LEGOLAND® Florida: Fun for ALL

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Disclaimer: I won this trip to Orlando from @VisitOrlando, and I do not have to post about it. I am posting on my own because I want to!


We were very excited to visit LEGOLAND® Florida this past week. It was in Winter Haven, about a 35-40 minute drive south of Orlando where we were staying at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort. At first, we were not sure what to expect. Did it have rides? Were they just for little kids, or for bigger kids too? Were there just going to be LEGO® villages and displays everywhere? Well, we were extremely surprised that it had it all. Rides for the little ones and big kids too, cool LEGO® displays, and even places to eat, shop, and get your photos taken. My kids actually loved it so much, that they said coming back here is a MUST! What I liked the best was the layout of the park. It was very compact and there were places to sit, get snacks, and shade for when it is super sunny out. The different park areas were very cute as well. They each had a theme and rides to go with that theme. Here are some of our favorite things about LEGOLAND® Florida.

The Rides

We loved the rides there. They were fun and for all ages. Also, one of the best things was the fact that my 6-year old son could ride every ride at the park! He was upset at Universal Orlando because his 9-year old sister was able to ride The Incredible Hulk Coaster® and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit®, and he did not make the height requirements. At LEGOLAND® that was not a problem at all. He could ride everything!


Here were our favorite rides:

  • The Dragon (LEGO® Kingdoms)
  • Coastersaurus (Land of Adventure )
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure (Land of Adventure )
  • Ford Driving School (LEGO® City)
  • Flying School (LEGO® City)
  • Boating School (LEGO® City)
  • Project X (LEGO® TECHNIC™)

There are so many more rides, shows, and play areas as well. You can definitely spend a full day or even two days there to do everything. The stores are great as well, and of course we let the kids pick a LEGO® set to take home. 


The Photo Service

This service was very similar to the one we got at Universal Orlando. They did not have a card on a lanyard though. With this one, I just handed the photo people my receipt for the service after each ride and they stapled a new number to the back. I left with a pile of receipts all together, and when I got home I just typed in each number and retrieved my photos. It was great. They turned out really nice too! Also, on the way out I bought two of our photos made into “brick walls,” which are LEGO® walls of your photos. They are super cute! I got one for each kid. You can see some of our professional photos below:






Miniland USA

We spent some time checking out this area, which is located pretty much in the middle of the park. It is filled with places around the USA all made from LEGO® pieces. It was so amazing to see! There were buttons to push that made different things happen (men marching, cars racing, and pirate ships moving). You could see places like Washington, DC, San Francisco, New York City, Las Vegas, Daytona, and more! We really loved seeing DC since we grew up right outside of the city and still visit there frequently. My son also really liked the Star Wars area. They had scenes and places from the movies. I think looking at the Miniland USA was one of our favorite parts of the trip. It was very cool to see and amazing how many LEGO® pieces they used.






And……Star Wars!



We are definitely going back to LEGOLAND® Florida next time we are in Orlando. Not only do the kids want to do the rides again, but we want to check out other aspects of the park that we did not get to. There is a Water Park, Imagination Zone, Botanical Gardens, and even trading LEGO® Minifigures with staff members that we did not do yet. Make sure to check out the LEGOLAND® Florida website for specials on tickets and directions to the park! Have a great time! Maybe we’ll see you there!

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  1. I cannot wait til I can visit Legoland, I could play with legos all day if I could :)

  2. Of all the theme parks in the world, the one my kids want to go to the most is Lego Land. I can’t blame them. I seriously want to go very badly too! it looks AMAZING!

  3. Looks like so much fun, and that car! Wow! That must have been a lot of legos, lol.

  4. We went last summer and had a blast!! My kids enjoyed it more than Sea World!! Loves the kid’s shirts too btw. :)

  5. You won a trip to Legoland Florida? That is so awesome! Congrats! Looks like you had a great time. We’ve been to the one in California and the kids love it. :)

  6. We love it there, we have been 2X, we just went there last month with our homeschool group!

  7. This is our top place we want to visit!!! Looks like an amazing place!

  8. My kids are dying to go there….well I am too (closet Lego junkie).

  9. I have never seen such awesome photos from Legoland! Looks like a great time!

  10. Wow. This looks like an amazing place. My kids would love it. Looks like your family had an amazing time!

  11. Love the t-shirts! So much to do there. Wow.

  12. Wow, what a fun looking place! I’m always amazed at the things you can build with Lego, which is why I guess it’s been such an enduring toy.

  13. I think I’ll go back there this summer and take all the grand kids. We visited in the past and had a good time.

  14. Those creations are completely cool. I would be in total awe there. I want to go there next time for sure! So neat!

  15. This looks like so much fun. If we ever get to Florida, i am going to have to take the kids there. They would love it.

  16. Awesome post! We had so much fun at Legoland too! Love all your photos – and I loved that the rides were not too scary for me either – but yet still exciting!

  17. What an amazing place!! I love those boats. Everything looks like a total blast.

  18. Oh wow, how cool that you won a trip!! That looks like such a fun place to visit. My son would go nuts for it!

  19. That’s Amazing if the lines are really just 5 minutes! I always love walking around Legoland because of the awesome lego creations!

  20. We have that small LEGO Discovery center here in the DFW area. That was so fun to take my nephews to over Christmas break, I cannot even imagine the fun a larger LEGO park would offer :) You all look like you had an amazing time!

  21. my whole family wants to go to LEGOLAND!! We are huge LEGO fans so that is a must-do for us

  22. Your family pic on the roller coaster is THE BEST!!!! So, I am a woman over 40 who is obsessed with legos. Oh, and so is my son :) I can NOT believe that the rides look like they are made of legos. I am so serious that I would make the trip form Chicago just to go here. WOW!! And that is great that your son could ride every thing there. What a fun trip for your family.

  23. Legoland looks like so much fun. I know my grandkids would love to go.

  24. My son would LOVE to go to LegoLand. He has always loved legos. It looks like you guys had an awesome time.

  25. My girls were asking if we could go to Legoland for Spring Break. Unfortunately, we live a bit too far away for it this year but would love to take them sometime.

  26. So much fun and such great pics! That was an awesome win! Someday I’d like to visit there with my family, I think we’d all have a blast!

  27. We always mean to go but, never get to. I’m definitely adding this to our trip next time. WOW. My kids would go nuts.

  28. Looks like so much fun. I have been to legoland california.

  29. We just went to the one in San Diego today… and now your pictures make me really want to go to the one in Florida too! What a great vacation you all had. I’ve so enjoyed following along with your posts. Totally makes me want to go!

  30. I can’t wait until we can get back to Orlando so we can visit here! It’s new since we lived in Florida and I think our whole family would love it. I thought the ones at Downtown Disney – especially the “Loch Ness Monster” – were cool, so a whole park full would be amazing!

  31. I’m from Florida, and Legoland NEVER gets old! Looks like y’all had an absolute blast :)

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