Transformers Hexbug: Race Into Battle

Disclaimer: As an ambassador for Hexbug, I was provided with products for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


One of the perks of being a Hexbug Ambassador is checking out new products on the market. My son who loves Hexbug and Transformers was elated when we opened up our box of amazing products to review. Hexbug and Transformers together equals an awesome combination! They now have Hexbug Nano Transformers and Hexbug Warriors Transformers. The Nano version is very easy to transform. They have wings that either flap open or spread out. My son’s favorite ones were Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Other options include: Crosshairs, Drift, Galvatron, and Lockdown. My son was so excited to be the first of his friends to have these. 


And of course the biggest hit of all at playdates was the Hexbug Warriors Transformers. You can get the Battle Arena or the Battle Stadium to go with your Warriors so they have a place to battle it out. The Warriors are a bit more complex as compared to the Hexbug Nano. They are a little larger and have more pieces to them. The cool thing about the Hexbug Warriors Transformers are that they turn colors as they are battling it out. They start green, and as they get more “beat up” the colors change. At first they flash and then turn red when they lose the battle. It’s so fun to have multiple Hexbug Warriors Transformers so you can do rounds of battles and see who the ultimate winner will be! My son loves these Warriors! They come in the same character versions as the Transformers Hexbug Nano. These toys provide for hours of fun, and the neighborhood kids that come to play love them too! We are so excited to see Hexbug come out as Transformers! 



This new line of toys from Hexbug makes for a great gift! We have a few birthday parties this summer and this is definitely the gift we will be giving to my son’s friends. Hexbug Warriors Transformers are easy to store, fun to play with, and there can be a new winner every time the kids play! Check out a battle in action below (between Bumblebee and Galvatron):



  1. My boys must not know about these otherwise they’d be nagging for them!! LOL. They both have birthdays coming up and I know what they’re getting!

  2. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My kids love these! They get a kick out if them racing around.

  3. My son is going to want these as soon as he sees them. He has a little remote control spider from Hexbugs and it’s one of the most popular toys at play dates. The stuff that you have above will really be hot with the kids!

  4. My son and his friends used to play hexbugs all the time! They were great for inspiring imagination!

  5. my daughter just loves hexbugs, they are such fun we can play with them for hours!

  6. Oh this is a combo of two of my boys fav things!

  7. My house is full of Hexbug toys, my boys love them. Glad to see yours do too! They are a lot of fun.

  8. Perfect! I didn’t know they had these ones and the twins have to go to a birthday next week – thanks so much for the gift suggestion!

  9. Melanie says:

    Hexbugs look like.a lot of fun for the kids! I bet my boys would have loved these when they were little.

  10. Those hexbugs are so cool! my boys have been really wanting some, and now i finally know what they are talking about!

  11. Now those are pretty cool! Transformers are So popular, fun to see cool toys like this!

  12. Oh my goodness… two super fun toys combined? How fun!! I know several little ones that would just love them!

  13. I could see my son having a ton of fun with these.

  14. These look very cool, especially for boys. I bet mine would have a blast with them.

  15. I love Hexbugs. I had a chance to play with them at BlogHer in NYC. Such fun. They really are a toy for any age and keep even us grownups entertained.

  16. Those look like super neat toys. I had no idea they made other variations of the Hexbugs!

  17. These are too cool! My little man would love them!

  18. We played with Hexbugs when they first came out. These look like fun!

  19. Very cool. My son loved these when he was younger.

  20. I have a an 8 year old who would love these. They look AWESOME!

  21. I’ve always thought Hexbugs were the neatest little things! This is a great addition to the line!

  22. My friend’s son would go crazy if he saw this. He LOVES hexbugs!

  23. Those are really cool,. ,my boys would love these!

  24. I know some kids who would go nuts over this. What a great birthday gift idea!

  25. Angela S says:

    Hexbugs are so neat! I’m sure the Transformers will be a big hit around here.

  26. SO COOOL. My daughters love HexBugs and Transformers. Perfect combo!

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