Kitchen and Bathroom Home Renovation with Legacy Custom Remodeling #LegacyRemodelRI

Legacy Custom Remodeling

Many of you have been watching my home renovation over the past few weeks, and it is just about done! Legacy Custom Remodeling has been great with working within our budget, being timely, and producing quality work. The estimated time of the renovation was about three weeks, and that’s just about what it took. I was very nervous before the remodel, because many people told me to expect double the timing (minimum) and double the costs. That made me so nervous to even start the renovation, but luckily things have turned out great. For anyone living in the New England area that wants to have a home renovation (small or large), you should definitely call Legacy Custom Remodeling for a quote. I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to do a renovation in their home. Just send me a direct email and I can put you in touch! And….. having your home renovated does not have to be scary or a nightmare.

I watched many home shows where disaster struck, especially after looking at what was behind the walls. I did not have any issues with that, and in fact when I asked our contractor he said he would be greatly surprised if anything like that happened. They do a pre-renovation walk through during their estimate and look for where issues might occur. You definitely learn more firsthand from a renovation than you do watching HGTV.

So, for everyone that wanted to see the before and after pics, here they are:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before #2

Dining Area Before

Dining Area After

Dining Area After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Bathroom After

As you can see, things are now newer, brighter, cleaner, and fresher! It feels nice to have updated rooms that will add to the value of our home and be nicer to live in. Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • New Pantry (we did not have one prior to the renovation)
  • Dishwasher (we did not have one prior to the renovation)
  • Garbage Disposal (we did not have one prior to the renovation)
  • Built-in spice rack
  • Lazy Susan in the corner cabinet
  • Counter that you can sit at to eat with stools
  • Our refrigerator water/ice works now
  • Slow closing drawers
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Extra cabinet for storage above toilet in bathroom
  • Larger sink top and cabinet
  • Tub to ceiling subway tile (makes the room look larger)
  • Floor tiles in both the kitchen and bathroom 

If you want to check out the progress of the remodel, I have a post at the beginning and halfway through you can check out! I will also post one more time to let you know how things are going post-renovation and how everything turned out! Right now we have a “punchlist” of small items for them to look at this week, but we are 99% done as of right now! I can’t wait until we can all move back upstairs! We’ve been all living in the basement together for the past almost month now. It will be great to get back to living and with our new and improved rooms! What’s next for the Wheeler house? After being happy with the work that Legacy Custom Remodeling produced, we will more than likely have them do our next remodel which will include a third level put on our house to give us more space (master bedroom with en suite and walk-in closet, two other large bedrooms upstairs, and the two kids bedrooms downstairs would become a family room after some walls are knocked down). We’ve got big plans, and Legacy can hopefully make our dreams a reality as they have done so far.



  1. We’re looking forward to tearing off your roof and building that second floor dream addition Kristin! It’s been a pleasure!

  2. wow what a great job! It looks so new and refreshed, I would love to do this with my kitchen,.

  3. Wow Kristin, this is truly incredible! I can’t believe how stunning their work is! Your home looks wonderful!

  4. What an amazing transformation! So bright and clean- simple, and beautiful! Love all of your choices!

  5. Wow! The changes are spectacular. The kitchen looks so light and airy. I love the color in the dining area.

  6. Wow, everything looks wonderful!!! I love it, especially the bathroom. I’d love to get rid of the tile on our walls. Perhaps someday.

  7. A third level? Wow. That’s a big job. We can totally relate here. We decided we would get our house ready to sell back in August and so we had an agent come in and say fix this, change that, remove X,Y, and Z. And we committed to massive renovations withing a budget!! But I can fully understand the need to do this and, at the same time, the absolutel chaos this plunges your family into. Your kitchen looks fantastic. The cupboards are beautiful. Did they remove the door to the outside on the left there? Blown away my the kitchen and dining room remodely here. It looks light and airy and the cupboards make it look classically lovely.

  8. It looks awesome! I’m sure you’ll be glad to have all the construction done. I think it’s cool they added a pantry for you – it’s one thing this house doesn’t have that I’m totally missing.

  9. I LOVE it! Looks absolutely amazing! I bet you are excited to have it complete, aren’t you? :)

  10. Wow. Your finished projects look amazing! I live in MA so perhaps this company is not too far for us when we decide on our next project. We did a bathroom remodel a few years back and it looks so similar to yours. Great minds think alike.

  11. Looks AMAZING!! I love the kitchen. I’m dreaming of a pretty kitchen of my own one day. ;)

    • And Stephanie, let me know if you want a quote from them about adding on more space to your house! It might be cheaper than moving! =)

  12. Wow! That is an amazing difference! (I love the kitty cat in the first picture, too!)

  13. I love before and afters. I know how much work goes into the part you don’t see! Do you love it? Does it feel like your space yet?

  14. I have been looking forward to seeing your B&A pictures. Wow, what an amazing transformation! And I’m so excited for you to have a dishwasher. I couldn’t live without mine. Your new remodel looks great! I’m glad it’s done in time for your family to relax and enjoy for the holidays.

  15. It looks amazing! I am itching to do a little redecorating…nothing as extravagant as this. :)

  16. Gorgeous! The kitchen looks absolutely amazing.

  17. Looks absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how fast they worked in getting it up!!

  18. Wow, all of these look great… each room is a huge improvement. Love all your choices and so bright

  19. Looks great, your old bathtub looks like ours except ours is pink, lol. We so need a remodel as well. Hopefully soon!

  20. Wow they did a fantastic job. I love the end results!

  21. I have been so excited to see these!!!! You really did pick a great company because not only does the work look beautiful, but I dont remember hearing of a remodel project finishing on time! I wonder if there is a Legacy Custom Remodeling in Chicago or Illinois? I need to get my master bath re-done to bring in out of the 70’s! Your home looks beautiful.

  22. OMG! I had that exact floor in my bathroom!!! We just got a new bathroom as well, could not stand that little blue tile anymore! your new room looks great.

  23. That is absolutely STUNNING!!! I love love love it!! What a fun makeover and I love the whole feel of the room!!

  24. This is so beautiful! My favorite room is the kitchen. So clean and crisp. I love the shade of blue too!

  25. That looks wonderful! Much better. Glad you had a good experience with a contractor.

  26. It doesn’t even look like the same kitchen. Amazing transformation!

  27. The rooms look really great. I’d love to be able to fix up my kitchen. It needs a lot of love!

  28. The transformation looks amazing. I am so jealous of your kitchen!

  29. It looks wonderful!! Wow! You gained sooo much extra storage space in the bathroom and kitchen too! Very nice.
    They did a lot in three weeks.
    Enjoy your “new” home!! :)

  30. What a dramatic makeover. I love it!

  31. Wow, the re-do looks great! I love what they did with your bathroom.

  32. Looks fantastic!

    I wish we’d known them years ago. We sadly had a contractor die right after he had begun work. We had a gutted bathroom and no one! We scrambled to find plasterers, tilers, electricians, general contractors, and had to manage the project ourselves, which was tough since Syd was about a month old at the time. I have a beautiful looking shower with the subway tile but it’s been used only a handful of times because it leaks into the kitchen. Without someone really looking out for us, we were sleep deprived fools.

    Send me the contact info – I may have some work!

  33. AMAZING!!!! Looks so great. I love everything about it!!! The only thing the kitchen is missing is the cat. ;) Seriously looks gorgeous!!

  34. Looks amazing! They’ve done a great job!

  35. It looks beautiful. I am planning a lot of remodel work in my house and seeing your before and afters make me antsy to start.

  36. Wow!!! Amazing! You must be thrilled!! Love it!

  37. Wow, what a difference! It looks fantastic!

  38. Kristin will you put the cat back already? It seems that’s the only thing missing! Unfortunately we can’t nail him down ladies!

  39. It looks beautiful! I can not wait to start my bathroom remodel very soon!

  40. That he is Kristin!

  41. they did a simply amazing job, kristen! you must be over the moon!! look at the new cabinet space. i’m so jealous. we have a tiny and weird shaped kitchen

  42. Wow. What a big change. It looks so good. They did such a good job. I will definitely look into it. I am in need of a big change in my kitchen,.

  43. I love what you did to the dining room!!! Your house is going to be STUNNING once this is all done :)

  44. This is absolutely stunning. I love everything. Thank you for sharing…

  45. I love the progress so far, it’s a lot of work but well worth it!

  46. I have absolutely loved watching the transformation on Facebook! I so want to do the same thing with our kitchen and bathrooms! Those are the worst rooms in our entire house and they need a face lift so badly!

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