Why vitaminwater® is a Choice for Our Family

Disclosure: This is sponsored from Coca-Cola®; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


It’s important when making choices for your family that you provide them with healthy and nutritious options. My husband and I decided that giving up soda was important for us, and in doing so our kids (ages 7 and 10) have never even tried it. We allow them juice, water, milk, and what they call “tasty water.” Once we discovered vitaminwater®, the “tasty water,” our kids loved drinking it and staying hydrated. With all the sports activities our kids are involved in, it’s very important to keep them healthy and hydrated. 


As parents, it’s our job to do the shopping and bring home the food and drinks, so why not bring home the best choices for your family? Here are some great benefits of vitaminwater®, besides the great taste:

  • It is nutrient enhanced water
  • It hydrates without sodium and artificial ingredients
  • There are no no artificial sweeteners and no artificial colors
  • Contains vitamins C & D
  • Only 120 calories per bottle
  • Note: There is an option to purchase vitaminwater zero® as well (0 calories per bottle)

Not only do we love having these convenient bottles on hand at the soccer field or gymnasium, but we also love having it to throw in our pool bags or when we go kayaking and paddle boarding. There are so many outdoor activities here in Rhode Island that keep our family out in the sun and needing rehydration. Drinking vitaminwater® is a perfect healthy and tasty way to stay hydrated.



You can get vitaminwater® almost anywhere. We have it at our local Cumberland Farms, Walmart, Stop N Shop, and of course Sam’s Club. I usually love to buy products in bulk to save money, especially when it something we use so often. I was able to recently purchase an 18-pack at our new Sam’s Club near our house for just $11.98. I thought that was an awesome deal, which makes each bottle about 67 cents. How can you beat that? 

What does your family drink to stay healthy and hydrated?





  1. My husband is hooked on Vitamin Water. He almost always has one with him.

  2. Amy Desrosiers says:

    This is a great beverage choice! We often buy it for our family as well for outings to stay hydrated.

  3. That is so great that they don’t have artificial colors or sweeteners, so many drinks add that stuff and it’s not good for our bodies! We drink water around here, but this is something I would let my kids have every once in awhile.

  4. I love Vitamin Water. It’s a great way to get the hydration I need plus a little extra. I really enjoy their electrolyte water.

  5. I was looking at the different waters in the store the other day wondering which one I should try. I think I want to try vitamin water! I don’t like the artificial ingredients so I like that about vitamin water!

  6. And here I thought they just tasted good! I love that there are no artificial ingredients in Vitamin Water.

  7. When I want the girls to drink water and they are adamant on juice, this is my alternative. Great tasting and nutritious!

  8. Vitamin Water does taste good, I like that it’s a “no artificial ingredients” option for kids and adults. There’s still a few flavors I haven’t tried yet!

  9. My daughter loves Vitamin water. She has to drink so much liquid daily that she adds Vitamin Water into her daily routine.

  10. I’ll be packing this up and taking it to the beach this weekend! We need to stay hydrated and this is tastier than boring water! :)

  11. It is so important to stay hydrated. I find when out and about time gets away from me and I forget to eat and drink properly

  12. We just do regular water with flavour shots. Must more friendly on the budget and can just keep filling up our water bottles.

  13. We usually use water with essential oils. Although this would be a nice treat!

  14. My husband is a fireman. He takes this to work by the truck load!

  15. I love Vitamin Water. It’s a great way to stay hydrated and get in some extra vitamins and minerals.

  16. I’m sure my kids would enjoy this if I brought some of these to the beach with us!

  17. I am a vitamin water fanatic… I have been drinking it for a long time and lost the assortment of flavors…

  18. We like Vitamin Water too! I buy a bunch of flavors when it goes on sale and stock the extra fridge. Then the boys can grab and go to take them to sports.

  19. I lived on Vitamin Water in college! We only do milk and water in our house, but I do treat myself to “tasy water” a few times a year :)

  20. I have seen this product in the store and wondered about it. I will have my kids test it out!

  21. I love vitamin water. I know I need to stay hydrated, but water is so boring. Vitamin Water keeps me hydrated, gives me an extra kick of vitamins and minerals, and a little flavor, to boot.

  22. My kids love vitamin water. Before vitamin water, it was like trying to pull teeth to get my kids to drink water.

  23. I’ve tried it a couple of times and I really need to do it again. I like the giant size it comes in!

  24. Vitamin Water is so tasty! I love to stock up on them when they are on sale.

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I’ve never tried Vitamin water before but sounds like Ia should! I love the photo of the bottle on the sand. So creative and cute.

  26. I always stock up on vitamin water when I’m having a baby. It’s a perfect labor drink!

  27. My husband loves this stuff. So refreshing. Love the added bonuses.

  28. I love water but sometimes it can get boring with no flavor. I love the Vitamin Water because it tastes good and also contains vitamins too!

  29. we love vitamin water. we get ours at bjs or sams club- love the bigger sizes!!!

  30. I haven’t tried those three. But the black and blueberry (I think it’s called) and their fuji apple pear are yummy!

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