Kids’ Book Review: The Puppy Place Series

Kids’ Book Review

This review is going to be a little different. This one is another special request from my 7-year old daughter, and it will be reviewing a series instead of just one book. My daughter just started reading chapter books this past summer. She was really resistant to reading chapter books for some reason, and she only wanted to stick to her picture books. I know all kids progress at different rates, but I really just wanted to find some way that I could get her interested in chapter books (and so they weren’t so scary for her!).

The first series she finally enjoyed as chapter books was the “Rainbow Fairy” series.  I researched it, and the books looked like a great reading level for an emerging reader. I showed her one in the library and she said, “I guess we can check it out and see.” Well, she LOVES them now!!!  In fact she has read almost every single one of them! Her NEW LOVE though is the Puppy Place Series by Ellen Miles, which we stumbled across at Barnes & Noble just a couple of weeks ago. She got fixated on the Fairy books and would not try any others until this series!

So glad she found something else to read that interests her! She loves puppies and kittens, so this is right up her alley. The first one she read was “Rascal,” and you will see each book is named after a dog and each dog is a different breed.

Picture from

There are all different kinds of Puppy Place stories. Here are a few in the series:

Collect them All!
This cute little Shih Tzu was left at a truck stop restaurant – and he needs more than just a good home.
Needed: a happy home for a wild whirlwind of a Chocolate Lab. It won’t be easy to find the right match for this energetic pup!
This big, burly Bulldog may not be a good guard dog, but he sure can make people laugh.
A Bassett mix who loves to howl and dig, this girl is loveable – but she’s trouble, too!


All this mutt wants to do is sleep – but when the Petersons are in trouble he turns out to be a hero!


Oh, no, Ziggy the dachshund has disappeared! How will Charles find this rascally runaway?

This tiny newborn Cocker spaniel is all alone in the world. She needs all the loving care she can get.
Moose An enormous Great Dane who’s afraid of his own shadow? It’s going to take some magic to help this pup.
Chewy and Chica

Fostering TWO Chihuahuas at once means double trouble for Charles and Lizzie!

Lizzie has never met a Portuguese Water Dog before, but she falls in love with this cutie.
This miniature poodle may be tiny, but she has a ton of personality!
How will Lizzie deal with a boxer pup who eats EVERYTHING?
This yellow Lab is so smart and sweet. Finding the perfect home for her will be easy – won’t it?
Meeting this adorable Husky pup turns Lizzie’s winter vacation into an exciting adventure.
Can Charles and his new friend David help this stray mutt find his way home?
He barks, he jumps up, he pulls on the leash. This Dalmatian pup needs some training – and a new home!

The first puppy the Peterson family fosters. This golden retriever pup is so cute and smart!


This little West Highland White Terrier (Westie) likes to be the star of the show.


A sweet, caring Black Lab puppy who has something very special to offer.


A real wild child! Can this Jack Russell Terrier ever learn to behave?


This little guy is the sweetest mixed-breed puppy ever. When he comes to stay with the Petersons, it’s love at first sight.


Why did someone abandon this smart, quick, energetic Border Collie?


This German Shepherd puppy has a talent for finding people. Can the Petersons find him the perfect home? 


Why would anybody leave this adorable Beagle puppy tied up alone in a garage?


Otherwise known as Mr. Pest! Nobody has ever met a puppy as naughty as this Pug.


This big St. Bernard puppy and little kitten are best friends. Who will give them both a home?


Emergency! A Golden Doodle puppy fell through the ice. First, he needs rescuing. Then, he needs a home.


The Petersons have met all kinds of puppies. But they’ve never met one like this Yorkie, the most spoiled puppy ever.

Pictures from Author Ellen Miles site! Click HERE to visit!

We are in the process of collecting ALL the Puppy Place Books! My daughter rated this particular book a 9.5 out of 10! What I like about the series is:

1.  They are interesting for my daughter and she wants to keep reading

2.  They are easy enough for a first time chapter book reader to comprehend

My daughter connects with the main characters (as she is an older sister too)!
4.  The story lines are age appropriate and great for both girls and boys to read

5.  The books in each series are numbered
and easy to collect and line up!
6.  They are only $4.99 each!

You can purchase these books at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon! Easy as that!!!  

What does your beginner reader enjoy reading?


  1. Cute! I will have to keep these in mind for down the road. :) And what a steal at $5!!

  2. This is fantastic! My 8 year old still doesn’t like chapter books much, although we recently got him to read “Origami Yoda” simply because it had Star Wars in it. And just this week, I was able to introduce to him “Choose your Own Adventure” books, and when he realized he wasn’t reading EVERY SINGLE page in the “thick” book, he was more apt to give it a try. And he LOVES them, but since they are older, it is hard to find them now, I’ve drained our thrift stores dry! So I’m looking for more “chapter” books that would be great for his level. I will have to give these a try!

  3. what a great selection of books! my son is almost 3 so he has a way to go but love these!

  4. That is soooo cute that she loves these books! They look awesome!

  5. Very cute! Smart- who doesn’t love puppies! This would at least give my 8 year old will enough to TOUCH the book- she HATES reading. It is our struggle. Anything to grab her interest and this looks like a great thing to try!

  6. My daughter will love these books next year.

  7. So cute! These look awesome. We all love puppies:)

  8. Kendall is still too young for chapter books (3.5) but she LOVES to read. I’ll have to keep these in mind.

  9. I will definitely be asking my 7 year old son if he’s interested in these. I just started homeschooling him because he’s more than a year and a half behind in his reading skills! I need a good series to HOOK him!!

  10. Looks like a great read for the kids when they get older – THX

  11. I love hearing about great series for kids for my nieces and nephew (and especially my dad who buys each child a couple books for their birthday and Christmas). I know two nieces in particular that will love the first series you mentioned.

  12. I love it when I hear about a series has connected with a child because that means they will be reading for quite awhile. Gracie just recently found her own series to connect with and I’m so thankful. She is in 4th grade though, sometimes, it just takes awhile. She’s a slower reader. These books look great! Gracie loves animals. Maybe we need to check them out :)


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