The Giver by, Lois Lowry ~ Book Review

The Giver by Lois Lowry is an amazing book. It is a great book for ages 9-13 and also adults! It is about a community that has taken color and emotions from the peoples’ lives. Everyone has an arranged marriage and two children each (one boy one girl). They must follow a lot of rules. They can’t be rude, they can’t go outside the village, and they must do whatever they are supposed to do at their age. They have ceremonies every year based on age. For an example there are ones, twos, threes, fours, etc. The nines get their bikes and the twelves get jobs. They want a perfect society.

The Giver

The community is lead by the Chief Elder, who is basically is in charge of the whole community. Jonas, the main character, who is an eleven, has a younger sister Lilly, an eight. Their mother is a lawyer and their father works in the baby nursery. Jonas has two best friends named Asher and Fiona. When Jonas and Asher were throwing an apple and Jonas saw it change, he didn’t know how to explain it until he met The Giver. The Giver was his boss at his job, as he was The Receiver. At the moving up ceremony Lilly got her bike and Jonas got his job assignment. Jonas was assigned as The Receiver, or the keeper of memories for the community. No one in Jonas’ community has any memories. The Chief Elder said it was a painful job, but he took it on.

The first day of work he met The Giver. The Giver told him that what he saw was called the color red. The Giver gives Jonas memories so he can keep the memories when The Giver is gone. The Giver is older. But problems arise! Read the book, The Giver by Lois Lowry. I think 4th-6th teachers should read this to their students. This is my new favorite book. If you read The Giver, then I hope you enjoy it! 10 stars all the way!

About Kendal: I am an 11-year old middle school student who likes reading, gymnastics, school, violin, and hanging out with my friends.


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