My 5 Favorite Pampered Chef Items

My 5 Favorite Pampered Chef Items…
I recently hosted a Pampered Chef party at my house and got some great items for a great deal (as a host you get free items and awesome discounts). I already had a few products of theirs (the cookie press, the mixing bowl, some spoons, etc.).  I knew I loved those so I was excited to get new ones (and at a discounted rate). Here are my choices for my top 5 favorite Pampered Chef products as of right now (it may change as I get more):
The Deep Covered Baker
LOVE this product!! I bought the baker, the spices, and the cookbook. It makes cooking fast, easy, and clean! The other night I used it to make chicken. I simply put the Chili Lime Rub on the chicken breasts, put them in the baker, and stuck it in the microwave (YES, the microwave) for 12 minutes and it was done! Easy as that! It was so easy to clean out as well. So much easier than scrubbing down all the grease from cooking on the stove. I can’t wait to try the recipes in the Deep Covered Baker Cookbook!
The Stoneware Mini Loaf Pan
I love baking and I love making things for other people. This is such a useful item for me. I make breads for teachers, friends, and other people in the community all the time, so now this saves me from either having to cut the loaves in half that I make or wasting a ton of time and electricity on putting in loaf after loaf. I get FOUR mini loaves in one shot now! It is GREAT!
The Apple Wedger
This AWESOME wedger packs a punch! It cuts an apple like no other I’ve seen. I’ve bought my fair share at Walmart (and broken them by pushing down too hard), but this one is totally different. It is super sharp and sturdy. I think it would take a lot of effort to break this one. There is a cap that comes on it for protection. Please be sure to use this and be careful when washing it. It’s super sharp! One quick push though and your apples will be sliced perfectly!
The Classic Batter Bowl
Okay, so this is not a new product of mine, but it still makes my top 5 list. I love it! It is great for mixing anything in. I love to bake so it’s mostly for batters, but you can mix anything in it. It’s easy to pour batter into cupcake tins and loaf pans. It also cleans up easily. And did you know this can go in the oven? You can bake a cake in it! My favorite is the Barbie cake. Just bake the batter in the bowl, take it out, turn it upside-down, place a Barbie doll right into the top, and decorate the cake around her (the cake is her dress)! How cool is that?
The Micro-Cooker
This is another item that makes life and cooking easier. I can always use EASY in my life! Just place some veggies in it, 1/4 cup water, and put in the microwave for a few minutes! Steamed veggies to add to your meal in a matter of minutes! Love it! 
If you want to check out better descriptions of these items (or to even order some for yourself), you can check it out here on Hannah’s Fun Kitchen. Also, “like” her Facebook page to get deals when ordering! I see them running on her page all the time! All the pictures above are from her site.
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  What are some of YOUR favorite things?


  1. Love the 5 favorite series!!! My favorite of this list has to be the apple corer! We eat lots of apples!! :-)

  2. I always wanted an apple wedger!!

  3. these are cool stuff! i love the loaf pan!

  4. The apple wedger and batter bowl? genius!

  5. Awesome! I didn’t even know what they carried!

  6. That micro cooker looks fabulous!!! I always wanted the Apple contraption that peeled them and gives you Apple spirals…lol, I font even know if they still make it. :)

  7. I love those. My fav is the stoneware mini loaf pan and also the deep covered baker.

  8. I like the apple wedger! That would be super handy!

  9. I love this! We love pampered chef here!

  10. We have the batter bowl and it’s all I use for mixing it’s so easy! Measure, mix and pour all in the same bowl! We are huge fans of Pampered Chef too, it looks like you got some great products there! Have fun making them!! Desiree with Life with our Family

  11. I love Pampered Chef products. My favorite items are the stoneware pieces, batter bowl, pizza cutter, and can never have too many of their inexpensive paring knives.

    sflickinger at rocketmail dot com

  12. Love the idea of doing 5 favorite things!

  13. I absolutely love a cutting board of theirs I have. It has grips and never slips!!!

  14. I love my micro-cooker as well!!! I need to look into the deep covered baker. Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. I need that apple wedger, like yesterday!

  16. Love the idea of a favorite 5 series! I love the covered measuring cup! My mom has it and I just may have to get one soon myself!

  17. I have to agree with them all – I have about 4 micro cookers – LOVE THEM

  18. Never heard of the baker that is awesome!!! I love their pizza stones!!!

  19. I’m jealous! I want the baker!

  20. My top 5 Pampered Chef items:
    large bar pan stone
    garlic press
    apple wedger
    classic scraper

  21. I’ve never even seen a Pampered Chef catalog. Great list!

  22. These products are so great!!! I’m a consultant and I absolutely love it. If anyone has questions about these products, please feel free to email me at, or at

  23. I have never tried anything from Pampered Chef at all, but I would LOVE to have that deep covered baker!


  24. michelle gilliland mcafee says:

    I love pampered chef…

  25. I want the Deep Covered Baker! My favorite tools I have: Mix ‘N Chop, Adjustable Measuring Spoons and Measure-All Cup.

  26. Hanan Aswad says:

    I want the deep covered baker. I just can’t justify the money… so expensive but looks amazing

  27. Hanan Aswad says:

    I want the deep covered baker. I just can’t justify the money… so expensive but looks amazing (sorry if thisb
    posts twice)

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