Land O’Lakes Makes Eating with Simple Ingredients Delicious #3SI #spon

As many foods have been using extra and unhealthy ingredients lately, we have been paying closer attention to what is in our food. High fructose corn syrup in our bread, really? There are also artificial ingredients in foods that are very unhealthy for the kids to be eating. We really want to get more simple in the kitchen and find products that are made from healthy ingredients without all the additives. One of these products that we found recently is Land O Lakes® Butter with Canola Oil. This spreadable and delicious butter only contains three simple ingredients: sweet cream, canola oil and salt. It gives you the fresh butter taste you love with the spreadable convenience you want. We love it!

Land O Lakes

After traveling to England and Ireland, we got used to the way they eat their toast and bagels for breakfast. Here in the US many people like cream cheese on their bagels, but overseas we found people love to use butter and preserves instead. There’s nothing better in the morning than a fresh toasted bagel with Land O Lakes® Butter with Canola Oil and sweet preserves. The product is spreadable right out of the refrigerator, making it so convenient. It’s ready to spread on your favorite breads, pastries or breakfast items, or topping on your favorite dinner or side dishes.

Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes® Butter with Canola Oil is a wholesome choice with no artificial ingredients. That’s what I love about this product! Especially because I am a busy mom on the go and I need something fast and healthy for my kids! Some other spreadable products contain up to 15 ingredients, so you know they are not all healthy ingredients.

Land O’Lakes is a farmer-owned cooperative that produces sweet cream that’s churned into Land O Lakes® Butter. Recently, we have been ordering food from a farm in town that delivers fresh and healthy products right to our door. Getting Land O’Lakes products fits in well with our new lifestyle because it is made with healthy and simple farm-fresh ingredients. We love family-owned businesses that take pride in their products, just like Land O’Lakes which is a trusted name in dairy for more than 90 years. So remember, check the ingredients, find healthy choices for your family, and keep it simple in the kitchen! It’s true that sometimes LESS is MORE! 

Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter

And do you want something a little sweeter? I let my kids have the Land O Lakes® Cinnamon Sugar Butter for a treat. It only has a couple more natural ingredients (sugar and cinnamon) that makes for a sweet treat for my kids. They absolutely love it on their toast or bagels. This is a house of Land O’ Lakes, as we love our natural and simple ingredient products.

Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter

You can see the delicious cinnamon and sugar in the butter!

The author was compensated by Land O’Lakes for this post. All opinions are my own.



  1. I will have to look for that cinnamon and sugar butter while I’m at the store this weekend. It looks crazy-delicious!

  2. Jeanette Mays says:

    I love my toast with butter, and grape preserves on it. ::)

  3. I can not remember not using Land O Lakes. I was allergic to cinnamon for so long I forgot that they made the cinnamon/sugar variety (you block out the good stuff when you can not have it), now that I am no longer allergic, I will be adding this to my list. We love Land O Lakes.

  4. I love the Land o Lakes spreads, I have been using them for a while, love the cinnamon one on my french toast :)

  5. i love that it has only 3 simple ingredients thats great!

  6. WE tried the cinnamon and sugar a while back and loved it! It does have a really creamy taste!

  7. We use the cinnamon sugar all the time – YUM!

  8. I’m afraid to buy the cinnamon sugar spread, my kids already take bites out of the butter, they may eat that with a spoon.

  9. Thank goodness I’m shopping today… you’ve got me hungry and very interested in all this deliciousness!

  10. I tried this at BlogHer over the summer and was really impressed. We switched over to it recently and will never go back.

  11. I love that Land O Lakes doesn’t have any artificial ingredients, I didn’t know that. Awesome!

  12. We love Land O Lakes! Yummy! I love how easily it is to spread on!

  13. Cinnamon and Sugar BUTTER?! Seriously?? That is amazing! I So want some!

  14. I heart Land o Lakes!! They have amazing products and that cinnamon butter looks so good!

  15. My hubby loves the cinnamon sugar kind.

  16. mmm. Cinnamon sugar butter is my favorite.

  17. We love this butter. Why haven’t I tried the cinnamon?!

  18. I tried this at the store a few months ago, absolutely delicious

  19. Wow! That cinnamon spread looks so good. Too bad I just got back from the grocery store. Hopefully I will remember to put it on my list next time.

  20. I was just at the store yesterday buying butter and thinking, which is the healthiest option? I know what I’ll buy the next time! Love just 3 ingredients! Thank you!

  21. I’m going to have to get some of this for my mom, she refuses to eat real butter because she says she can’t spread it. This would take care of that!

  22. The cinnamon and sugar butter sounds SO GOOD right now. I am headed to Stop and Shop tomorrow and will look for it! :-)

  23. Jessica @ Keeping Mommy Sane says:

    I heart cinnamon toast! It reminds me of being a little girl :)

  24. I use that for my kids and it is so yummy!

  25. That cinnamon sugar looks amazing! I’d love to try it on sweet potatoes.

  26. I always use Land O lakes! They make some great butter!

  27. Love Land O Lakes products. your bagel photo makes me realize how much i miss bread, I may have drooled just a bit.

  28. we love or LandOLakes here! My little guy steals the container all the time. I’m going to have to give these two a try. The cinnamon one looks delish…saves me from having to make cinnamon and sugar.

  29. Spreadable butter is the best! Love that there are only 3 ingredients in this. Have to check it out!

  30. The cinnamon sugar looks so good!

  31. Mmmm, I didn’t see the cinnamon sugar spread. That looks so yummy!

  32. Looks yummy! :)

  33. I love love love spreadable butter! I haven’t tried the cinnamon sugar yet, but I’ve seen it. It looks deliciously dangerous!

  34. Land o Lakes is my favorite butter! It’s what my mom always bought and I guess that carried on to me! :)

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