Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, Florida

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Disclaimer: I won this trip to Orlando from @VisitOrlando, and I did not have to post about it. I am posting on my own because I want to!


As part of my prize winning package from Visit Orlando that you read about in my Universal Orlando post, we were able to stay at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort for four days, three nights. It was an absolutely fun and amazing place to stay! We got really lucky. The suites range from one to three bedroom places, which are perfect for the whole family. It’s hard being on vacation and having to go to bed early to make the room dark for the kids to sleep, when really you want to be watching TV or reading for some “YOU TIME.” Having a suite gives you that nice separation you need to make it a true vacation for both yourself and the kids. We had a two-bedroom suite, which included a kitchenette area, living room, sleep area for the kids (decorated with Spongebob Squarepants), and a bedroom (with a door to close) for the adults. It was awesome! The room was nice and clean, and we were centrally located to get to the pool and mall/food court of the resort easily. We would definitely stay here again!



So, you can see the accommodations are awesome, but what else makes the Nick Suites (also referred to as the Nick Hotel) such a fabulous place to stay? Here are a list of the things we LOVED about staying at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, Florida:

1. The Mall/Food Court Area

The resort has a mall area which includes two stores to shop at, a couple of restaurants to eat at (including Subway ~ our favorite), an arcade for the kids to play at, a studio for shows, booths to get information for your trip, and more! We used this mall every day for eating, shopping, and to make reservations for free shuttles to Universal and to get information about other area parks (like LEGOLAND Florida and Sea World). The kids had a blast at the arcade on a rainy day when we were there, and we went to the studio one night to watch a LIVE Double Dare show! I loved that we could get anything we wanted and we never had to drive off the resort property. Talk about convenient, right? Also, there was a 4-D Experience we want to check out next time!


Having Fun at the Arcade in the Nick Suites Mall


Drew was very excited to run into a Foot Soldier at the Nick Mall

2. The Character Breakfast and Dinner

We attended a Spongebob Squarepants character breakfast, as well as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character dinner while staying at the Nick Suites. Both were awesome events and the kids had a blast! They loved seeing all the characters there, watching them dance around, and taking photos with them. The food was a buffet, but the quality of food was GREAT! You usually think buffet food would not be good, but this was awesome! There were plenty of options for everyone at each meal, and these options included filling and healthy foods as well as treats. I think we liked the TMNT dinner more since the turtles were really funny and it was not as crowded (we did a 7:30pm seating time). The kids got to interact with the characters a lot at this dinner! I recommend that you should at least choose one when you are there (if not both). It was worth it!


We all got into the fun at the TMNT Character Dinner



Fun at the Spongebob Squarepants Character Breakfast


3. The Amazing Pool Area

As you could see in the picture at the top of the page, the pool area/lagoon was amazing! We spent an entire day just letting the kids swim, even though it was cool and rainy out. At first we were wondering what the people were doing in the water since it was chilly outside, but once we put our toes in we realized why ~ it was a heated pool! The kids had fun in swimming around the pool area, playing on the water slides and through the sprays, and even being able to go in the “family hot tub.” They had two hot tubs available, and the family one was kept at a cooler temperature than the adult one so the kids could be in it. The poolside also had shows running throughout the day and had people come up to get slimed! My kids loved the two or three times a day they also did the mass sliming from the water slide area. So much fun! The pool area also includes a bar area to get food/drink, a basketball court, mini-golf, and massage cabanas. I think I will need a massage next trip!





4. The Double Dare Show

The Double Dare show took place at night in the studio at the mall area. It was fun watching two teams complete against each other, just like being at a LIVE taping of the show. If you want to be “on the show” you can tryout during the day when they do the call for tryouts at the mall. We almost decided to tryout, but my son was not old enough yet. Maybe next time!


Pie in the Face at Double Dare!!!


Cheering on the Families at Double Dare LIVE


Audience Challenge at the Show!

5. The Amazing Pictures Booth

The mall has the Amazing Pictures booth near the studio area. Here you can take photos, or just retrieve photos from when photographers took pictures of you from events like the character breakfast and dinner, sliming time, etc. I bought a few of the photos to take home. The only thing I wished is that I could have used my same Amazing Pictures account here that I had set-up through Universal when we visited there. The two places run separately though.


We definitely had a great stay at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, Florida! Not only was it a place to rest at night, but it also added to our fun and experiences that we had while in Orlando. Staying here was an event in itself. Also, I want to note that everyone I encountered at the property (from the front desk to the waiters at the restaurants) were all amazing, friendly, and helpful people. We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Oh, and we had free WiFi to boot! We will 100% be staying here again! It is conveniently located to all the Orlando area attractions (Disney, Universal, Sea World, LEGOLAND), and has much to offer a family for the vacation of their dreams! Don’t forget to book at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, Florida today!

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  1. That looks like an awesome place to stay! We usually stay off property when we visit “THE” park, and we always drive past Nickelodeon Suites on the way in, with a little green jealousy streak of those staying there, because even from the outside on the highway, the place just looks so cool. And now you’ve confirmed it!

  2. We always know the quality of the hotel by looking at the pool area. Seriously… if the pool is awesome then usually the rest of the place is!

  3. Wow! It looks like you had an amazing time! This is a great post! I learned so much about Nickelodeon Suites and now I want to visit, too!

  4. Wow that’s amazing. It looks like loads of fun!

  5. That resort looks like an incredible amount of fun for the whole family!

  6. it sure looks like you guys had a blast..isn’t the Nick Hotel the BEST?? I love to take my family there for a weekend getaway, it’s right in our backyard.. sooo much fun..loved your pictures…You should come back during the summer.. not soo cold :-)

  7. What a fun trip for you and your family! Love the character breakfast!

  8. Wow, how fun! I would like to go and just plant my butt in that pool!!!

  9. What an amazing vacation! My kids love spongebob and would be in heaven. love all of your pictures

  10. Oh my gosh Kristin! I would love to be slimed! Totally remember that from my childhood! we have never been to Orlando and its ‘on our list to go to this year! Looks like you all had an awesome time. Can’t wait for my kids to experience it!

  11. Mama to 5 Blessings says:

    I so want to take my family there, I live not too far away and I have been drooling over this place since it opened. My kids would love it – looks like lots to do there!

  12. So cool! I haven’t been to Disney in about 11 years, BUT we can’t wait to bring Addie!

  13. So cool. The hotels just keep getting better and better. I loved seeing your instagram pics while you were in FL. What a break from the cold and snow!

  14. I think my kids’ heads would explode from all the fun! Looks like so much fun!

  15. I think that this looks like the HAPPIEST and FUNNEST and BESTEST place on the planet! WOW!!! I Want to take my son here so bad! Thank you for the great photos and tips. IT is so great to know exactly what it would be like to go there!

  16. we’d never leave the resort!! how fun does that look!?!

  17. Wow! My kids would be thrilled with the pools and we would never leave!

  18. Oh…my…Goodness! It looks like you had the best time EVER! The kids are adorable and I’m soooo jealous that you got to meet Mr. Crabbs. The place looks spectacularly fun!

  19. Gimeny Cricket, I am super jealous of your latest trip to Florida! You got ot visit so many amazing places. basically all the theme parks and locations I really want to visit if we ever get to Florida. This nickelodeon suite looks amazing and would totally have my kids over the moon excited.

  20. Samantha says:

    We are going to Orlando from the 23rd – 27th and we are staying there for the last two nights we are there. I am so excited and hope my 5 & 6 year old have fun with it. They have no clue we are going & I can not wait to surprise them with it! Also we get into sea world for free since we are military so we will def. be doing that!!!

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