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Comparing GE Bulbs for Our Family
~ Which Blub Brightness Fits Our Style? ~
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GE Lighting #CBias Mama Luvs Books

Most of you probably already know, but if you don‘t I am a former educator. I taught at the elementary and middle school levels for eight years. I loved teaching science lessons where we used the scientific method for doing experiments and creating projects. Sometimes the teacher in me comes out as a stay-at-home mom, where I like to be involved in my kids’ learning and teaching them new things. I was asked to try out and compare different types of bulbs from GE. I thought this would be a great opportunity for my 3rd grade daughter and kindergartener son to learn a little about the scientific method; Question, Hypothesis, Prediction, Test, and Analysis. 
We first headed to Walmart to shop for some different types of GE light bulbs and materials to create a nice science project. It was interesting to see at the different bulbs they carried. There are so many options; CFL, EESW, LED, different watts to choose from, etc. See our complete shopping trip in our Google+ Album.
GE Lighting #CBias Mama Luvs Books (Above: from the GE Site)
GE Lighting #CBias Mama Luvs Books
We decided to get a couple different types for our science project. We purchased CFL in 75 and 100 watts, as well as EESW in 75 and 100 watts. We also decided to get a few other bulb styles to see how those worked too! We’ve already made the switch over the past two years from traditional light bulbs to energy-savings bulbs. They truly last longer and save you money on your bills! We took it room by room and slowly made the transition. It’s been almost two years now and I think we’ve only had to change one bulb. Now we want to see which energy-efficient bulbs work best for our family’s style.
There is actually a quiz you can take on the GE site where you answer a few questions and it helps you figure out your “lighting style.” It was very cool. We got the “cozy style” for almost every room in our house. It was interesting. Take the quiz yourself and see your style. 
GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias
Now we are going to put the bulbs to the test. We are going to try out the different ones in our home and see what we like best. First, we need to follow the scientific method.
Formulate a Question:
Which GE bulbs will fit our family’s lighting style?
My daughter believes we will like the brighter EESW bulbs.
  • We predict that the 75 watt bulb will be too dim for our liking and that we may not be able to see in the room as well.
  • We predict that some rooms may require different bulb types.
  • We predict that the bulbs will look different in different fixtures.

To try out the bulbs, we decided to put them in different fixtures to see how they looked in the room. We tested the 75 vs. 100 watts and the CFL vs. EESW. Here’s a chart from the GE site to show you some comparisons for the bulbs. Here you can see the energy-efficiency of the bulbs too. And check out the savings!

GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias
After testing out the different bulbs in our house, here are our results:
1. The 75 watt bulbs were a lot brighter than we thought. We also noticed that we were previously using 60 watt bulbs. The 100 watts were super bright. We liked the 75 watts better, as the 100 watts was too bright for us in most rooms.
2. We did like different rooms with different lighting styles. Brighter in the kitchen and bathroom, and dimmer in our living room and bedrooms.
3. Having the different bulbs in the same fixture did make the lighting look a bit different. 
4. We also threw in the GE Hybrid Technology 60 watt bulb and really liked that one too. It was a bit dimmer, but it was cool that it looked both like the CFL spiral and the EESW bulbs we tried. A nice compromise, and it’s a $39 Energy Savings per bulb. 
5. The BEST buy for your money and for the environment seems to be the CFL spiral bulbs we bought. The 100 watts had a $97 Energy Savings per bulb. Those were the kind we were already using (but at a different watt level).

GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias
GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias
GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias

It was cool to check out which energy-efficient bulbs we liked best and in which rooms we liked the the watts to be. We will use the 100 watts in the kitchen and bathroom, and the 75 watts in the living room and bedrooms. It’s great to see the money you can save from using these bulbs! We also liked the GE Hybrid Technology “Bright From the Start” bulbs!

GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias
Starting in January 2012, you want to make sure to start switching over as new legislation is between 2012 and 2014, will require standard 40-watt and 100-watt incandescent light bulbs to use 30% less energy to meet minimum efficient standards.
GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias
Don’t forget you can also check out the GE Energy Savings Calculator on the GE Site!
GE Lighting Mama Luvs Books #CBias
My daughter is asking her teacher if she can come in and share her project with her 3rd grade class for extra credit. We hope to share her presentation in the next GE post we do January, so you can look forward to that! It was very fun doing this project with my two kids and teaching them to use the scientific method. They had a blast doing our science project and deciding which bulbs are best for our family‘s style! 

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  2. Ok, now that is a cool science project! My boys love science, so I really should do this and have them try to figure out how much money we could save if everything we used in our house was converted to GE light bulbs. Only about half of the house is at the present. There are some lights I just can’t reach even with a stool; and others…I’m just waiting for the bulb to dye so I can replace it.

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