Helpful Tips on Teaching Kids to Read

Learning to read comes at all different ages.  Don’t be worried if early on your child seems to be not at the exact same level as his/her peers.  Here are some tips to help kids become interested in reading and learn to read:

1.  Keep books around the house!  If kids are surrounded by books, then they will become interested in wanting to pick one up and look at it.  My husband balks at the idea of having toys in the house, but books are one thing he encourages us to keep around.  This will be increasingly difficult as technology is having more and more things on gadgets (like books on Kindles).  Maybe have a balance of both at home!  

2.  Read around the kids!  If they see you reading, then they will pick-up a book!  Monkey see, monkey do!  If you sit and watch TV all day, then that’s what the kids will learn to do as well.

3.  Read to your kids!  You should read to your kids EVERY day at some point (we do it at bedtime).  Eventually they will pick-up on some words and follow along.  Point to the words as you read them too! It helps!  Drag your finger under the word to show them where the sounds are.

4.  Practice sounding out letters.  You can see letters on signs while you’re out and about with the kids.  Ask them what the letters are and how they can sound them out.  You can use flashcards at night and sound out letters.  Make it game!  If it’s fun, then kids want to do it!

5.  Audio books can also be helpful when learning to read.  Some kids are interested in listening to stories in other ways (besides the parent always being the one to read aloud).

6.  Take a fun field trip to the library or book store once a week!  Kids LOVE to pick out new books they are interested in.  My kids save up their allowance money from cleaning their rooms to go to Barnes & Noble, and they ALWAYS want to go there!

Have fun with reading!  Show and teach kids how to read!  Be patient with your kids – IT WILL HAPPEN!


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