Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Battle FX Star-Lord Figure

Disclaimer: I received the product for this review; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.



Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest talk around our house. My 7-year old son has seen commercials on TV for the movie and toys, so now he is obsessed with learning more about the series, characters, and what different toys he can buy with his allowance money. It’s funny how just a few commercials can really draw kids in to new things. 

One of the characters he gravitated to most was Star-Lord. When he saw this Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Battle FX Star-Lord Figure from Hasbro he went nuts! He loves the size of the toy, the sounds it makes, the lights, and the accessories it comes with. He plays pretend and talks back to the toy. He plays with Star-Lord with other figures he has in his room. It’s very cute. Sometimes his 10-year old sister will even join in the fun! Their favorite “noise” that Star-Lord makes is the music. They will seriously break out into dance and giggle. I love seeing them have fun!

How does Star-Lord work? You simply press his chest once for Star-Lord to speak lines from the movie, twice to hear music, and hold for battle sounds. His eyes light up as well, and there are cool accessories like blasters, headphones, and a play cassette recorder for him so you can imagine him chilling and relaxing after blasting the bad guys. Check out the quick video clip below to see the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Battle FX Star-Lord Figure in action and my kids rocking out to his music.


Figure Features:

Electronic Star-Lord figure stands 12 inches tall
Comes with 2 blasters
Has Light-up eyes
Movie voice, music and battle sounds

Retails for $19.99
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  1. We went and saw this at the theatre, it was great! Love that Hasbro has the toys to go allow with the movie. So much fun

  2. What a cool looking action figure. Your son certainly looks like he’s going to enjoy it!

  3. Awesome! I am actually looking for gift ideas for a sweet boy in my life! I will have to check this out for him!

  4. Jenna Wood says:

    A lot of my Hasbro toys from when I was a kid are collectibles now- I just might have to buy two of each of these Guardians of The Galaxy toys! I love how big the action figure is and all of the interactive features, this is a must have for holiday lists this year!

  5. Oh my boys would flip over this toy! They are super hero fanatics!

  6. Now that’s a fun toy! What little boy wouldn’t have fun with that?! I love it when they come out with toys from our favorite movies.

  7. What a fun action figure! I bet my nephew would love this, I’ll have to add it to my Christmas list for him. :)

  8. Can you believe that we still haven’t seen this movie. I need to get on that!

  9. My son would love the light-up features! This would make a good Christmas gift.

  10. We haven’t seen this movie yet but it looks like something I would like. That toy is really awesome. :)

  11. We haven’t seen the movie yet and
    Son wants the toys! He’s hoping for his birthday later this week

  12. I have a nephew that would love this action figure! I am going to get him one for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  13. He looks absolutely delighted! I bet this will be a big holiday hit.

  14. What a great toy figurine for kids who enjoyed the movie. You gotta love his trench coat and goggles.

  15. Looks like a fun toy for the Marvel fans. I think my son would like it!

  16. What a fun toy! I bet my kids would love this!!

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