Kids’ Book Review Day: We LOVE the Bear Books!

The “Bear Books” by Karma Wilson (author) and Jane Chapman (illustrator) are probably near the top of our list of family favorites!  We have collected all of them in hardback!  Here is what we like best about them:

1.  Easy to read
2.  Use repetitive phrases the kids can pick-up on, and then they can follow along with you
3.  Great characters
4.  Meaningful themes and lessons learned in each book
5.  Illustrations are vibrant and detailed

Saw they are all on sale on right now!  Collect them all!

Overall, highly recommend this series!  Site says they are recommended for Preschool-Grade 2 (although even adults find these books entertaining!)



  1. Oh my god…I think I can recite these by memory especially Bear Snores on…and the illustrations are magical. My kids Love love loved these!!!

  2. I know! So great, huh?

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