What NOT to do when #DisneySMMC emails come out!

Top 5 things you should NOT do the day DisneySMMC emails come out:

1. Make someone else who got an invite feel bad. (i.e. comment on their post and say something like: “Congrats! I wish I would have gotten one too! I never will.”) This just makes them feel bad or makes you look bad publicly. It’s okay to be upset though. Everyone has feelings. Just private message your family and friends if you need to chat about it.

2. Start emailing Maria or Leanne asking why you did not get an invite. This will not make you look good.

3. Start emailing Marshall about why you did not get an invite. It’s not his conference! Wrong Disney contact! This will make you look silly.

4. Post in all your groups about how upset you are about not getting an invite once again. People really don’t want to read this. They are in these groups celebrating.

5. Write a blog post about how nothing good ever comes your way. That’s just negative and mostly untrue. Everyone has something to celebrate sometime. Whatever that might be.

And for what you SHOULD do:

1. Be genuinely happy and excited for those that got the good news! Don’t respond if you can’t be truly happy for them. It shows!

2. Make sure to keep sharing your #Disneyside love! No need to get upset and become anti-Disney! If you love Disney then let it shine!

3. Support others successes by retweeting their excitement shares and making positive comments.

4. If you really want to go on a trip to Disney, then don’t wait for the conference. Plan a trip and look for deals for your family! Maybe even get your blogger friends to meet you there with their families and have a great time! There are other conferences (MANY) that you can attend throughout the year to help improve your blogging skills.

5. Make sure to do the same for bloggers that attend Disney trips from Marshall. Support your blogger friends and celebrate their successes! We all experience successes in blogging in different ways. Positivity breeds positivity. Share the positive vibes and love! What goes around comes around! 

With that said, CONGRATS to all my blogger friends that received the invites they were hoping for, and for those that did not….please keep working hard to share your Disney love. You never know when your turn will come and you will get that much desired “pixie dust.”

Positivity Breeds Positivity

Photo Credit: http://www.theworkher.com/hump-day-quotes/positivity/


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