April is Autism Awareness Month: WIN a $5 Amazon GC & Spread the Word

April is Autism Awareness Month:
Learn and Spread the Word
As a teacher of eight years, I was introduced to the world of Autism from working in the classroom. I did not have specific training in helping students with Autism, as I got my Masters in Middle School Education. Through inclusion in the classroom, more and more students with different needs are integrated into classrooms, and teachers are becoming more aware and learning how to best meet all students’ needs. 
I had a 4th grade student with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). Before teaching this student, I had no knowledge of this syndrome or what I needed to do to best help this student. It was an educational year for both the student and me. I learned so much about strategies in dealing with a child on the Autism spectrum and how best to support his learning. He is now all grown up and quite successful. He is super smart, and I loved all that he taught me that year.
Special needs children are close to my heart as my niece has Down Syndrome. She surprises me daily with her amazing progress and funny personality. I know there will be some challenges in front of her in life, but she is a strong and smart girl who is learning to overcome any obstacles that may be in her way.
As April is Autism Awareness month, it reminds me of two great books that I read and would love to share. One is an adult fiction book, but the author researched Autism while writing the book, and the other is a Award Winning Young Adult book. Both books are told from the perspective of a child with Autism. They show the reader how it really feels to have Autism through discussing reactions through all the human senses.
House Rules, by Jodi Picoult was a very interesting story that showed how someone with AS might might feel and react in different situations. I wish I had read this book and other factual books about Autism before I had the student with AS in my class. It would have helped me to understand him better and his needs better. Click HERE to read more about this great book on Amazon.

Anything But Typical, by Nora Raleigh Baskin is the Young Adult book that I loved. From the very first page the author is describing how it feels for someone with Autism. I think knowing this is important for kids that don’t have Autism, and I love that there is a book geared towards 4th-7th graders to bring about awareness at an early age. If you want to read more about the book, just click HERE to view it on Amazon.
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Another great resource is Autism United. This site offers information about Autism, events going on, links to other resources, and even links to a shop that has wonderful things to purchase that can assist kids with Autism. From shoes to glasses, TOMS has great products for kids. Click on TOMS Coupon Code to get a coupon code to purchase items in the online store. 

Also, make sure to “LIKE” Autism United on Facebook! Click HERE to get to their page! Leave them a message and tell them Mama Luvs Books sent you! Let’s all spread the awareness now and also spread the word that April is Autism Awareness Month! In fact April 2nd is World Autism Day! 
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  1. Three of my closet friends have children with Autism. What I would like to know is, What services are available for adults?

  2. I have a grandson who is autistic.

  3. My grandson, who is 3 is being tested for Autism. There are a lot of learning disabilites in the family and I pray for a cure.

  4. My son has asbergers. I would like more people to be educated, and realize these are very smart kids

  5. My best friends daughter has Autism ♥


  6. I dont know anyone with Autism or affected by it. I just read an interesting article about an Autism book kate winslet is putting together for charity I really want to check it out!

  7. I just read a book called I aM In Here about a girl who writes poetry and is autistic. Thanks for raising awareness.

  8. I don’t know anyone with Autism, but I was reading up about it for awhile because there was a chance my son had it. Which we found out that he did not.

  9. We have a grandson with Asperger’s Syndrome… it can be very difficult. But at the same time so rewarding… ya know? =)

  10. i would like to know what are the 1st symptoms,before i take my child to dr..what should i look for if i think my child is autistic

  11. I had the same baptism by fire when I was a Camp Director. I had a child with Asperger’s and no formal training on what I should do to make his experience at Camp as special as it was for all the other children. With patient parents and a supportive staff, we all had a great summer. I too am trained as a teacher, so I had many experiences to learn more and teach an array of students.
    Thanks for the book recommendations

  12. I had a friend years ago who’s son was autistic. Things have changed so much in over 15 years, back then no one had a clue. Now it seems way more kids are getting it? Makes you wonder.

  13. Well my son was diagnosed at 4 with Autism more or less I would like the world to become more educated and a bit more understanding that a child with autism is just like every other kid they just look at the world a bit differently :)

  14. Once I finish school I hope to work and help children with autism

  15. don’t know anyone with autism, but i’m learning about it from blogging friends who’s kids have autism!!

  16. I’ve never known anyone with autism personally. Your post really gave me some insight!

  17. My best friend’s Daughter is Autistic and I have watched her face the world and overcome many trials in obtaining an education, but she did it and now is in college!

  18. I have three boys and a husband who are all on the autistic spectrum. I live for the day that everyone else can understand the unique gifts they all can offer, despite the challenges they have to overcome to do so. Autism is a huge part of our lives, but it doesn’t mean the end of our lives, but the beginning of understanding that different doesn’t mean bad.

  19. i have a grand daughter that is autistic

  20. My mother works with special needs children in middle school. I would love for more people to spend some one on one time with autistic people as I think most would be surprised to find just how intelligent and insightful they are.

  21. I work with autistic kids on an everyday basis. It can be challenging to parents but these children are so special in their ways. I have used to treat a severely autistic girl who has a twin brother who had no autistism. It was truly remarkable.

  22. I would like to learn if there are any new therapies to assist autistic kids. Thanks,

  23. autism luckily hasnt directly affected my life, but I have a cousin who has an autisitc child and I know it is very difficult for them

  24. Luckily Autism has not directly affected my life, but I know people who have autistic children.

  25. I would like to learn more about the different types of autism because sometimes everything is dumped under that label

  26. Marley Laplage says:

    much like what jopb said….seems to be such a higher percentage of children with this diagnosis. my heart goes out to the families affected by this condition….I cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be….sending God’s grace to you…..

    qsformom at yahoo dot com

  27. my cousin has a child with autism.they can be the most loving children or the most angry. it is very sad

  28. My brother has high functioning AS

  29. i have a 10 year old granddaughter who lives with me that is autisic.

  30. I would like to learn as much as possible about it because you never know when your knowledge may com in handy.

  31. Autism has not affected my life. I know there is no cure for Autism so I would like to know the treatment options.

    Jennifer Hedden

  32. i hear about children with autism all the time and i am a soon to be licensed daycare provider so i’d like to be as educated as possible

  33. My son is on the Autism Spectrum. He is a sweet little boy who struggles to communicate and is very anxious, he also has many friends who love him and is trying to be successful in a typical classroom half-day.

  34. A very dear family friend son was diagnosed recently with AS and we have all been learning together how we can help him.

  35. I honestly don’t know that much about it…but I have been reading blogs where the writer’s son/daughter has autism.

  36. I dont know anyone with autism, but i am learning so i can understand it

  37. My 5 year old son has moderate to severe autism and is non-verbal. I would like to learn a way to help him communicate his wants and needs so he has less temper tantrum/melt downs because he is frustrated. ASL, PECS, nothing has worked. Hopefully, we’ll have some luck when he joins the autism kindergarten class in August.

  38. I honestly never heard of Austism, but would like to know and learn about it.

  39. My son was diagnosed in 2008 and there is always things I need to learn but there is probably not much left.

  40. My (step)son has high-functioning autism, but the more we all know, the more we can know how to help! :)

  41. I would like to learn how autism affects other aspects of health.

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