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I recently checked out an AWESOME website called I signed-up FREE as a member, and there are SO MANY cool family organizer tools to use to organize your family. My favorite components of the the site include the calendar, the chore chart, and the allowance tracker. My husband and I have been trying to find good ways to teach our kids the responsibility of earning and keeping track of money. NO MORE just buying the kids things when they want it. They are 4 and 7 now. They need to start learning that “money does not grow on trees!”

I set-up the cool chore chart for my kids. They have their own login and can check it daily. There is a spot for them to check it off once they have completed the task. My computer is always open for them to use, so now I am just keeping this site up and available to them. Then after they chore is complete, I can give them their allowance at the end of the week and they can track it here too!

There are financial responsibility game linked to this site as well that teach kids the importance of being responsible with money. The sites are:, and Each are age appropriate. Check them out under “Learning Through Play!”

The “chore chart” is our favorite so far! You can see in the picture below we set the kids up to brush their teeth, make their beds, clean-up their rooms, help set the table, and do homework. They actually think it’s fun now because they can check off the chart and earn allowance.

Make sure your check out this AWESOME website to help organize your family too! Signup at using “dough” as the reference code for a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card.

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  1. This looks awesome for when Olivia gets older! Great idea :)

  2. Interesting site. Thanks for the info!

  3. Great post! This looks like something that would be right down my 11 year old’s alley. He is a money driven little thing! lol. Thanks for sharing! Nicole-

  4. Sounds great! We have to be really innovative these days to keep our kids interested and these online charts sound like just the ticket. Thanks for the info

  5. Great site. THanks for the information!!

  6. Ha! I love the name! That’s what caught my attention right away! :)
    Signing up for a free account right now! Thanks for the info! :)


  7. Wow I love this! My partner and I have such issues trying to track where to be, what games I have, work, class etc……….
    This is going to help so much!

  8. Ok This is one awesome site, I sat here and looked through it then had hubby look through it and he said it may work with the little two (8 and 9) not sure about the older two but Hey ill give it a shot on ala four then go from there. :) Thank you So much for sharing this.

  9. I love the chore chart! I can’t wait until Mason starts doing chores, Mama needs some help ;)

  10. That sounds like a cool site! I love the Sand Dollar game, it looks like it would actually be fun.

  11. Wow – this looks like it would be really handy. I know I love me some great organization! :)

  12. This is definitely a resource to keep in mind once we have kids :)

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  14. This looks like an awesome site…heading over to check it out now…Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. What a great idea – I like the chore chart. We have a poster hanging in our kitchen, but it’s annoying to make a new one every time it fills up. Plus, our son loves the computer so being able to use it would probably be another incentive, even if it’s just to fill in his chore chart, haha.

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