Halloween Fun & Decor Ideas!! How would you decorate for a Halloween Party?

Have to share with you all……. We went to a Halloween party last night.  It’s been a few years since we dressed up and went to a party like that.  What a blast!!!  Halloween is definitely not just for the kids.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until we dressed up and had fun!!!  It’s nice to be someone or something different, even for just one night.  =)  My hubby and I dressed up as Snooki and Vinny from MTV’s show Jersey Shore!  Here are some pics……




And you should see the decorations the host had at this party!  It was AMAZING!!!  The entire house was decorated.  All the food was Halloween influenced and named.  She served a sit-down dinner to 10 couples, had organized Halloween Couples’ Games, and had a “Wall of Pain” where your pictures were posted of you dressed in your outfits.  Fabulous party and fabulous hostess!!!  Check out some decor pics below:

Great party!!!  Are you going to a Halloween Party?  Hosting a Halloween Party?  What creative ideas do you have to host a fab party?

AND my favorite costumes of the night………
Cher & Chaz


  1. It looks like it was super fun! We’re hoping to have a house, so next year we can host our own party.
    I LOVE Halloween, and it’s almost here!

  2. This is fantastic! Seriously awesome!

  3. Thanks guys!!! I wish we had a house big enough to host too!!! Although I still would not have done as great of a job as this host did!

  4. OMG how awesome!!!! I always aspire to throw parties like that and then run out of steam conjuring up ideas. Those ideas never make it to the party, darnit. Your hubby makes a hot gangsta’, homeslice! And you make one PHYYYNE Jersey Biiiiiatch. *snaps*

  5. Awesome costumes! Love it!

  6. That sounds like so much fun! I want to have an adult Halloween party now!

  7. Oh my goodness… what fun!! You two look awesome!! I wish I could convince my hubby to dress up… he just doesn’t see the fun in it! My mother-in-law likes to tell the story of when she dressed him up as a clown one Halloween, and then he ripped it off, said, “I’m not dressing up anymore,” and that was it. I’ve been working on him since I met him, and last year I was so proud of him for donning a Cat-in-the-Hat hat to impress our son… eh, baby steps!

    I’m dropping in from the Wednesday Window Hop! I loved the pictures… the puking pumpkin was so cool!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  8. Thanks for stopping by Jenn! I will go check out your blog now! And yes, it can be hard to convince the hubbies to dress up!

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