How Do You Celebrate Your #DisneySide?

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How do you celebrate your Disney Side? Here is our recipe for a perfect Disney Side celebration:

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How Do You Celebrate Your #DisneySide?
Recipe type: Educational and Fun
Prep time: 
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Serves: 10
Here are the ingredients for a perfect DisneySide Celebration
  • 10 Excited Disney Fans
  • 10 Disney Bracelets
  • 10 Passports
  • 1 Disney DVD (Guide through the Parks)
  • Pack of Markers
  • Packs of Stickers
  • Disney Guide Books
  • 1 Bingo Game
  • 1 "Hot Minnie" Game
  • 10 T-shirts
  • Packs of Fabric Markers
  • Mickey Mouse Stencils
  • 1 Frozen CD
  • Disney Decorations
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Magic Mickey Cupcakes
  • Basket of Disney Prizes
  • 2 Helpful Moms
  • Goodie Bag to take home
  1. Welcome guests and give them Disney Bracelets and a Passport
  2. Watch the Disney DVD to learn about the parks at Disney
  3. Fill out Passports and Decorate them (use stickers, markers, and guide books)
  4. Show in your Passport your Ideal Disney Dream Vacation (where you want to go)
  5. Next, play games
  6. Play "Hot Minnie" by playing Hot Potato with the stuffed Minnie Mouse and listening to the CD Frozen ~ Winner gets to choose from the Disney Prize Basket
  7. Play Disney Bingo ~ Winner gets to choose from the Disney Prize Basket
  8. Decorate T-shirts with Fabric Markers to show your DisneySide (can use stencils)
  9. Play Frozen CD in the background for fun
  10. Lastly, close the party with some fun healthy snacks and Magic Mickey Cupcakes

Disney Side Party Prep!!!

You can read in the recipe above what we did at our Disney Side Party! It took two fun-filled hours for the party, and the kids had an absolute blast! We had kids attend that were ages three through eleven. Everyone had a GREAT time! The older kids learned a lot about what Disney has to offer. They created their “Disney Dream Trips” in their passports and decorated them accordingly. Some included rides they wanted to go on and others planned out which parks were most important for them to visit. I provided each child with a blank passport, markers, and travel books as they watched the Disney Parks DVD for more information.




Next, the kids had a blast playing games! We played “Hot Minnie,” our Disney version of Hot Potato, while using the Frozen CD. The kid that won got to choose a prize from our Disney Prize Basket. I bought all kinds of fun Disney items to include in our prize basket. We also played Disney Bingo which the kids loved! 




After the educational portion of our celebration and games, we had our “crafting time” with t-shirts. As we listened to the Frozen CD in the background (which of course every kid knew every word to each song), the kids got creative with the fabric markers and stencils to create something that showed “Their Disney Side!” The girls took twice as long as the boys and were very detail oriented. The shirts came out great, and the kids had so much fun being creative!




Finally, we finished out our celebration with some healthy snacks (fruit, cheese, crackers, veggies, etc.) and some treats as well. My daughter wanted to be in charge of the cupcakes, so she made some Magic Mickey cupcakes. She came up with the idea of how to make them and decorated them all by herself. Since she was so passionate about it, I let her take control of making them for the party. After all, this party is for the kids, and she wanted to celebrate her Disney Side. Make sure to check out my 9-year old’s recipe for Magic Mickey Cupcakes.




Party-goers got to take home some party favors as well! Everyone had a great time getting their DisneySide on! See us in action at our party below:

What is your recipe for a perfect Disney Side Celebration?

Great Perks for your Walt Disney World Vacation at Destinations in Florida



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  22. Angela S says:

    That looks like great fun! I love how your cupcakes turned out.

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