Tips for Using Technology in Reading Instruction

I love reading, and I love technology!  I was a middle school technology teacher at one point during my teaching career.  I know how important technology can be as a tool in learning.  Here is what I love about using technology to help teach reading:

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1.  Kids love technology too!  They will be interested!
2.  There are some great games to help kids learn to read and hear sounds.  Here are my favorite sites!
3.  There are some great gadgets on the market to aid in reading instruction (i.e. LeapFrog products)
4.  There are many online materials that can be printed out as hard copies for teachers and parents to use.
5.  Online reading (audio books), like on this site: Children’s Storybooks Online

Here is a great article I found about research relating to technology in education!  Check it out if you have time!!  Also, don’t forget tomorrow is “Wordless Wednesday: Book Hunt Day!”  A prize will be awarded to the lucky winner!



  1. I eventually think all kids will require some sort of tablet for school (reading, math etc.) There are so many learning tools on the internet! Stumbled!

  2. Thank you! And I agree. We are moving in the direction to having some sort of technology for kids as a daily tool in classrooms at their desks.

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    my son is almost five and has autism, we’ve been using the iPad all summer with him and his language skills are growing by leaps and bounds!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Great site, Kristen! I just attended a literacy workshop Monday and Tuesday and we were following the suggestions laid out in the book The Daily 5 by G. Boushey and J. Moser. The web-site will help some of my colleagues as they organize learning centres in their classrooms. Thanks!
    cousin Heidi from Canada

  8. Thank you for the links to your favorite sites for this! My daughter will soon be 5 and is really interested in learning to read. The computer definitely holds her attention longer than I can, so this is something we’ll have to try for sure!

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