NEW Version HEXBUG AquaBot Toys for Kids

NEW Hexbug Aquabot Toys for Kids

Disclaimer: As a HEXBUG Ambassador I receive products for review; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. My kids have always loved theHEXBUG AquaBot line, as they got their first AquaBot Goldfish about two years ago. Who doesn't love a cool toy that you can play with in water? My kids love to play with the HEXBUG AquaBot toys in the bathtub and in the AquaBot Harbour they saved their money together to buy. This cool harbour is a great … [Read more...]


Top 5 Things I Loved About Blogger Bash NYC 2014 #BBNYC


I recently attended Blogger Bash in NYC. It was great to visit the city and see many blogger friends. Here are my top 5 favorite things about going to Blogger Bash! Visiting the Hexbug Table at Sweet Suite I am a Hexbug Ambassador, so I was very excited to meet the reps at the table and to see their new toys. Everyone at Hexbug was friendly and excited to be there. I got to see some really cool toys that my kids would love! First of all, kids … [Read more...]


Transformers Hexbug: Race Into Battle


Disclaimer: As an ambassador for Hexbug, I was provided with products for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. One of the perks of being a Hexbug Ambassador is checking out new products on the market. My son who loves Hexbug and Transformers was elated when we opened up our box of amazing products to review. Hexbug and Transformers together equals an awesome combination! They now have Hexbug Nano Transformers and Hexbug Warriors … [Read more...]


HEXBUG Havoc Now Available in the App Store!


Disclaimer: This post is written as part of my Hexbug Ambassadorship; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. No compensation was given. What could be better for my kids, but a new app and one about Hexbugs? That's combining two of their favorite things. My kids were so excited when I told them they could download Hexbug Havoc from the App Store on their iPad and iPod for FREE. It's nice for them to mix things up and try new fun apps. … [Read more...]


HEXBUG Nano V2 and the Ultimate Play Date! #TheyCanClimb

HEXBUG nano V2 Fun via Mama Luvs Books

Disclaimer: I was provided with products for this party; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. It is well known that Mama Luvs Books is a huge fan of HEXBUG! We have reviewed HEXBUG Nano, Warriors, Aquabot, Tagamoto, and more! Every product we play with from HEXBUG gets better and better! My kids absolutely LOVE everything they create. I love the company because these toys are innovative, engaging, and fun techy toys that the kids … [Read more...]


Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Tagamoto “Code the Road”

Tagamoto: Code the Road via Mama Luvs Books

Disclaimer: I received the Tagamoto to review; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. I have a new toy to add to our Holiday Gift Guide for 2013 and this is DEFINITELY one you don't want to miss! It's called Tagamoto by the makers of Hexbug (who you know we adore). It is truly one of the coolest toys I've seen in a long time! There are many reasons my kids love it, and many reasons that I love it as well. First of all, what is … [Read more...]


Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Aquabot from Hexbug

Aquabot from Hexbug

Disclosure: I was provided with the product for review purposes; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. If you have been reading my site for the past few years, you should be pretty familiar with the fact that we love toys from Hexbug! We have talked about Warriors Battle Hexbugs, Hexbug Inchworms, a Hexbug with bunny ears, and a Hexbug with reindeer antlers. We always have toys from Hexbug on our holidays lists! When I saw this … [Read more...]