with host Jeff Mauro: Wednesday, August 15
Can’t make one of those fairs, but you have a fabulous and creative idea for a coffee drink? No problem! You can enter through Facebook and win the chance to compete in New York for a $10,000 prize! You can submit your coffee recipe anytime from now until July 27th at midnight! The winner will not only receive the monetary prize, but they will also have their drink featured in Seattle’s Best Coffee Cafes. The contest is open to people 18 and older and who reside in the US or Canada. Six finalists (one from each fair and the FB winner) will win a trip to New York to compete for the Grand Prize on August 23rd. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

As I stated above, I had the awesome opportunity to interview Mauro as he was on the set of his show Sandwich King. Mauro is a chef, former comedian, and first and foremost a father to his son Lorenzo. You can see the interview below! It was so much fun, and we found out we actually had something in common! Check it out and see!
To learn more about comedian-turned-chef Jeff Mauro and his rise to fame, check him out on The Food Network, his Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter. He can definitely teach you how “You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a delicious meal” – Jeff Mauro (his famous line). 
Jeff Mauro The Sandwich King
Also, to find out more information about the Seattle’s Best, The Red Cup Showdown Contest, please check out their site, Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.
Seattle's Best Red Cup Showdown
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like fun, must enter, I love the interview and see Bradley was the key.

  2. I know absolutely nothing about coffee, but a comedian turned chef? Now THAT’S a cooking show I would LOVE to watch!

  3. Oh my goodness that is so so cool. That totally rocks!! What a fun fun opp and I’m sure youll be eating sandwiches all 3 meals now ;)

  4. I love coffee. This is the first I’ve heard of the red cup showdown and he’s coming to my city! YAY Sacramento! Thanks for letting me know about this. Love the review.

  5. I’m definitely going to see him at the Iowa State Fair!

  6. I love coffee, iced coffee that is. This sounds great, I am happy for you!

  7. He was so incredibly nice! Loved having the opportunity to talk to him as well. Your interview is awesome! How fun that he, his wife and several family members went to the same college your husband taught at. Small world! :)

  8. How fun!! Congratulations. We don’t have cable so I’m not familiar with his show but he looks like he’d be fun to watch.

  9. Wow! How cool! What a cool contest… I am not a coffee girl, but I sure do love to invent things! Very cool and what an awesome experience for you to be able to interview someone so famous! Awesome!

  10. Thats awesome, I love coffee!

  11. Oh wow! That is so cool! Wish he was making a stop here in Maryland.

  12. This would be a great cooking show! I am loving the contest too! Very cool:)

  13. omg that sounds like an amazing opportunity!

  14. I LOVE the sandwich king!! he was my favorite from his season of next food network star. what a great opportunity for you to interview him and this contest is awesome, too!

  15. Leah Rohrbach says:

    Very cool, Kristin! I hope to make it to the Iowa State Fair this year…I haven’t been in years.

  16. Wow that’s awesome! Congrats, that seemed like so much fun, I would have been so nervous!

  17. Brittany M Doerfler says:

    that is awesome

  18. FUN!

  19. Love it. Love coffee! :)

  20. Betsy Barnes

    I bet his cooking style is fun, comedian turn chef :)

  21. Cool!

  22. How fun! I loved watching him on TNFNS!! He was definitely my favorite. I wish he was coming to a Red Cup Showdown near me so I could meet him.

  23. I was so glad when Jeff won glad he is making a name for himself through that win!

  24. There is a chance I may be able to see him at the Wis State Fair! Awesome!

  25. How fun. He sounds like the perfect TV show. lol.
    I love a good coffee.

  26. i’ve been looking forward to this show. Cool that you got to interview him!

  27. Haven’t seen this show.

  28. Tarryn J says:

    This would be awesome to see!

  29. Fun

  30. Sounds very interesting! I am liking his page on fb! :)

  31. That’s awesome :) I wish I still had Food Network, used to love watching all the shows on there. I would prolly be watching his show as well :)

  32. looks awesome! :)

  33. Awesome Kristen! Never heard of the red cup showdown, but sounds fun! Who doesn’t love coffee?!

  34. That is the most awsome thing ever!! Sounds like soo much fun!!

  35. This is really cool. I love coffee, so it might be fun to try to make a drink and enter!

  36. Unbelievable

  37. Yum

  38. So glad to hear about this. Sounds good.

  39. I loved watching him on the Next Food Network Star – haven’t caught his show, but I should check it out. I’m not a coffee drinker, but this looks fun.

  40. I loved watching him compete on Food Network Star. He has such a great personality… and his sandwiches always look and sound so delicious!
    Tracy Awalt Juliano

  41. Kisha Cotton says:

    That is great! I loved him on Next Food Network Star!!!

  42. COFFEE!!

  43. How cool, I’m drinking coffee ice cream shake now

  44. Great interview! Who doesnt love some coffee :)

  45. fun fun fun

  46. Cool, wish I ate bread:(

  47. that is so so cool.

  48. I love coffee, iced coffee that is

  49. comedian turned chef? im interested!!

  50. oh and he looks like my husbands boss lol

  51. I watched part of the season for which he won, but don’t think I saw the final episode. Looking forward to checking out his new show.

  52. Wow how much fun was that!?! Great article def joining the contest :)

  53. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  54. He’s not scheduled for Colorado. Don’t have cable so haven’t seen his show.

  55. Love Jeff on Food Network. This must have been a ball!

  56. Rachel R. says:

    I loved Jeff on the Next Food Network Star! And The Red Cup Showdown sounds so interesting!! :)

  57. This sounds like a lot of fun; wish I could go!

  58. Sounds like fun…i wanna go!!

  59. Wow! You lucky girl!! What fun!! I hope to check out his show soon! I’ll be going to the State Fair – will have to check this out too!

  60. New Coffee recipes.. sounds like a visit to heaven!!

  61. Straight up coffee for me…do not like all that weird stuff…but I like frozen coffee too

  62. Ahh coffee. For the most part I love the smell of it, but if it isn’t straight up, mild-medium coffee, then I can’t drink it. So all that fancy stuff just does me no good! :(

  63. I love my mocha fraps, I wish I could come up with a recipe as good as Starbucks!

  64. will be entering and looking for the show as well!

  65. cindy mckean says:

    It must have been great to interview him! I try to catch his Sandwich King show when it’s on.

  66. I would love to do this but I’m not really a coffee drinker so I wouldn’t know what to make

  67. Jayde Ann Shrew says:

    love Coffee!! J Wresh

  68. im loving it!

  69. Nothin in my area :( Love me some coffee!

  70. I loveeeeeeeeee iced coffee! Would love to follow this journey since he is a local I live in the East Bay! :)

  71. Anonymous says:

    Bev Elliott

    I love iced coffee.

  72. Would love to go! (Vicky roach)

  73. Um, I would love a free iced coffee!!!

  74. Lori Thomas says:

    I love coffee!!! I see he`ll be at the Wisconsin Fair, may just have to go check him out.

  75. Cool

  76. congrats Jeff and this looks delicious

  77. My life revolves around coffee. This is something that is so far up my alley, I can’t stand it! I wish they were stopping in AZ!

  78. I love coffee!! Being a single mom, business owner and back to school, I live on Coffee!!!

  79. Tammy Owens/Botzon says:

    Sounds great!

  80. Vicki Chrzanowski says:

    Sounds like Fun

  81. he’s awesome!! cute video too! he’s so funny

  82. This is a wonderful post! So excited he will be at the CA State Fair. We rooted for him to win the show and have watched his own show many times.


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