Sea World in Orlando, Florida

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Disclaimer: I won this trip to Orlando from @VisitOrlando, and I did not have to post about it. I am posting on my own because I want to!


The first stop of our trip to Orlando, Florida was to Sea World. We were not quite sure what to expect; in fact we only really knew that this was the “Home to Shamu.” The kids were excited about seeing the dolphins, sea turtles, and manatees, but we had no idea there would be awesome rides there as well. In fact, two of the roller coasters ended up being on our top 10 favorite rides in Orlando list. The Manta was cool because it was almost like you were a Manta Ray soaring down into the water, and the Kraken was fast, had many turns, and was just crazy! My 9-year old just made it onto the rides height-wise but loved them both! Who knew the rides at Sea World would be so amazing? 

Manta at Sea World

Manta at Sea World

Kraken at Sea World

Kraken at Sea World

My kids also loved the Journey to Atlantis. This ride was a hybrid roller coaster and flume ride. It took you through twists and turns inside the dark finding the lost city, and then near the end there was a huge drop where riders get soaked. My kids loved getting wet. Both my 6 and 9-year old rode it.

Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis

I personally loved the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin ride. You could actually choose to take the wild route or the milder route. The car you rode in would spin around fast and take you on an adventure all the way until you ended up at the live penguins. They were so adorable and we loved seeing them! Checking out sea life was one of the things we were really excited about seeing anyway! You got both with this attraction.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®

If you want to visit a park that will not only let you check out sea life (feeding sting rays, watching dolphin shows, viewing sea turtles, manatees, penguins and much more), but also provide you with awesome rides and games to play, then Sea World Orlando is a park you won’t want to miss! We will definitely be going back one day!

Sea World Orlando




  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! I have always wanted to visit Sea World, I am sure I will get there one day :)

  2. We are heading there for spring break! Can’t wait!

  3. We love it there, we used to have annual passes, there is so much to do and see!

  4. I would LOVE to visit Sea World and of course, the rest of Orlando! You all look like you had SO much fun!
    Ohhhhh! The Manatees! I love those things! lol

  5. Sea World is one place I’ve never been, but always wanted to go. It looks like ya’ll had fun! Someday we’ll get down there and see some penguins! lol

  6. Wow! What a trip!!!

  7. Let’s see how envious I can be of Kristin! …A LOT!. lol. I have always wanted to go to Sea world! What an amazing adventure. I hope to one day get there with my family!

  8. Wow that looks like so much fun. I would love to visit some day.

  9. Keikilani says:

    What an awesome trip! I can imagine how my boys would be totally blown away!

  10. I’ve never been to Sea World. I didn’t realize how much there was to do. Like you, I just knew it was the home of Shamu ;)

  11. Wow, that looks like such a fun family experience. I’m so glad you shared it with us.

  12. I love Sea World, the rides there are awesome! A few I didn’t go on because I’m a chicken but my hubby could have ridden them all day! lol

  13. It looks like a fun day. We have never been there.

  14. I’ve never been to Sea World, but it’s on my must visit list. I want to feed a dolphin! I had no idea they had so many rides/attractions there!

  15. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Journey to Atlantis looks exactly like the Escape from Pompeii at Busch Gardens! I’d love to go to Sea World!!

  16. Can you believe I have never been to Sea World? It looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to go.

  17. I had no idea that Sea World had so many rides! I guess I just thought it was sea life shows. I think my family would love this place! Glad you guys had a great time!

  18. what a fabulous trip you won!! holy cow! i was at sea world 12 years ago? i’m guessing it’s changed…

  19. Congrats on winning sucha fun trip! It looks like your family had an amazing time. The turtles and penguins would be the first thing I would check out.

  20. Okay, I didn’t know Sea World had rides?!!? Looks like a blast and I would love to go soon!!!

  21. We were here in September and we had a blast. So much to do, I want to go back.

  22. Looks like so much fun! We’ll be going to Sea World San Diego for the first time in October.

  23. It looks like you had a fun trip. I had no idea that Sea World had rides. I’ve been to the one in San Diego, but that was years ago and I don’t remember rides. I’d love to visit.

  24. Congrats on winning the trip. Your family had such a great time. One day I hope to visit sea world also.

  25. AWWWW we love SeaWorld,you were in my backyard.. wish I would have known we would have come up; I have season passes and we go all the time. Soo much fun for the kids, they love to see all the animals; have you seen Seymour and Clyde show?? it’s our favorite… Thanks for sharing your trip, sure looked like you had a blast

  26. Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing! :)

  27. Looks like so much fun! We are planning to go in November with our family! Never been to SeaWorld yet.

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