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As part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I want to work on spending time on myself. This includes not only eating better, exercising more, but also spending time to fix up with make-up! It’s truly amazing how putting on a little bit of make-up can make you feel better about yourself instantly. I was completely out of all my make-up, so I decided I needed to purchase an entire set of everything from lipstick to foundation to blush and much more!

Growing up my mother was an Avon representative, so I was exposed to this brand at a very early age. We had Avon boxes all over the house! I got to see and try the quality make-up they carry, as well as all the pretty jewelry and other items. They really do carry a wide variety of products. My mom loved being an Avon rep. She met so many people in our neighborhood, and they relied on her for their beauty product needs. There were great perks for her as well. I decided since I had such a great experience with Avon growing up, that I would try ordering some online at I was pleasantly surprised by their current selection and their great sales!

I was able to navigate the website easily and find what I was looking for. I was surprised at the selection in the SALE area. There were so many great quality products on sale and I got awesome deals! Mascara for $4.99 and eyeliner for $1.99! You can see my entire online shopping experience on my Google+ Album. I decided on the following items: Cream-to-Powder Foundation, Smooth Minerals Blush, Eight-in-One Eyeshadow, Mascara, Eyeliner, Lip liner, and Lipstick. I got all that make-up for under $50! I thought that was amazing! And for great quality make-up; you just can’t beat that! The process of ordering online was easy, and it was shipped to my house in just 2-3 days! How cool to get all your make-up delivered right to your door! The site also gives you the name of the local rep in your area during checkout, so you can also choose to order through them and start a relationship with someone in your area! As I said, this is what my mom did and made many friends through being a rep!

avon make-up

Avon Make-Up 2


Things I loved about the make-up I purchased from Avon:

  • Cream-to-Powder Foundation – Great neutral color, smooth and creamy, nice compact case with mirror and separate area for your make-up sponge, glides on smooth, and feels light on your face. Covers blemishes and gives you a nice even skin tone.
  • Eight-in-One Eyeshadow – Quality application brush, variety of colors, nice compact case, and shades compliment one another.
  • Smooth Minerals Blush – Nice light powder that goes on smooth and feels great to wear all day! Stays on and gives you that nice color you are looking for.
  • Irresistibly Sexy Mascara – Nice contoured brush, goes on easily without clumping, makes your eyelashes longer and darker with just a few brushes.
  • Ultra Luxury Eyeliner – Nice color that goes on easily and lasts all day!
  • Glimmersticks Lip Liner – Goes on smooth and compliments your lipstick, but gives you that nice lip line to have your lips feel full.
  • Lipstick – So smooth to put on, makes your lips feel hydrated, and lasts throughout the day!


Avon Make-Up 3

avon makeover

After putting on the make-up, I realized that I liked the foundation, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick for my day wear, and I will add in the lip liner, eyeshadow, and mascara for more of a dramatic evening look! All the products I purchased are great quality and very affordable. This will now be my one-stop shop for all my make-up needs! I suggest you check out the sales today!

Work on making yourself feel better this New Year and start creating some “me time” to apply some make-up and fix yourself up! Like I said, you will feel better about yourself in minutes! If you want to see some more of my thoughts about the Avon products I purchased, just check it out in the short video below! Enjoy!

You can check out Avon on Twitter @AvonInsider and the hashtag #Avon

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  1. So pretty! (Before and after) I was given some of their lotion as a gift- they are so great for dry skin in this winter weather!

  2. You’re beautiful! This makeup is great at doing what makeup should do: enhance beauty without looking like you did ANYTHING. Awesome!

  3. WOW! So much makeup for under $50?!?! I really need to update my makeup! Going to check it out…

  4. One of my resolutions is to also spend more time on my hair and makeup. I am glad I am not the only one. I am not doing so well, yet but am working on it. :) I also sell Avon so it’s good to hear so many good things about it. :) I love the cream to powder foundation as well!

  5. I love Avon and used to buy it all the time. I especially love their lipstick. Love the colors that you picked out! They are very flattering!


  6. Love me some Avon! You look wonderful!! Great tips in your vlog too!

  7. Oh I love that eye shadow palette. Such shimmery pinks :) Great for Valentine’s Day!

  8. You are beautiful with or without makeup. I love that you used it very lightly to just highlight features. I love Avon, I used to go to parties and they would be a blast, noting but a bunch of goofy girls having a great time trying out different colors. I still use their stuff, maybe when the little one is a bit older I can get back to the parties.

  9. Love the Avon line and, I agree, it is super affordable and great quality! I’m never disappointed with their sale items. Yay for your focus on you!

  10. Gorgeous! I love a good mascara!

  11. What are your skincare tips?! Your skin is so beautiful without makeup!!!!
    And… I LOVE AVON! My mom used to buy me lotions an chapsticks with her orders, now I love getting myself the fancy colorful eye stuff, instead of spending big bucks with mac!

  12. Avon has the best quick-dry nail polish!!

  13. I love AVON! Such great products. The make up looks great on you to!

  14. Fun DYI make overs!! Love that your Mom used to be an Avon lady!

  15. Love the link to your mom in this thread…you’re taking care of yourself, but it seems like she’s kind of taking care of you!

  16. Love that lipstick!! You look awesome! I haven’t tried Avon in years. Maybe it’s time!

  17. What a great selection of makeup you chose. You look fabulous! I have been an Avon Rep more than once myself and love some of their products. I love their glimmersticks! Even some of their fragrances are great – I really like Haiku. I think I would prefer for a rep to visit me it is more personal. Like I said I love your choices….

  18. You look gorgeous, like always! I love that makeup on you! It has been ages since I’ve tried Avon. I think I should give them another try.

  19. You are totally pretty without make-up but adding it did give you a more finished look.
    Isn’t it funny how we put everyone before ourselves when we become a mom? A year ago, I went through this with my best friend because I didn’t have any make-up. She is always put together and couldn’t understand how I could run out and not notice/let it expire. It’s just that, you know, things get overwhelming and we do what we can to survive sometimes. And, that sometimes means seasons of no make-up. :)
    Thanks for the tip on Avon! I’ll check it out!

  20. I love Avon! My cousin sells it. I enjoy natural tones also just as you have chosen. Looks very nice on you!

  21. You look great! When I was a kid it was always a big day when the Avon lady visited!:) I haven’t purchased from them in years, but I”m going to have to check it out!

  22. I love Avon and it has been so long since I purchased anything from them because my rep moved away. I never thought about ordering online!

  23. Avon not only has great make up as I found out earlier this year–they have really nice fashions! I bought a couple of dresses this summer and loved them—so comfortable and fit perfect;ly

  24. I am sold on Avon’s lotions and such. I Have never personally tried their makeup, but I have heard awesome things!

  25. That eyeshadow palate is just great and I’m sure its half the cost of the one I just bought. You look great!

  26. Love it! I am a huge fan of Avon’s hand lotion – I swear, nothing keeps my hands from being dry like that stuff does :)

  27. They seriously have some of the best products and they’re a great company.

  28. Love that eye shadow palette. You are so naturally beautiful!

  29. love that 8 in one shadow, it’s sooo pretty! the makeup looks very natural and pretty on you!

  30. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know you could order Avon online!

  31. I love Avon and really want to try that mascara!

  32. I need that mineral blush!! So pretty!

  33. I love Avon! They have some of the best products. I think I should make a resolution to focus more on me. I usually don’t since I am always focused on my children and husband.

  34. Avon is a great company!!!

  35. Gorgeous! I haven’t tried Avon products in a while, but you’ve peaked my interest.

  36. How does the mineral makeup stand up? I think that’s one I need to try.

  37. I have sold AVON off and on since I was in college and I love it! I really never sold like your mom – I don’t generally go looking to beautify the neighborhood. I just love their stuff, so signed up for the personal discount for myself and my family (my gram uses AVON face cream exclusively for like 60 years).

    Their sale items rock, you’re right! I’m always scanning the clearance and sale section to stock up for care packages for A1 and my Mom.

  38. You look great! I need to try that mascara. Mine clumps & it drives me crazy!

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