My Dog Is My Baby; He Deserves the Best Treats for Dogs!

My Dog Is My Baby; He Deserves the Best Treats for Dogs!
My dog Valentino is a Coton de Tulear. I got him after college when I was living on my own in an apartment and teaching 4th grade. He was 8 weeks old when I got him, and he was such a cute little puppy. I did have to train him with pee pads and he sure liked to chew on me. He learned fast though and we bonded quickly. I did give in to his cries from his crate in the middle of the night, and I let him sleep in bed next to me where he still sleeps to this day. I knew after I got him though that I was his mom, and he was my baby. I realize now that after getting married and having two kids (now ages 7 and 5) that Valentino will always be my first born and my baby. 
I’ve moved him around to 5 different houses in 5 different States, and he was always very good and very flexible with his surroundings. He also was introduced to “his brother” a Siamese cat named Jasper when I got married. The two were young when they met and have been buds ever since. They really are like siblings because they love each other and hate each other too. It’s very funny. We always say they both just think they’re the same animal.  On top of that, Valentino and Jasper have recently had to adapt to another sibling, Skrubby our rabbit. Luckily, all three get along great.

Valentino’s favorite thing in the world is to get treats throughout the day. It makes him happy, and it makes me happy that he loves them so much. I always gave him Milkbone treats in the past, but now I’ve come across treats he really seems to love even better. They are Cesar Treats! He has tried the Rotisserie Chicken flavor and loves it! We also have the Filet Mignon flavor to try next. He is definitely more partial to treats that are hard and crunchy instead of soft and chewy. The vet says the hard treats are better for his teeth anyway.

Also, I really like these treats for him because he is a small dog and these are treats for small dogs. He just turned 12 this past February, so he is getting older and even a little smaller. He had some back issues about a year ago, which was a really rough time because we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. He pulled through and now lives a restricted lifestyle as he cannot jump and play as much as he used to. This has caused some muscle loss and he went from 14 pounds to 11 pounds. After going through a few difficult months with him, I realize now that each day he has and each day that he’s happy is a blessing for me. I love him and he has always been there for me, whether it be a greet at the door, a kiss on the cheek, a snuggle, or a wag of the tail. It’s nice to know that these Cesar treats make him happy and he looks forward to getting them each day. They really are the best dog treats for him!

Do you have pets? What do they love? What makes them happy?

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consultingon behalf of Cesar and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. All opinions are mine and mine alone.



  1. Great review! I had never thought about specific treats for smaller dogs verses bigger dogs. I have a larger dog and then Cricket, my toy Yorkie. I had always fed them the same treats (minus the crazy big bones of course!) I’ll have to try these to get her some “Cricket” sized treats — I think that would make her feel extra special!

  2. What a cute doggy! My two dogs are nuts over these Cesar treats!

  3. What an adorable little baby!! I haven’t had dogs in a long while now–my cat before the one I just adopted was part Siamese –Baby, my current little bundle of furry love–well–bad mommy that I am-have not quite figured out what treats she likes–I did however figure out that –SO FAR–she likes Friskees wet food the best—we will get to the treats!!!!

  4. Haven’t ever tried the Cesar treats but I bet the doggies in our life would love them. ;)

  5. So cute! I’ll have to try these for the dogs we sit over the summer!

  6. What a cute little guy :) I wish we still had a dog, but hubby is anti right now – life’s too crazy as it is i guess.

  7. No pets at our house, just lots of kids! Snacks, iPad, reading books, jumping on the trampoline make them happy!

  8. Thanks for letting us know about these wonderful treats! A great post!!

  9. Love the pet pics, thanks for including them! My mom’s dog is small and it’s important to have smaller size treats as it’s easier for them to eat.

  10. AWWW! Your baby is so cute!! He’s lucky to have a good doggie mama like you!

  11. SO sweet! Your pets are seriously gorgeous! These treats sound Perfect for my daughters tiny poodle mix named Lilly. Lilly already eats the Caesar foods so I am sure she will love them! They are small enough to be a good reward treat. I will grab some while I am at the store today, thanks for letting me know!

  12. Too cute! My childhood pet, Dallas, a lovable mutt we rescued when I was a teenager living in Texas has taken up residence with my parents for the past 10 years. He didn’t adjust too well to the birth of my oldest son and our apartment living. He’s about 16 years old now and slowing down. He’s made it through 5 moves and 7 grandkids with my parents. He now loves to just laze around on his favorite pillow. I may have to pick him up some Caesar treats the next time I go visit :)

  13. My mother in law has 2 of those breed of dogs! He is adorable. We really miss our dog but hope to bring a new puppy into the mix this summer.

  14. Awww hes so cute! :D I have a cat and dog… I should try the Caesar treats…im sure they would both like them (yes, my cat eats dog food and treats…and my dog eats cat food and treats….silly animals)

  15. He’s such a cutie. My dog is a huge, slobbery English Bulldog. I really could take her or leave her. She’s my husband’s dog. I have two cats that are about 20 years old and I’ve had them since I was about 8 or 9. They are my babies. After all the animals pass away we’re done, though. I can’t stand the fur any longer!

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