Kids’ Book Review Day: “Star Wars ABC”

Do you have a little boy that is uninterested in learning his ABC’s?  Here is a book for you!  My son wanted nothing to do with the “normal” picture ABC books or the flashcards I bought him.  When I found this book at my daughter’s school Scholastic book fair, we finally found a winner!  He was so interested to read and look at his book.  It’s nice and colorful, has solid pages, and is interesting for little boys!!!   


1.  Easy to read and short paragraphs on each page
2.  Nice, durable hard pages (26 pages)
3.  Fun to read and has big colorful ABC letters
4.  It’s a Star Wars Book!

If you would like to purchase this Scholastic book, just look on the right sidebar under “Kids’ Book Reviews” and you can purchase it through Amazon.  The book is normally $12.99, but right now it is on sale at Amazon for $9.35 (28% off).

Overall, highly recommend this book!  It is listed as appropriate for ages 4-8, but could be for younger kids with the hard, durable pages.



  1. Following back fro the hop! Thanks so much!
    This book looks like a perfect addition to our Star Wars collection! OK, not much of a collection yet, but my 7 year old sure is trying! =)

  2. How cool is that? I want this book! I bet my Little Bit would love this. Thanks so much for sharing such a cool find :D

  3. I hope you guys get it and like it!!! =)

  4. This is so cute! I stumbled this post from the stumble hop. Here’s mine:


  5. What a cool book. Even Greg would love this!!

  6. cool book! I’ve stumbled your post, here’s mine. Hope you’re going to like it: cute USB drives

  7. I’m going to have to put this on Boy Wonder’s Christmas list! DH will love it! LOL

    I stopped by from last week’s STT. I’ve Stumbled your post. If you want to check mine out and Stumble back, it’s HERE .

    Have a great week!

    Jamie @

  8. My kids love Star Wars! This is a great book for learning those ABC’s. My son has made several himself where he finds a character to go with each letter. Fun!

  9. LOVE IT!!! Seriously where was this book 3 years ago when I was struggling to teach my STar Wars obsessed boys the alphabet!?!?!

  10. cool!

  11. This is way cute! My kids grew up on Star Wars (my son is named Luke, but not for Luke Skywalker but its still cool). He is 17 now and still loves the connection. My daughter is 11 and I bet she’d love this book even though its geared for little ones. This is too cool. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Very cool – variety is important in ABC books, so this would be a great addition for most folks!

  13. This looks fab, first time ive seen this. Great way to encourage them !

  14. Lori Thomas says:

    Wow, what a kwl way to learn your ABC`s.

  15. Well, yeah… ABCs are always cooler when you’re learning with The Force ;)

  16. Actually, I do have a little boy who is interested in learning his letters! My son is 4 years old and this looks like the perfect book for him! Thanks for suggesting it!

  17. This does looking awesome! Can i ask what the letter V is? my only worry is some characters will be too hard for kids to pronounce!

  18. Wish I had known or seen this book when my kids were younger. Love it’s a Star Wars theme. We had some NFL learning books.

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