We LOVE Hexbugs!!! You can have one too!!! *GIVEAWAY*

As the stores are starting to have holiday music playing and setting up decorations, I ask myself what am I going to get the kids this year?  Of course I asked my kids what they wanted and they responded with a resounding “HEXBUGS!” chant.  They just really love these little robotic bugs.  I thought when I bought some for them last year that they would get bored with them and I would find them under their beds.  This has not been the case for us.  They really LOVE them and take care of them.

My kids are 7 and 4, and they both love these bugs.  My daughter has a travel case where she keeps her Nano bugs.  She organizes them and lines them up.  Both kids get very creative when playing with them.  They play school with them (bug students), they race them, and they play house/family with them (bugs are the mom/dad/kid).

Recently we got the Hexbug Inchworm.  Hexbug sells Inchworms, Spiders, Crabs, Ants, and Larva that are a bit different from the Nano bugs.  The Inchworm is a remote control bug that inches along forward and backward, side-to-side, and spins around.  The kids LOVE it!  It is now the leader of their Nano bugs.  I took a short video of the kids playing with their new Inchworm Hexbug (you can see for yourself how much they like it):

Here are some pictures of the Inchworm:

For the GIVEAWAY, Hexbug is nice enough to donate one Hexbug Nano to a lucky winner!  If your kids do not have a Hexbug yet, you MUST enter and try and win one!  They will LOVE it!  If you do have some, you know that kids always want more to add to their collection!  ENTER the Rafflecopter below for your chance to WIN!  The more entires you do the more chance you will have to WIN!



  1. This looks like an awesome product

  2. My daughter is into bugs and anything with the word bug in it. I think she’d be thrilled to have one.

  3. I’d love a hexbug nano, my son loves the “bugs”!

  4. So cute! Love the pictures of the kids playing with their bugs!

  5. I think it’s kinda creepy (hate bugs), but Gav would love it! :) Fun video!

  6. Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway!! They are cool bugs!

  7. My kids LOVE bugs and I know they would LOVE one of these. Would make a great stocking stuffer!

  8. Laura Gessman says:

    we LOVE Hex Bugs. Makes a great gift for one night of Chanukah!

  9. I would like to win the Hex bug for my nephew. He would really get a kick out of it. I can hear him laugh.

  10. I want one of these for my son! He would absolutely love it!


  11. My kids love these things. They would love one of these bigger ones
    heather.mentzer at gmail dot com

  12. my son loves hexbugs so i want to win for him!

  13. I would love to give this to my son for Christmas!! New follower from Weekend Blog Hop. I hope that you can follow me too at http://www.indianacouponsavings.com

  14. my son would like this for christmas.

  15. Because we love watching the cats challenge the hexbug! So fun!

  16. Anonymous says:

    My son would love this and I would love to give it to him and see his face light up.

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  17. My Niece is crazy about bugs, much to my sisters dismay! I’d like to win this for her!


  18. my grandaughter would love this

  19. my 8 yr old son would love this for xmas


  21. I want to win this Hexbug Nano because you can never have too many Nanobugs!! My kids go crazy over these buzzing little things. They have tons of track pieces and are always building and re-building their habitats. And, I have to admit, I love them, too!

  22. We love Hexabugs at our house too. I think I need to go get the inchworm for Nicholas. Thanks for sharing.

  23. My nephew would love this.

  24. They’re so stinkin’ cute!!!! I would play with it first, then it will eventually go to one of my Son-in-Law!

  25. I use them to entertain my cats.

  26. I want a Hexbug because my son doesn’t have one yet and I think that he would really enjoy them!


    selinda_mccumbers at yahoo.com

  27. my child would be thrilled to recieve this since robots and animals are big and this kinda combines the two. :-)

  28. My kids would love this!

  29. My son is too young for a Hexbug this year but next year!!

  30. I would love to give this to my little god-son. He would LOVE it! :-)

  31. They look fun, think my son would like it as a gift.

  32. I think Mason would get a kick out of watching them run around!

  33. So cool! I know someone who would LOVE this for Christmas ;)

  34. I would love one for my son for Christmas. :)

  35. because my 5yr old loves them.

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  36. I want to win it for my grandson – he would love it!

    jbafaith2001 at yahoo dot com

  37. jeanne conner says:

    this would be a great Christmas present..

    ltlbit1 at hotmail dot com

  38. I have a 9 year old niece who is dying for one of these!! Would love to surprise her with one :)

  39. My son is into these. And XMas is coming. :)

  40. Kandi Smith

    I would love to win a Hexbug because my kids are already requesting them for Christmas.

  41. My son is crazy about these things – it would be for him!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  42. My son loved the old Hexbug we bought him but everything broke so it would be a nice present for him :)

  43. i would like one because the kids always want them so baldly, when we hit an airport and go into these stores.

  44. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for one of my nephews.

  45. I would like it for my grandson.

    April Morrison

  46. (Quanda) I’d give it as a gift to my nephew.

  47. I found your blog over at the Find New Friends blog hop … and I love that you are a book lover! I’ve loved books since I was a kid and so happy that my toddler loves them too. I hope to make it here often. Just had to comment on this post, my son got a hexbug for his bday present and we LOVE it. It is so realistic like! His looks like a roach and sometimes it creeps me out. I don’t mind bugs, but don’t care for roaches!! Take care.

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