Looking at “Time” Through Different Eyes

I was sitting there last night just thinking about “time” and how different it seems throughout different periods of my life. Even looking back from ages 0-10 years old (and yes I only really remember after age 4), time seemed so long. A week took forever. Waiting for those weekends free from school took ages to get to. Each school year seemed a lifetime, and even the 3 months of summer (because they actually were three months long while growing up) lasted a long time. Even thinking back now it seemed to take forever.

Next, ages 10-20 still felt long. I had to go through adolescence and into early adulthood. Middle school and high school can a fun time, but also a very difficult time (especially for females – in my opinion). So many decisions to try and make on your own and growing up to do. Peer pressure and school work can weigh heavy on your mind. Starting college and learning to study versus partying. So much going on which made time still seem a little bit long. Although the four years of high school did seem much longer than the four years of college.

Then you reach ages 20-30. The years of living on your own, graduating from college/Grad School, finding a partner, getting married, having your first child, buying your first home, moving from your hometown, etc. So many things to experience and do. I know not everyone is on the same timeline, but for many people these things occur within these 10 years. For me these years moved a bit faster. I remember one day thinking to myself, wow I’m married now (seems like I was just dating people and at my 5-year high school reunion yesterday).

Now I am in the 30-40 age range. Times seems to be flying by for me now. I try and take it day-by-day and slowly cherish time with my kids. They are just growing up so fast before my eyes. I now have a 7-year old and a 4-year old. How can that be possible? My 20-year high school reunion is coming up this summer. Really? It seems like I was JUST at my 5-year reunion. Time is flying by. My pets that were my babies are now getting older. We are living in the 4th house we’ve bought in the past 8 years. A lot has happened, but at the same time I can remember my first child being born like it was yesterday. Some days it makes me sad. I know I just need to focus on the blessings I have each day.

After speaking with my parents who are in their 60’s and 70’s, they told me the late 30’s are nothing. They said I should wait until I’m their age and time flies by lightning fast. Their advice was to enjoy each day, enjoy what I do have instead of wanting more, and to enjoy health and my kids and family. They are smart people. They are having their fun in retirement and enjoying their golden years. I think as we age we do gain insight and appreciation for life. I will do my best to focus on the positives in my life and not dwell on any negatives. Life is a gift we need to cherish.

How do you feel about “time” and how fast or slow does it seem to you?



  1. great post. I know time has definitely sped up significantly since having my first kid! My hubby and I spent the first 6 years of our marriage childless, but the last 4.5 years seem like they have flown by.

  2. I’m with your parents. I am 51, and can’t believe how fast time is hurtling forward. Most likely, I have already lived over 1/2 of my life. That thought is weird, odd, horrifying, satisfying, and all kinds of other emotions, all at the same time. I too try to focus on and enjoy all the blessings/pleasures of life. Sometimes it is something really simple. My husband got me a Keurig for Christmas. I got a free 4 pack of K-cups in the mail today via a facebook promotion. I am already looking forward to having one tomorrow morning, and enjoying it as a treat during daily devotion time. It is so easy to take things for granted and overlook the small stuff, isn’t it?

  3. You know I really feel, being in my 30’s, with 3 kids, this is THE fastest time I can even remember. Looking at your pics takes me back to all my childhood and teen memories. I try to remember to cherish each day, but somehow when I remind myself that in itself makes me sad and emotional because I know how fleeting these years are and will be.

  4. This is great. Obviously I’m thinking about it today as my baby turns five. I do feel like he was just born!
    Also-sort of off topic-the last picture of you holding the baby looks just like K. She’s your mini-me!

  5. Great post. I really enjoy looking at old photos. After I turned 21 it feels like time is just flying by. Now that I’m 31 I stop and ask myself often “where has the time gone?”

  6. OH, I love this post. Probably one of my favorites:) I so agree. I do feel like the 10-20 age went by slow because of all the adjusting and life changes. For me, college and dental school flew and it continue to fly today! For example, my son is going to be 1 and I just felt like I literally had him yesterday. Somedays, I want life to slow down!

  7. I so agree with you guys on time flying by after kids!!! Its insane how fast it goes!!! Love the post and the pictures!!

  8. It seems like every year goes by faster and faster, especially since having Mason!

  9. So true! I can tell by your pics, I am on the same “time-line” as you.. (I had the same big hair in HS.. and I swear my grandparents had that same couch!) LOL

    Yesterday.. I was tying my sons shoe…or kissing my daughters “boo-boo”.. chasing the monsters away… buying bottles & diapers….
    Today.. my oldest is 20yrs old and in the Navy, my middle son is 17 and my baby girl is 15…
    How did we get here so fast? Especially when- in my mind I am still 20 something- in reality I am sliding towards 40!! yikes!
    Love your post! Sure makes you pause and reflect….

  10. Great post! After college I feel like times goes by faster. I wonder how I’d deal with having kids around.

  11. Such a great post! I never really stopped to think about it, but you are SO RIGHT ON! When I was a kid, everything took FOREVER, time dragged on and things never changed. And now that I’m in that same 30-40 range, time is zipping past me and I’m left at the end of the day wondering, “WHERE did my day go” and then Week, and month and years! Now I wish I could slow down time so I can enjoy my moments even longer!

  12. LOVED this post! I am visiting you from the alexa hop. I am also a new linky follower of yours Valerie Stayton with Its the Simple Things. I hope you will visit me back and also follow me on Linky followers Its the Simple Things

  13. Great post! So true! I love the 80’s hair BTW!

  14. I agree, the four years of high school seem so much longer than college. That could be that we’re going through so much emotionally? My pre-parenting years seemed to go by quickly, I was so focused on climbing the corporate ladder that I didn’t enjoy life as much as I should have. Things seem to have slowed a bit for me, but watching my son grow makes me think that maybe time IS flying by.

    Life is funny – and I try to always remember “The Days are Long, but the Years are Short.”

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