Childbirth Made Me Crooked; Living with Back and Pelvic Pain

Are you wondering what I’m talking about? I know it must sound a bit strange. I’ve had constant lower back pain for the past few years, with debilitating episodes that have now become increasingly worse. On Halloween night, I ended up not even able to really walk because I was in so much pain. It happened at BlogHer this year too, and when I was in New York most recently. My blogging friends can tell you I was crying in pain at the end of the night. If I stand for a long period of time…..pain by the end of the night. If I walk too much….pain by the end of the night. It’s not good all around. I am not even 40, and I feel 90! 

Mama Luvs Books; Dealing with Back and Pelvic Pain

In New York! I’m smiling but in a ton of pain. Hence sitting down!

I went to the doctor yesterday to see what I could do, because really this is NOT normal. Basically he said that I am completely out of alignment. He believes my pelvis must have fused back together incorrectly (crooked) after the birth of my son. He did some measurements and tests, and my pelvis is clearly out of alignment. The right side is a few inches higher (raised) when laying on my back, and due to this one leg is also longer than the other. This is why it truly is hard for me to stand or walk a long distance. In an upright position I am having to compensate for “being crooked” and it puts a lot of pressure on my lower back/pelvic region. I get shooting pains, I can’t stretch or bend over, sometimes the pains shoot down my legs as well, and at times I feel like my legs are just going to give out and I’m going to fall to the ground. 


Stretching does not seem to even help!

Here is the plan to help me relieve my pain as much as possible and to help get me back in better alignment:

1. The doctor said this is really not something that can be “fixed” but instead something I have to deal with throughout my life now. I can take steps to make it better, but there is no magic pill to fix this issue. It’s all about managing it at this point.

2. To start with, the doctor said we first need to control the pain. This is done with muscle relaxers and Vicodin. I really do not love taking them at all. They make me so tired and shaky. In fact I am on them right now, so please excuse any typos and grammatical errors in this post. I’m a bit out of it!

3. Next, I need to go to physical therapy for 12-16 weeks. Halfway through therapy the doctor wants to take an MRI and some X-rays to see where my alignment is and if there is any bone on bone rubbing (which could lead to early arthritis and that would not be good). He said there is not point in taking any MRIs or X-rays now, because he can already see how “messed up I am!” He needs to see it when I am as straight as possible. That makes sense. 

4. Once I am feeling better, then I need to strengthen my core. I need to take Yoga or Pilates. I can sign-up for something like this at the YMCA where I go. It’s all about fitting it in my schedule though. Life is busy, but I know I need to take care of myself too. I will probably also have to get a lift for my shoe to make me “even” and relieve pressure. 

Well, I am going to have to get through this the best I can. First I need to get rid of some pain, and then work to strengthen my core! That’s the best I can do. And possibly get a lift for my shoe too! I want to be able to be active with my kids and family without suffering in pain at the end of the night. Does anyone else have these issues? What do you do to maintain the best health you can with being out of alignment?



  1. Belle Windham says:

    Please email or message me on facebook. I may be able to help you with my own experiences.

  2. Yikes! This is rough! Having kids is wonderful, but the results to our body – not so good! Hoping you can find some relief through pt and meds! Go get some rest!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, you poor thing.. that plain STINKS! ;( I am glad you are getting help and making a plan of action! Good luck feeling better asap and working towards good! I’ll be thinking of you.. ouch!

  4. I had no idea you were dealing with such intense pain :( I am sorry to hear about your life sentence with no cure, but glad that you have some things to try to manage the pain. My son is dealing with your same symptoms!! He broke his back and was misdiagnosed for over a year. By the time he got a doctor that found the fractures, they had fused incorrectly and at 19 years old he has chronic back pain too…for the rest of his life. I hope the lift in your shoe helps keep you aligned. Keep us posted.

  5. I hope they find out what can be done to help you. As someone that had arthritis set in in their tween/early teen years, it’s not somethingI’d wish on anyone.

  6. I felt so bad when you were in so much pain at Blogher! I am glad you have a plan of action! Here’s to no more back pain!!!

  7. Wow that’s crazy. Good luck! Wonder if bike riding might be a good option?

  8. Good luck! I had horrible back pain when I was heavier, it became tolerable after my lap band surgery and physical therapy.

  9. Good luck getting through this! It’s good that you are doing what you can to improve. After childbirth, I’ve had bladder problems. It has been 3 years and it drives me crazy.

  10. My baby is 5 months old and I had/have severe pelvic pain too! It was worse when pregnant for sure, but it is still there. I was diagnosed with SPD and went to a physical therapist and chiropractor. The PT helped SO MUCH. For a few days after seeing her, I was pain free. Then, it would start back up and I would go back in. I need to start going again so it doesn’t get out of control. Good luck to you and sorry you are hurting!

  11. You poor thing! That’s so horrible!! And even worse to be told there’s no quick fix. I have watched my Grandma go through something similar my entire life (probably had a lot to do with having 6 kids) and it really does effect your whole body. :( Hoping you find a solution and some relief.

  12. I’ve had back pain for about 20 years. There really isn’t a lot to do that I have found works well. Heat helps with the pain for me and keeping my weight under control. Good luck!

  13. It’s amazing what we sacrifice for bringing children into this world. I’m sure it seems like it will never get better, but it will. Pilates and yoga will really help. Good luck!

  14. UGh. I never even knew that was possible. I suffer from massive back pain and have since I was a teen.

  15. Oh wow. I feel terrible. I have had back problems, but nothing like this. Although, don’t let this make you feel old, Most of my back problems were in my 20s and 30s. My back has actually gotten better the older I’ve gotten.

  16. This sounds like something that a chiropractor, especially a Maximized Living chiropractor, could help with! Good luck!

  17. Heather Garcia says:

    Hey girl I feel your pain, literally, I am in constant extreme lower back pain too. Before you take a bunch if drugs which will not fix what is causing your pain please go see a chiropractor. With regular adjustments you may be in less pain. I see a chiropractor for my lower back pain (not as often as I should because of $) and it really does help.
    ((((hugs))) I hope you find something or someone that will make the pain not as intense.

  18. I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with so much pain! Chronic back pain is so awful. I got in a car wreck at 19 and it made my lower spine all sorts of messed up. I don’t know how you feel about chiropractors, but that has made a world of difference for my back pain. It might be something to check out if you aren’t loving the meds/doctor route. Good luck!

  19. That is terrible you are living with so much pain. I am so glad your dr has you on a path to help you get better. Good luck, keep us posted.

  20. I hope that they can find some answers so you can get some relief.

  21. Oh Sista!!
    I’m right there with ya!
    The pills will only be a band-aid, but use the band-aid when you have to! The PT should get you on a good path and the core strengthening should help as well. For me, it’s still there if I over do it, but better by a lot!! Slow, baby steps will be how this plays out. don’t get frustrated, hang in there!!
    Dang kids… :)

  22. I too deal with lower back pain, since my second pregnancy and she is now 13. Chiropractics and acupuncture has helped me a ton. It does stink to have to deal with the pain, however, when I am consistent with those two things, I rarely have any pain.

  23. The things we go through for our kids!!! I sure hope you get well soon, thinking of you!

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