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“Tired Of My Bath” by, Dicy McCullough is a cute story about John Allen who is a little boy that is tired of taking baths. He tells his mom that he doesn’t want to take a bath and instead of making him she gives him the best lesson of all; she tells him to do what he wants and he can deal with consequences. I love that lesson! I need to do that more with my own kids. 

He goes without his bath and discovers what happens…….he stinks! You’ll have to read this adorable story to find out what John Allen does!

1. It is easy to read (my 2nd grader reads it to my 4-year old son)

2. It has a nice rhyme pattern to it
3. It has cute and colorful illustrations
4. You can connect the story to real life situations to educate kids
5. It can help if you have a kid that’s refusing to take baths (show them what will happen)!
6. It is a nice large-sized paperback book 

7. It’s received other positive reviews on Amazon

About the Author (From Amazon.com):
Dicy McCullough, author of Tired of My Bath and Tired of School, writes for her local newspaper, The Salisbury Post. She is a published poet and a contributing author for the book, This One’s for the Birds! A retired teacher, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, N.C., and a Master of Education Degree from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Charlotte, NC. She is married to Michael McCullough and they have two grown children, Kristin and Kelly. Michael and Dicy are the proud owners of Bandit and Panda. Bandit is a terrier dog that was adopted from an animal shelter. Panda is a beautiful black and white Persian cat.
Check out MORE about the Author on her “Official” Site: http://dicymcculloughbooks.com/
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  1. Yes, my daughter did not like to take baths at all. Showers seem to go better.

  2. Fortunately, my kids have always loved the water, so it’s usually not difficult to get them to take a bath. The only time I have trouble is when they’re doing something fun, and they don’t want to stop!

  3. my 3 kids always loved taking baths;-)

  4. It was super easy for bath time with my son.. converting to taking showers was not so easy!! But now he loves those too (age 7)!! :)

  5. Alison Marshall Yorke says:

    My kids have always loved bath time!

  6. my kids always liked taking baths!

  7. yes i have!

  8. Nope both my boys love taking baths! I can never get them out! Ages 4 & 1 :)
    -Melissa Valencia

  9. only the very second time I gave the baby a bath. He got hungry midbath and was screaming his head off.

  10. YES!!

  11. I have had a problem! I try to make it a fun thing!

  12. nope! always <3 baths

  13. Yes, one of mine went through a stage where the only water he liked was in the kiddie pool.

  14. my nieces and nephews yes I have with them!!! (i don’t have kids yet :(!!)

  15. Not here… my kids all love the bath!

  16. I don’t have any kids, but both of my nieces love baths.

    Jennifer Hedden

  17. Ughhhhh!!!! Doesn’t all kids hate bath times…. at least some times.

  18. Olivia used to HATE baths until we made it warmer. She likes hot baths like her mom ;)

  19. Bath time is difficult because I try to get it done in one shot with my 6 year old and 3 year old twins. Entertaining for sure lol

  20. He likes baths… Most of the time

  21. My kids love to take baths now, but my daughter used to hate them

  22. When my youngest was little I did yes, she was afraid she would go down the drain! Not kidding, she would cry No mommy no mommy! We laugh now but it was a major issue than! lol (she is now 18)

  23. Anonymous says:

    Lisa Lee Cook I never had a problem getting them to take a bath they seemed to like it and had fun.

  24. My daughter loves taking a bath minus getting her hair washed and face wet.

  25. DDs love bath.

  26. I have a problem getting my son to NOT take a bath! If he had his way he would take 5 baths a day!

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  28. Anonymous says:

    my kids ALWAYS loved taking a bath!!!!

    amy miller- lynn

  29. Oldest is 4 and will only shower. He plays in the shower till he’s forced out. Youngest loves his bath.

  30. Getting her in…no problems; getting her out….major problems.She loved the water. My husband went on a babydoll shopping spree when we had her so we had 3 water babies ready to go. He talked her into giving her baby baths everyday like she was the mommy and it worked. She loved playing with her waterbabies.

  31. {Quanda} My children, when they were smaller, loved bath time. So does my granddaughter.

  32. bath when little nope!

  33. So far no I havent had a problem but I have a hard time getting her out of the bathtub!!

  34. my kids never minded taking a bath. I was very lucky!

  35. Yes… But once they’re in, they love it!

  36. Only sometimes.

  37. My problem had always been getting my son out of the tub, not getting him in it! He loves to take a bath@


  38. Oh, absolutely! My kids both went through a stage where they did not want to take a bath.

  39. Both of my girls gave me problems. I had to buy little treats and small toys and after each bath they got to pick out 1 thing that they wanted. Thank you for the chance to win!:)

    Shannon Gammon

  40. my son loves to take a bath. i have a hard time GETTING HIM OUT of it lol.

  41. My kids NEVER really gave me a hard time with taking a bath, BUT my older one once he got to be around 11 or so I had a hard time with. My little one loves his baths!

  42. email used for RSS/email subscriptions is yobonks(at)gmail(dot)com

  43. Sometimes my oldest two Whos 8 and 9 years old, will fight about Who gets to take a shower 1st.

  44. No luckily my daughter begs for one all the time. :)

  45. alicia zirjacks says:

    Yes, my son hated baths until he was 6

  46. I am very lucky. My daughter never liked to stay dirty. She liked to get dirty playing in the mud but then would want a bath right away.

  47. no mine love bath time it is a chance to play in water

  48. haven’t had any bathtime issues

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