Is there E. coli in your water? There is in Kent County, RI

Yes, there is E. coli here in my water! I live in Kent County, Rhode Island and we just got a message to boil the water due to E. coli in the water. Word spread through Facebook, Twitter, TV, and word of mouth within hours of the announcement. I went to the store to get some bottled water (just in case), and apparently everyone else in town had the same idea! Luckily, we got some before it sold out! We are going to have to spend about 3-5 days without water or to boil it first. I hope it only takes that long!

E-Coli in the Water from Mama Luvs Books

I honestly did not know much about E. coli and what this meant. I just knew that it did not sound good. Unfortunately, I had just filled up my son’s water bottle for soccer with tap water both days this weekend. Ugh!!! There’s nothing I can do about that now, except to wait for symptoms if they occur and to protect us from here on out! I’ve been doing research and learned the following:

  • We can shower (quick showers without getting it in our mouths), but better not to take baths. DO NOT bathe babies!! I feel bad for my friends with newborns.
  • Drink water that is boiled rapidly for over a minute at least! Or bottled water if you have it!
  • Wash dishes in water that has been boiled! 
  • Do not use tap water to wash off your fruits and veggies (use the water you boiled or bottled water)!
  • You can wash your clothes!
  • Brush your teeth with bottled water!
  • Water filters DO NOT filter out E-Coli
  • It is caused from feces contaminating the water (YUCK)!
E-Coli Scare in Kent County

Our Trip to the Store! Water Selling Out!

So, what should you do if you’ve already had the water with E. coli? Nothing! Just watch for signs. What are the signs?

  • Severe stomach cramps or a tender stomach
  • Diarrhea (can become bloody)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Possible fevers

E. coli infections can go away on their own. Some people may not even know they have it. If it becomes severe then a doctor must be contacted. In the worst cases this can lead to kidney failure and death. The elderly and infants can be at a higher risk. If you have symptoms please stay hydrated with clean water and call your doctor!

You can bet we are throwing out our ice, tossing old filters out, boiling water for washing dishes, using bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth, and watching for symptoms since we had the tap water within the past 48 hours. UGH!!! I will keep you all updated! Hopefully we will all be okay, and all my friends in the area please stay safe!!!

I just got a call from our school system that the water fountains at school will be blocked off, students should bring bottled water to school for hydration, and schools will try and provide some bottled water as well and antibacterial hand sanitizer. I thank the East Greenwich Public Schools for taking these precautions and letting us know!

Check out the East Greenwich Patch site for more information and below is the number for the Kent County Water Authority if you have more questions from their announcement on their site! 

Kent County Water Authority Announcement



  1. We actually just found out a city outside of our area had traces of ecoli in their water source. So scary!!

  2. We just found out we had something in our water and it was scary! Not fun to think about! I buy bottled water now. Thanks for this information!

  3. Wow…that’s nuts, glad you got some water.

  4. Yikes! We’ve never had a water scare in our town, but there have been plenty within a dozen miles! I hope you are safe and stay healthy!

  5. Great info! Never knew the filters don’t work in these situations! Hope you don’t get any of those signs.

  6. Oh yikes..that is scary. Glad you were able to get some bottled water.

  7. SO glad you were able to find some water. E-Coli is nothing to play with , we also just dealt with this not to long ago. Since then I think I have become paranoid cause I have really stocked up on water. :0)

  8. So gross! I don’t think I would want to watch my clothes or shower in it even if it’s allowed.

  9. Ugh, so gross and scary. My parents are in Warwick so they’re dealing with this, too. I’ll have to share these tips with them!

  10. This is so scary! It makes me want to run out and stock up on water even though it’s not in my own water supply! but still. You never know when something like this will happen so it’s always better to be well stocked and prepared. I’m adding more water to our emergency preparedness storage.

  11. We have dealt with this several times and it is the worst. I really have no faith in our Oklahoma water anymore!

  12. I forget how much I take for granted the simple things in life like clean running water! I hope you all are okay and do not get sick. I can’t imagine having to boil water for everything before using it. Makes me be grateful and thank God for all the blessings in my life.

  13. We never drink straight from the tap – who knows what’s in the water. Blech!

  14. OMG I’m freaking out! That is so gross! Will def be checking mine ASAP! thank you so much for sharing!

  15. Having family that lives in the affected area, this is so upsetting to me. I’m hoping no one gets really sick. Even though I don’t live in Kent County, I’ve already told my husband that I’m going to start buying bottled water for us and the dogs – no more drinking tap water.

  16. I’m trying to get in the habit of buying 1 gallon of water each month to store back in the garage just for these kind of pop up emergencies. Hope it gets back to normal for you soon!

  17. This post is so helpful! We had a water ban/scare in Barrington a few years ago and it was crazy. You really grow to appreciate good water after that, let me tell you.

  18. Oh geesh what a hassle! We have a boil water advisory every couple months or so. Usually from some break somewhere. It is such a pain, but better safe than sorry!

  19. Great info! Your kids’ faces are priceless. It’s SO scary, but I am glad you have this info and that you’re spreading the word- good lookin’ out mama!

  20. Both frightening and angering. Thank you for these very helpful tips…

  21. How scary. What a lesson in preparedness! I hope it is resolved soon and life can go back to normal. Definitely not a fun experience!

  22. Oh wow! I am in RI on business right now. I’ll have to stick to the bottled water at the hotel.

  23. OMG
    That is so not cool. I grew up in a place with bad water and it was so not fun

  24. Wow – that’s super scary! Especially for it to be in a basic essential like water! I hope you all are making it through and staying well!

  25. I am so glad we have our water back! It was terrible but it made me realize how lucky we truly are for safe drinking water! Can you imagine living in a country where this is not available!

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