Peppa Pig’s Party Time App and Peppa Pig’s My Birthday Party DVD

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We have been fans of Peppa Pig for a while now! My kids love watching it on TV (Nick Jr.), and I love overhearing the voices with their cute British accents. I think one of the favorite parts of the show for my kids are the snorts from the pigs. I can hear them giggle and snort themselves with the Peppa Pig family. My kids also relate to Peppa Pig’s family because it’s a family of four with an older sister, just like our own family. The stories are very cute as well! 


We recently found two new ways to enjoy Peppa Pig at home! One is with the new Peppa Pig’s Party Time App that you can get for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. It’s a super fun app, and although geared for ages 2-6 years old, my 9-year old daughter still loves it just as much as my 6-year old son. There are many different games to play on this app with Peppa Pig and her friends. You can bake a cake, makes party invites and party bags, and play pinata and musical chairs as well (just to name a few)! My kids loved the musical chairs and pinata games the best! These games can be for a single player or multiple players as well.  “Peppa Pig’s Party Time” app is available at iTunes and Amazon for $4.99. Check out in the video below with my kids playing the app on the iPad and iPhone: 

Another way to have fun with Peppa Pig and her family is by watching the new Peppa Pig’s “My Birthday Party” DVD! This is a great movie to watch together and to get inspired to have a party of your own! The new Peppa Pig “My Birthday Party” DVD is an 80-minute video featuring 14 fun-filled “Peppasodes,” as well as a couple bonus extras: “Learn the Alphabet” and “Learn to Count.” In the “My Birthday Party” episode, it’s Peppa’s birthday and all of her friends are invited to her party! Daddy Pig decides to perform a magic show and gets many giggles and snorts. Other episodes include an exciting boat race, a school play, a costume party and more! The “My Birthday Party” DVD is available at retailers nationwide or as a digital download on iTunes.


After watching the “My Birthday Party” episode, we were in the mood to plan a party of our own! Some great resources for planning a Peppa Pig Party include visiting the Peppa Pig Website and looking at their downloadable tab for printables! 

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  1. It looks like the kids are enjoying the app! Fun stuff!

  2. This sounds like fun! I have a preschooler that would have fun with this app and dvd.

  3. This game would be fun for all of my kids. And nice that you can download it on many things.

  4. Angela S says:

    The DVD would be such a great birthday party gift! I like the cute British accents too. :)

  5. Looks like fun! I love collecting ideas for apps I might download for Addie.

  6. What a fun app! My kids are actually playing several apps right now. I love when they find something new to enjoy! Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. I am loving all these apps for kids lately. This one looks super cute.

  8. This is so cute. My kids love Peppa Pig, I don’t even mind watching either. I think it’s a cute show and I love their British accents.

  9. This looks so cute. Anything with pigs is adorable!! I will have to show my hubby’s Goddaughter. This is right up her alley.

  10. We have this DVD , my little ones love it. Peppa Pig is one of our favorites!

  11. This looks like so much fun! I love the idea of having the kids be a part of the party planning.

  12. My kiddos love Peppa Pig. Looks like a fun app that they would enjoy playing!

  13. We haven’t seen Peppa the Pig, but I’m thinking it looks like an adorable show. It’s great when the kids enjoy something that parents are happy to have them watch.

  14. I need to download that app for my son. It is such a cute show.

  15. My daughter would love this. I blame Peppa for my DD speaking in an English accent. Hehe. I love Peppa though.

  16. Peppa Pig is a show my kids have watch for a few years now. The DVD looks cute and I will have to go check out this app.

  17. That is so cute. What a fun app for the kids to enjoy.

  18. Love the videos! They’re having a blast!

  19. My daughter enjoys watching Peppa Pig, also! I’m sure she’d love this new app, too (she loves any excuse to use our phones or a tablet).

  20. Seems like a fun app for kids! And awesome video ;-)

  21. My kids LOVE Peppa!

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