Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom from, Mama Luvs Books

My daughter is obsessed with Rainbow Loom, and this item will definitely still be a hot item this holiday season! My daughter has the loom already and makes bracelets all day! There is the traditional weave, Starburst, and fishtail to name a few. You can research on YouTube to find different ways to make these bracelets. The kit has everything kids need to make bracelets, keychains, rings, and more by using rubber bands, a loom, a hand tool (almost like a knitting hook/needle), and c-clips. These woven creations can be customized by colors and patterns. Kids can be creative to create the look they want! It says ages 8+ and it really is almost for that age. Moms can help kids that are just a little bit younger. It can be challenging at times!

Rainbow Loom: A Hot Item for the Holidays

I would much rather my daughter do something crafty and something that makes her think. My kids have had too much technology time lately, and I would love to find anything that interests them as much as Minecraft and Skylanders. Rainbow Loom seems to be the one thing that has attracted my daughter’s interest, which makes me and her very happy! She sits there and weaves by the hours! I don’t mind technology in moderation, but they want to play it by the hours. Not happening!!!

Rainbow Loom Bracelets - Mama Luvs Books

Bracelets my daughter made me (traditional weave)

More Rainbow Loom by, Mama Luvs Books

It seems you can order these Rainbow Loom kits on Amazon and you can buy them at Michaels Craft Store. There are no discounts at either place, and Michaels will not let you use coupons since this is such a hot item and exclusively sold there. You can get a similar version at stores like AC Moore called Crazy Loom, but it’s not the “real” one my daughter says. We got hers at Michaels for $16.99. There are refill packs of 600 rubber bands and c-clips (combined in a pack) for $3.99. I would recommend just buying a refill pack right away, because you will be back to the store if you don’t! The original kit makes 24 bracelets (600 rubber bands) and that goes FAST when your child gets obsessed with making them. We were back the next day! Oh, and sometimes Mom likes to make them too!

Video from Michaels about Rainbow Loom:

I am thinking about doing a giveaway for a Rainbow Loom! What do you think? Would you enter a giveaway for this cool craft item?



  1. YES! I would enter in a heartbeat! My daughter hasn’t done this yet, but guess what I ‘m going to check out!!! Very cool!

  2. Yes! I think my daughter would enjoy this.

  3. Oooh! Looks like fun! I would enter!

  4. I think my sixteen-year-old and twenty-two-year-old daughters would love this, too! :~) Seriously, what a great gift AND your daughter (or son, if so interested) could make gifts for friends… teachers, etc. So many great ideas pop into my mind.

    Thank you, too, for the comment about my Japanese tea cup art. I am now making origami dresses and framing them. As a book lover, perhaps you understand my book based art lust?! LOL.

  5. I think my daughter would have fun with this!

  6. My daughter loves making friendship bracelets, so I bet she would like this, too. So yes, I believe I would enter. :)

  7. Oh man, I remember making bracelets like a crazy person when I was young! I’m sure my daughter will be into these soon!

  8. My daughter would have been crazy over the rainbow loom when she was younger. Great gift idea.

  9. My daughter would absolutely love this! Thanks!!

  10. Very cute! I always liked these kind of things when I was younger. I would totally enter a giveaway if you hosted one!

  11. I would have LOVED something like this when I was younger. I would always make my bracelets out of my mom’s needle point thread.

  12. Our daughters would love this! How many does one kit make?

  13. That is so cool! My oldest boy is actually about to the age where he would think this super awesome!! I think he would have a lot of fun with it. His younger brother just follows suit so he would get a kick out of making her own bracelet too! They would be “manly” bracelets of course…lol.

  14. What a fabulous bracelet! Love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing! xo

  15. How fun! Rubber bands tend to hurt my skin, but I bet this could be used with yarn too!

  16. My mom bought the Rainbow Loom for my boys. They LOVE it but it has to stay at her house because our cats will eat the rubber bands. Definitely a great birthday gift idea, too!

  17. Yes! I’d enter for my niece. She’d love a Rainbow Loom.

  18. Rose Dickinson says:

    Definitely =)

  19. Yes, I have 4 daughter who all want one.

  20. Yes I would

  21. Enter me

  22. Count me in

  23. Shelly Johnson says:

    Yes!! This is my daughters #1 on her Christmas Wish List

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