My Goals For 2012! What Are Yours?

Here are my goals for the coming year! I think it’s better to have goals than to have resolutions. =)


1. Try to be more patient with my kids!

2. Work on my cooking skills and trying new recipes!

3. Lose weight and eat healthier (of course!).  =)

4. Redesign the look of my blog and continue to work on doing giveaways and posts!

5. Clean out the garage and closets.

What are your goals for 2012?  Leave comments below.  Would love to hear your ideas.



  1. Lose Weight, Get organized, grow my blog.

  2. Patience – something that is in demand in my house :)

  3. haha, number 1 is probably a goal for every parent! :) My goal is to make more moolah ;)

  4. I so need to declutter and organize too!!! Best of luck! :)

  5. Have a safe delivery next month and then hopefully an easy transition to being a mom to three little girls.

  6. Move to a nicer place!

  7. My goals are to lose weight and to spend less time online!

  8. I also do goals rather than resolutions :)

    Mine are to beat my personal best in my next 5k race (less than 2 weeks away, yikes), run a 10k, get pregnant, have a more organized/clutter-free house, and continue to grow my blog.

  9. Hmmm…something to think about for sure. Maybe finally move and unpack all of our wedding stuff from 5 years ago that is still in boxes! LOL

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