Disney On Ice 4-Pack Ticket Giveaway at Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI

Dunkin’ Donuts Center will be presenting Disney On Ice 

December 28th – January 1st!  

Make imagination your destination!  Join Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on a journey into the magical worlds of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Peter Pan and Lilo & Stitch.  From Ariel’s enchanting undersea kingdom to Never Land with Peter Pan and his sassy fairy friend Tinker Bell, you’ll be captivated by the music, beauty and laughter in a journey so magical, you’ll never want to go home. Coming to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center Providence this Holiday Vacation Week, Dec. 28 – Jan. 1.

Tickets make a great holiday gift!
Use code “HOLIDAY5” to save on your holiday gift and start making memories!

Code “Holiday5” and save $5 on tickets
Valid on the following performances:
Wed. 1PM, Thur. 11AM, Thur. 3PM and Fri. 5PM
Not valid on premium seats, no double discounts

To Order Tickets and see Showtimes, Click HERE to be redirected to Ticketmaster.

To WIN these awesome tickets for your family, please fill out the Rafflecopter below!!!  The more entries you put in for the more chances you have to win!!!  The show is in Providence, RI, so the winner of the tickets must provide their own transportation and accommodations if selected.  GOOD LUCK!!! 
We are SUPER excited to see this show!!!  I have two kids that LOVE Disney, and they are counting down the days until we can see this fabulous show!  We’ve heard such wonderful things about the show and how magical it is for kids to see and be a part of!  HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!!!



  1. If I could fly anywhere I’d fly to somewhere warm to go to the beach and relax in the sun. I miss our fun summer days! FL would be perfect so we could go to Disney too :)

  2. If I could fly anywhere, I would fly BACK to Walt Disney World, where my family just spent an amazing week over Thanksgiving!!!

  3. I would fly to Hawaii!

  4. How fun! I seriously can’t wait until my little one is old enough to truly enjoy these type of shows. I think it’s going to be so much fun to bring her. Have fun!!

  5. If I could go anywhere with peter pan, I would go to Italy, or Australia. I have always wanted to go to both places!

  6. For the tweet about it, my computer messed up and entered before I got to put the link. I hope its ok if I put it here.

  7. Debbie L Benoit says:

    If I could fly anywhere with Peter Pan I would fly to Montana to visit my sister and two year old nephew that I haven’t met yet. I’m sure he’d love to see Peter Pan and the Darling children.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i’d fly to hawaii and go swimming
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  9. If I could fly anywhere with Peter Pan it would be to Italy, always wanted to visit my motherland! :)

  10. I’d fly to Australia to visit my friends who live there :)


  11. Anonymous says:

    If I would fly anywhere with them it would be to Neverland. I always wanted to go there when I was little.

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