Surgery for Little Kids; Not Fun

Surgery for Little Kids
As many of you already know, my 5-year old son had surgery this morning. We went in knowing we were getting his 4th set of ear tubes put in and having his Adenoids removed, but what we didn’t know is that he would also have his tonsils out. Having your tonsils out requires a much longer recovery time (about 2 weeks). My son was very nervous about the operation. He was upset yesterday asking many questions about what would happen, and also this morning he was up and waiting at 5:45am with his lights on (no idea what time he woke-up). 
   (Getting ready for surgery)
When he got there and the doctor re-evaluated his tonsils he recommended to have them out. I guess at least he won’t be put under again to have them out. It was all done in one shot. I hate having kids be put to sleep. The doctors have you hold your child as they go to sleep which is very sad, and then when they come out of it there can be some reactions. My son had a very hard time coming out of it this time. He was pretty wild and out of his mind. He was wailing loud and kicking. It was so sad to see. Finally after getting some calming drugs he was able to calm down and rest. In fact they calmed him down so much it was hard to get him up to leave.
 (All drugged up)
After waiting some extra time to try and wake-up a bit he was finally able to walk around and get an ice-pop. Recovery requires no school for 1-2 weeks, LOTS of fluids, meds, soft foods only, and plenty of rest. This will be hard for him once he starts feeling a bit better, but we can’t risk him bleeding and going back into the hospital. It’s going to be a long recovery, especially when the doctor tells you day five is probably going to be the worst. I just hope it goes well. I am writing this quickly as he sleeps on the couch. I’ll keep everyone updated. Thanks again to all of you that sent positive messages this morning to me. It meant a lot. And thank you to the ENT Center of Rhode Island for the wonderful care!
 (Finally up and eating an ice-pop)
Have you or your child had this surgery? How was your recovery? What was the hardest part?


  1. My son had it two years ago. The earlier the better. We had HUGE results no sickness and speech started and he semi sleeps better at night (has insomnia and sleep apnea) (Hugs) Recovery is rough but the results are worth it

  2. I am soo grateful my mother had a doctor that did this as today its hard to find.If you can though children do not have so mnay bouts of strep throat and infections ,soar throats completly disappered for us/ He gets jello and ice cream for along time tell him .Tt his age i had open heart an i am 52 today ..I am so blessed and he is too ..My prayeers w/you and family ..i love your books p/s i read them to kids at library (^!^)

  3. We just did the tonsils/adenoids with our 9 year old. Really tough on all – esp Mom! I will warn you that for us the 3rd day was the roughest – He was begging to just put them back in. But after we got through that, we’ve been so thankful we did it. Just keep the liquids going in and know that it’s tough but you will all survive! If you’re a chocolate kind of person – make sure you stock up! you’re going to need it for your sanity! Praying for you!

    • Thanks! I am really nervous for the next few days. Not good when the doctor says the recovery progressively gets worse before it gets better. =( We will tough it out.

  4. I’m glad that things seemed to go well and I will send loads of healing vibes to your son!! I will say, as someone who had tonsils and adenoids out in 2004 as an adult, it’ll be so much better for him in the long run and particularly doing it at a young age!! Having them out was the BEST thing I ever did. It was a rough recovery, but totally, totally worth it. I was big on apple sauce, popsicles, jello and luke warm chicken broth during my recovery. And of course, tons and tons of water.

    Hang in there mama!! He’ll be ok!! :)

  5. I had my tonsils removed when I was 13. I remember that it hurt, but I was excited to miss school and eat ice cream!!! I hope your son feels better soon!!! Give him lots of hugs from me!!!

  6. My kids have not had this YET! My son is 5 and my daughter is 3. They are both schedule to have this surgery on May 7. I am very nervous and scared about it. I look forward to reading your posts to help me have a little more idea of what’s going to happen. Thanks for sharing!

  7. My son had hand surgery just before he turned 2. He was missing a ligament in his thumb and couldn’t pull it out of his palm (like a thumbs up sign). I have a picture in my mind of him holding his favorite blanket and a small football and reaching for me sleepily as they rolled him away. When he woke up, he had a full arm cast covering his entire hand and up past his elbow. He reached for me and asked for his football.

    I’ll keep you and your boy in my prayers. So happy to hear that he’s doing better and out of surgery. {{HUGS!!}}

  8. Wishing him a speedy recovery. It is not fun when our kids are in hospital

  9. My daughter didn’t complain at all the first week after she had her tonsils and adenoids removed. She would only eat popsicles, cottage cheese and pudding for the first week. She’s a little skeleton since she lost so much weight. Trying to put the weight back on now as this was just a couple weeks ago but she is back to eating normal and very happy she had it done. She had enormous tonsils and kept getting strep over and over.
    Just don’t freak out when looking in his throat. The scabs are nasty to look at and are a weird whitish grey color. You’ll probably have to force him to even drink at first but it’s very important to keep him hydrated. Partial popsicles every half hour or so worked for us. Keep his pain meds on schedule and hopefully he’ll be fine in no time. Good luck to you both. Sending prayers and positive healing vibes his way :)

  10. Oh my goodness. I had no idea! Can I do anything? I can watch Kendal or bring over dinner? You let me know. I will call you on my way home. Hugs drew!!

  11. Never had surgery around here… that sounds rough! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  12. UGh my mom wanted someone to take my tonsils out when I was a kid I had ear infections, strep throat and was just sick ALL the time. They kept saying I would grow out of it, and the ear infections I did, but I got strep throat like 3x a year all the way into college.

    When I was a kid I used to have to go for upper endoscopys once a year because I had a lot of tummy troubles. I was always so scared that If I went to sleep I would never wake up. I was REALLY tall for my age and one time I woke up in the middle of it and started freaking out bc I had tubes down my throat. I started getting groggy again and my cute dr told me he had already given me more anesthesia to make me go back to sleep.

  13. Hugs, best thoughts and best wishes on speedy recovery

  14. Oh I wish you and your son all the luck in the world, your in my prayers xx

  15. This must be hard to deal with! I am glad the surgery went well and am hoping for a speedy recovery.

  16. Oh, I hate that he had so much anxiety about the surgery. Those little minds can only process so much and I’m sure his was in overdrive. Keeping him in my thoughts and wishing him a speedy recovery. Just remind him he gets to eat fun stuff like popsicles and jello while he recovers. Hugs!

  17. Oh my what a brave boy! Sending ((hugs)) and lot of positive healing vibes your way! Hoping for a speedy and easy recovery.

  18. Jessica says:

    Wishing him a fast recovery Kristin. I know this is hard to go through.

  19. Poor baby. That first picture is heartbreaking. Please let me know if I can help with anything around your house! xo

  20. Thanks everyone for all your kind words and thoughts. Thanks for also sharing you stories! I can’t wait to get through this. And Cheryl, I will try not to look in his throat.

  21. Bless his heart. How is he feeling? Praise God that my kids have not had surgery just my 2 year old was hostpitalized last year with pnemonia and a collapsed lung. Sending prayers!

  22. I know first hand the heart tugs you are feeling with your little one going through this. I had two of my children that while small had double hernia surgeries. Both were about 2 or 3 when they had their’s done. It is hard on them and hard on the mommy. Another of my children (we had 5), had exactly the same surgery as your son. Tubes, adnoids, tonsils. Since it has been 40+ years, I don’t remember the 2-week recovery, but I do remember his being returned to me in the hospital room. He had chronic ear infection (no pain, no fever, just stuff builds up creating hearing loss and scar tissue). He now wears 2 hearing aids. His condition is not necessarily the cause of the hearning loss, because I too wear 2 hearing aids as do my other son and one of my daughters. Another daughter wears 1 hearing aids. So loss of hearing runs in my family. But his ENT difficulties contributed to his.

    Take care of your little one’s ears. (As I sense you are definitely doing.)

  23. Aww, poor guy! I don’t want to think about the day we have to go through something like that. It would break my heart.

    Wishing him a easy and quick recovery!

  24. My oldest had hers done at 3 years old and the first week was tough, but after that she perked up quickly. It’s made a huge difference for her though.

  25. It is so hard to watch our kids go through stuff like this. Mine are older and I still cry when something like this is needed. I am glad all went well.

  26. Poor little guy! That first picture almost made me cry. Such a scary experience for all — even if it is “routine” surgery. My best wishes and prayers to you and your family! Hope he’s in tip-top shape soon! :)

  27. I had mine out at a young age too!!! And I am soooooooo grateful I did! Not having to deal with the infections etc as I grew up!!
    I am glad it went well and I hope he is feeling much better today!!

  28. My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out a few years ago, her surgery was a bit more complicated due to the size of her adenoids (they were almost completely obstructing her airway, the pictures shocked us) and the fact she has epilepsy. Everyone told us going in what a breeze the surgery is these days. HA! It was horrible. It took her the entire first two weeks to even start to have a turn around, but yes.. but the first 24-48 hours she did get worse for the next 5 days. We ended up having to wake her around the clock for pain meds or she was in so much pain in the morning she refused to eat or drink anything (the down side to that was she has seizures when she’s not getting the sleep she needs AND when she even gets a touch dehydrated).

    Keeping you and your little guy (what a cutie too!!) in my thoughts and prayers. Hope he’s one of the ones that is on the mend quickly. (((and hugs for mama)))

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