Painted Instead of Dyed Our Easter Eggs!


My kids found a new kit this year called "Roll It!" We got it at Walmart and thought it might be fun to try out instead of the traditional Easter Egg dyeing that we usually do! It actually turned out great and the kids had fun! Some positives: 1. Easy to Use (open packets of paint and put them in trays)! 2. The paint washed off the kids and counters very easily! 3. The eggs dried quickly 4. The eggs turned out pretty The Kids Were Happy … [Read more...]


Easy Easter Baked French Toast


The Easter holiday is fast approaching. This day brings to mind many wonderful childhood memories of wearing fancy spring dresses, searching for eggs among the daffodils, and devouring that all important chocolate bunny. As a child we always spent Easter Sunday going to church and then we gathered for a meal with our extended family. Now, I have a family of my own and I am so happy to begin building holiday traditions with them. Last year, the … [Read more...]