Party Planning Ideas: Princesses & Pirates!

Princesses & Pirates Party Planning Ideas
We are here in Virginia for my niece’s 4th B-day party, and my sister planned a fabulous themed party of Princesses and Pirates. I wanted to share some of these great ideas with you, as they are for a themed party that includes both girls and boys! 
1. The front door had a sign on it welcoming everyone to the “Royal Swashbuckling Ball” (pictured above).
2. Small children’s tables were decorated (one in the princess theme and one in the pirate theme):
3. The serving table had themed labels and food for the event (including bags of Pirates’ Booty of course)!

 4. The colors were pink, black, and white. All kids were asked to dress-up for the event. Mom & Dad were dressed up too!
5. The cake was decorated in both the princess and pirate theme (with cupcakes for the kids to choose from as well):

6. Gifts were placed under the “Royal Offerings” sign, and the girls had matching pirates skirts made by my sister-in-law (and the b-day girl had a “4” shirt on that matched as well):

7. On the way out kids all got their own little treasure chest to fill up with goodies from the LARGE treasure chest. They could choose eye patches, gold chocolate coins, necklaces, rings, telescopes, pirate bandanas, tiaras, wands, and princess bubbles. My son had a blast decking himself out in pirate gear! Also, there were coloring tables set out with treasure maps to color on.

Here are what the custom signs said:
The door: Ahoy There! Welcome to Princess Evie’s Royal Swashbuckling Ball
The Gift Table: Royal Offerings
The Food Table: Pirate Booty, Golden Nuggets, Fishin’ Bait, Thirst Quenchers, Goldfish, and Royal Sweets
The Party Favor Table: Treasure Chest
I hope you enjoy these GREAT party ideas for your child’s next b-day!!! Let me know if you have any questions! What themed parties have you done?


  1. How seriously cute is this! I love everything about it! I am in party planning mode right now so this is great!

  2. That is so stinkin cute! I can’t wait to do a princess party for Olivia once she’s old enough to know what’s going on :)

  3. What a creative party!! Just pinned this!

  4. This looks adorable!! Such a creative party idea!!

  5. Love this! Great idea!
    We did a Turtle theme for Jude’s first birthday – that was fun and this year for his 2nd it will be Choo Choos!

    I posted about a baby shower today too!

  6. Wow! What a great idea! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time :) So creative. I have no idea what to do for my son’s first birthday in April.

  7. That’s great! I was wondering how to do a princess party with boys, great idea combining the two.

  8. That looks like so much fun! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to really enjoy a birthday party!

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